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8th Aug 2002, 02:59
I'm looking for secrets in These games (all missions). For example, I found a secret in the Thief 2 (The Life of Party), turning the unblowed light....

Any ideas of sites keeping secrets of These games....?

8th Aug 2002, 03:37
There are a number of secrets in many of the missions. In LOP there are 5 I think.

If you mean turned the torch to open the secret door. At lady Louisa's OK. If you played the earlier missions that one should have been easy because it shows up twice in Framed.

And as an old Hammer Studio Horror Picture fan, the pull the candelabra, or old castle torchiere, is a standard for secret passages, as is the "hide it in the fireplace" bit. :D :D

8th Aug 2002, 04:13

In case you wonder why nobody has given you a direct answer, there is a strong opinion here, widely held, that walkthroughs, guides, cheats, etc. spoil the game, and that we all have much more fun if (a) you explore for yourself and (b) you come here to ask questions when you are stuck. I believe that is true, and I encourage you to not rely on guides. After all, the main fun in Thief is exploration.

To provide you with links to spoilers would risk incurring the almighty wrath of clayman. ;) I am surprised he has not already stopped by.... Nevertheless, at the risk of great peril, I suggest that you check www.thief-thecircle.com . There is all kinds of information there if you search for it.

Tin Star
8th Aug 2002, 04:41
You can also go to www.Lytha.com and get a list of the secrets and a walkthrough for all the thief games.

Tin Star

8th Aug 2002, 21:03
As long as the Spoiling thing, well I think its already spoiled now, Common people its a long time since Thief was released (Both of them) and I've finished the game, and so on, but not found Entire Secrets... kinds sucks looking through same old ugly place again and again for secrets... although I've found many but, It still sucks finding.... Specially when you can't find!

But I agress.... once found, it all turns out well:D and again gets sucking.... basically I'm kinda bored! We require T3z now!

8th Aug 2002, 21:45
Life of the Party has 7 secrets.
And have you played an of the awesome FM's??? If you haven't you should. Lot's to choose from. You'll be busy till T3 comes out.

8th Aug 2002, 21:58
Originally posted by oxtie
and I've finished the game, and so on, but not found Entire Secrets...

Not to burst your bubble, but if you have not found all the secrets, then you have not finished the game.

There are more things going on in the three versions than you are aware of.

You may have successfully completed the required objectives (on all three levels?) but you have not finished the game.

More like you gave up.

8th Aug 2002, 22:07
I'm with oxtie (for the most part)...except for the "sucks, ugly, and bored" parts. :p

I don't have the patience to re-play and re-play the OM's just to find a few secrets. However...BrokenArts brought up an excellent alternative to replaying the originals...

Go get some FM's!! There's no way you'll be able to play them all before T3 comes out. And you definatly won't regret playing them. They're awesome!

...........why are you still here? Go get Darkloader and get busy with FM's!! :p :D

8th Aug 2002, 22:43
You must have played thief may be 100 times, but me surely 1000 and above by now thats the only sweet reasons to use words called "ugly, bored, and so on..." We taffers require new now!:(

8th Aug 2002, 22:56
Just like everyone's been saying, FMs are new! Just in case you don't know (which I don't think you don't or you'd be busy with Dyer's Eve or The Art of Thievery or something instead of here) Fms are "Fan Missions". They're custom, personalized missions that are nothing like the OMs (well, except for the Thief part). Eventually, you might try ghosting OMs and FMs. Read the first topic in this forum, click the link, and then search for "modes of play". I've been bored because I got sick of OMs for a while, and I played FMs, and then ghosted a few (extremely easy ones, so don't think I'm as good as Sneak or RiCh or Vangaurd or Peteror Clayman or anyone else that is famous for thier ghosting abilities). Trust me, you want to try them, many of them are extremely well done and keep the "Thief" feeling, but new excitement, places, puzzles, and events.

8th Aug 2002, 23:16
Originally posted by oxtie
You must have played thief may be 100 times, but me surely 1000 and above by now thats the only sweet reasons to use words called "ugly, bored, and so on..." We taffers require new now!:(

I sympathize but with about 5 versions of thief to play and through each mission about 30 times (minimum) I have a few more than 100 times through. Conservatively with an average of 10 missions per version times 30=300 times 5 = 1500 missions and in fact mayhap even more over the years.

But no matter. Try the FM's if you have not. And if you are as skilled as you must be given your 1000 times, you should find the secrets with no problem. Unless you run through so quickly you don't really "LOOK" around as you pass through.

No insult intended, but with all that experience the only secrets you should not have found is the devices that are made in Soulforge in Sabatoge.

