View Full Version : Preview version of Hitman 2

Beagle Boy
8th Aug 2002, 19:29
A reviewer at the amazon.com played a
Preview (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005V9DX/ref=cm_mp_etc/103-9542265-7867806) version of hitman 2.


9th Aug 2002, 21:37
Yeah, except that it was an illegally leaked warez version of Hitman2. And apparently there've been mongo changes to it since then. And pirated beta versions are bad, mkay?

Beagle Boy
9th Aug 2002, 22:16
Illegally leaked warez version of Hitman2, I thought he must be one of the beta testers. How could a game that is not released be on the warez site.

But he gave 5/5 which means the game is very good. That's great. :cool:

He said Ability to Skip Missions and Not able to save often . Does that mean that there are limited saves and we can skip missions or are they only in the preview version.


Grey Mouser
9th Aug 2002, 23:56
Originally posted by Beagle Boy
How could a game that is not released be on the warez site.


Good question...

He is likely "reviewing" a version from back in February that was loaned out to a few media sources...which 'somehow' ended up on warez sites.

It is not likely that these folks are talking about the builds we are testing now.

Of course, I am unable say much about what the final game might be like when it releases.