View Full Version : Fireshadow's Barrow: I'm literally stuck!

8th Aug 2002, 09:11
I would really love to see the Fireshadow in its natural habitat, but I can't. I've been through the tunnel, got the jemmy and other stuff but I get hopelessly stuck getting back. I've stacked the stone seats (handy that you can access them through the gateway), but as soon as I enter the high tunnel I cannot move any further.

Is this one of those: IF the moon is in Pisces, - and the wind is in the SW, - and you hold your mouth the right way, - and the month has no R in it, - and you've performed a human sacrifice recently - type of puzzles?

I think I've tried roughly 31,834 times, more or less (probably a bit less than that but a helluva lot) an I simply can't do it. I just get stuck in that bl00dy tunnel entrance and can't move at all.

I know Peter Smith has done it. Why can't I?:mad:

And I really want to! Please help.

8th Aug 2002, 09:31
The 3-parted door, right?

Restart the mission. Get the jemmy bar.

Approach the evil cursed 3-parted door with your jemmy bar in the hand and a wicked smile. Tell the door: <i>"Now I am going to exorzise you, evil cursed 3-parted door!"</i>

Make a saving throw (a quicksave), for in the case that the evil door resists the exorzism in the first try.

Alright. Step <b>back</b>, away from the door. Go as far away as you can while still being able to frob ("touch/use") it. Go even another bit back, and now lean forward (you should supposedly be able to frob the door now again, thanks to the leaning maneuvre.)

Use the jemmy bar. Release the lean-key, and step even farther away from it while the evil 3-parted door swings its evil 3 parts open.

If your maneuvre went right, the parts should now be firmly at the walls and at the ceiling - and trouble you no longer.

In short: Just step back from the evil door when opening it, so that it has enough room to swing open.

Can you explain to me now, how I can play Mind Master with finishing the mission correctly? :)

8th Aug 2002, 10:35
Thanks Lytha, but my problem is that I can't get out of the rotten tunnel. the very first one, where the 'dead' spider is. Where you have to access a higher tunnel to return. Where the tunnel is so tight that you have to be on exactly the right angle to get into the wretched thing.

I've always had trouble with similar problems, like getting into tight windows. This I think is one of those, and it's driving me absolutely insane.

I think I'll just have to start another FM. (bummer).

8th Aug 2002, 11:30
Oh, that spot.

I had problems with that, too. It helps to hop on occasion, or to be ducked, lean forward, and move forward. It's a very annoying tunnel, yep. But with wriggling maneuvres and the said lean forward + be ducked + move forward, and with the occasional jump, you will be able to make it through.

8th Aug 2002, 13:24
That's right. My moves in there were a combination of jostling the crouch key, jumping, leaning forward, and using the run key. Just keep wiggling and you should break free. Somethimes you need to back up possibly almost to the beginning of that tunnel section and gain a little forward speed before doing the above. If you get really stuck on a texture (i.e., can't move at all), then a reload is the only answer. Save just after you get the jemmy, before entering the tight tunnel.

8th Aug 2002, 23:52
Thanks, both. I will try again, - I gave up late last night after I found myself almost punching the lean/crouch/jump/run keys and screaming. It wasn't doing me or the computer much good.