And of course the easter egg scroll in Soulforge that requires skillful use of the robot debris. :D

Tin Star
8th Aug 2002, 23:59
I think that if Oxtie has played the games to the end that it is ok for{ him or her} what ever the case is to ask about the secrets that they could not find.There has been a lot of us older members of the forum that have asked the same questions about secrets that we could not find and have gotten help from other members or by checking a walkthrough to find out where we over looked them. :p

9th Aug 2002, 00:09
It's OK to ask for anything you think you need help with. No one disputes oxtie's or anyones right to ask.

My note is more directed to "finished" if a person, with or without help, has not discovered the items asked for, then they have obviously not finished.

"I quit, because I'm bored, don't have the time, have lost interest," or whatever is more accurate than "finished" when in fact they have not.

Tin Star
9th Aug 2002, 00:20
IF the person has played through the game and got the movie at the end of the game got the list of credits at the end then they have finshed the game even if they did not find all the secrets that are in the game.Finding all the secrets in the game is just one of the challenges that are in it and in no way takes away the fact that the person has finshed the game by completing all the missions that are in it.

:) Tin Star

9th Aug 2002, 02:17
I agree with Tin Star. I think whether or not you ought to have found the secrets is irrelevant. Some people hunt more thoroughly than others. If we can agree on that, then the main issue is how you get the spoiler information you seek. Many on this forum feel that guides are bad and asking questions here is good. When it comes to secrets and loot lists, I see little real distinction between asking here and reading a list. Asking here takes longer and is more sociable.

The big difference between asking here and reading a guide concerns the dreaded walkthrough, not the lists. A walkthrough totally spoils the game. It is one person's style and one person's route, it may not apply to the skill you are playing, and it eliminates most of the exploration. I think we can all agree on that point. Many people ask questions here about something they are seeking, and when you look at where they are in the mission or the skill level they are playing, they should have no idea that the thing they are seeking even exists. So, they are asking us to explain why the walkthough doesn't work for them, when they should not be using the walkthrough in the first place. That raises a few hackles around here.:) When you ask a sensible question here after trying hard to find the answer yourself, then that is much more rewarding for all concerned than reading a walkthrough.

So, oxtie, you have my blessing to read the secrets lists, if that matters. I believe that the lists at the Circle, which I referenced above (look for Guides / Keeper's Chapel) are fairly complete. Click on walkthroughts, and you will see subheadings for loot lists and secret lists. Lytha's site was not quite complete for Thief 2, the last time I checked.

Now, as for all the sucky talk about suckiness, that really sucks. Get a grip, oxtie, and go play some FM's like others have said.:)

9th Aug 2002, 02:43
Quite rught man! but I finished almost all and found almost all... but not 100%!!! Even after playing so much, I feel therez something left.... althought the Stats show all secrets found out of xx/xx .....LOL

Common people check back your Date and Time... It ain't no more 2000!

9th Aug 2002, 02:44
...hmmm....wrath of clayman....let me see if I can muster some....

oxtie - Using "sucks" multiple times in a post is a sure way to alienate yourself here. Basically, I think your tone sucks, at least so far.

But, I think you are asking a, at its core, good question. Where is a list of all the secrets ? The advice and links above are good ones. Go there now, and you will never come here again, I assure you. Cheat guides make sure the forums stay vacant. Cheaters just read and read and read and read, and never see a need to interact.......:)

But, maybe you like a bit of a challenge. Maybe you are not yet bored with this game. If so, stay with us a bit longer. :)

Post a specific question : i.e. "What are the secrets in the 10th mission, Life of the Party ? I have these two...blahblah..but what/where are the remaining 5 ?" To that you will get an intelligent and detailed answer. Working the way you are, you are not going to get much help. C'mon, give the game a full and complete try. You are surrounded by experts. For those of us who have finished this game dozens of times, you seem to be a bit of a quitter. :)

Bring your cheat guide a bit closer to the fire...just so I can shoot a fire arrow into it. There...now, don't you feel much warmer....and better ? ;) :D

9th Aug 2002, 02:46
What's this repeated "common people" shinola ??? Thieves that have played the game since '99 are not a bit common, oxtie. :)

Tin Star
9th Aug 2002, 06:47
I agree with clayman on the walkthrough issue but could care less if a person wants to use one,that is up to them.But keep in mind that walkthroughs are not always right and can send a person off looking in areas of the game that have nothing for them to find.

Those of us that have been on this forum for awhile have seen many people ask about things in the thief games that they could not find after reading a walkthrough to guide them.Walkthroughs are not 100% right and can have you looking in areas where you won't find what you are looking for that is why it is better to ask here on the forum to insure that you will find it the first time you go looking for it.It might take a little longer to get an answer but the wait is worth it and the info is right.

:) Tin Star