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Lil Lara
9th Aug 2002, 00:40
Today I recently just went back to the (official) Buffy message boards, to see what was going on. I hadn't been on there in like 6 months..seeing that we had nothing to talk about, since season6 is over.

Well anyways... I go back, and they site is total crap! There's these people spamming regularily, it's really annoying and there are no mods or anyone, who are doing anything about it!

I'm just really PO'd right now, and thought I'd vent here.

*sigh*..heh..I'm so happy to come here! Shall we clap it up for the mods and wonderful, sensible people who post here?:D

Anyone have any other bad message board experiences??

9th Aug 2002, 01:53
No I haven’t, admittedly this is the only forum I go to, but anyway, I have met some really cool people here, it’s like a second home. ar

9th Aug 2002, 22:52
I'm with prelude http://pages.prodigy.net/rogerlori1/emoticons/wave1.gif, I don't go on any other boards - this is definitely my second home!!!!! I feel no need for other boards!!!!!!

Kurtis Trent
9th Aug 2002, 22:55
same here :D ;) :p :) :cool:

Lil Lara
10th Aug 2002, 00:43
Yeah..I go on this one, Bay Area Ska, P+E boards..and that's it. Hmm..not going back to the Buffy one! Or at least no for a while!:D

10th Aug 2002, 01:25
I go to so many forums! let's see there's TRA, TRE (in sig), VOT, Kingspyder's, Game FAQs, and of course Eidos. So far there arn't any bigtime spammers at any one of them.

*Lara Croft*
10th Aug 2002, 01:27
I was on the AOL message boards the other day, and there was so much spam, and I could'nt read half of it because it was all abbreviated. That just really made me mad!

10th Aug 2002, 04:13
The Eidos forums pretty much are the only ones I go to now. My friend has her own forum, so I drop in there occasionally. But most of the other forums I used to go, I stopped going to because the people there became really stuck up, and annoying. They seriously are annoying. :rolleyes:

Oh well, I'm just happy being here with all the great people I've met! :)

10th Aug 2002, 05:22
I used to go to lots of board to check out things, and people where cussing and saying all sorts of stuff, but no one stopped them. But they boards about music artists and whatnot.

In the TR board Village of Tokakeriby, i go there to check things out, it's the home board of the wonderful informative Kristine@LaraInMotion. There are only about 400 members, but it's a nice civilized board.

10th Aug 2002, 12:08
I go here and to my own forum. That's it. My forum is spam, but spam is good. ;)

Miss Croft
10th Aug 2002, 13:37
I used to be on neopets.com allllllllllllllllll (they have tonnes of forums but I only ever went on the RP one) the time but then I got a life so I only go to this one now.

I know how you feel LL, I used to be like a head figure in this old buffy Forum I was in but now it's like: "I'll just back away...."

No rest for the wicked...:(

10th Aug 2002, 14:25
There is a perfectly rational reason why 'spam' does not run the Eidos Tomb Raider forums, we have GoranAgar; and he does not take prisoners. ;) :D