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8th Aug 2002, 00:14
The ThieveryUT Server (}{{}THIEF{}}{) is up again!

See you there!

8th Aug 2002, 00:37
Will be in as soon as I attach this new keyboard. :-)

8th Aug 2002, 01:14
Did you buy a new keyboard for Thief? Dedication!

8th Aug 2002, 02:43
How do you type without a keyboard attached?

8th Aug 2002, 03:00
excellent question :)

I wish someone would do a thief mod for something other than UT though - say halflife or quake or even serious sam. ie something I have.

8th Aug 2002, 03:01
Ok. Sorry about the newbie stance, but I sorta made it in the end. Lots of fun playing Squeaky haha. It was great watching KidGarrett hide in an alcove while Sneak decided which ally to turn down. Will he turn left? Yes...No...Drats he's turned right...No...Wait...He's coming back...Yes, yes...YES! BANG! Hahaha...Loved that. :D

Anyway, guess I need to learn the maps a little more, and get my controls right. Good taffing though. :)

4am=Bed. :(

8th Aug 2002, 04:39
No way, I know he's got a telepathic link with his computer, how else would he know exactly when to throw the flash bombs so that they blind me so effectively.

8th Aug 2002, 05:22
Is all over for the night. Leatherman and I just stopped. Guards won the last one and I was a Thief. Time to disconnect my telepathic link to my comp for the night. :)

Hope we get a bunch of us in there next time. I like the teamwork of hitting em from all sides. HA! :D

8th Aug 2002, 06:11
Yes, it seems that everywhere Sneak turned, I was there (or is it "everywhere I turned, Sneak was there"?). I was everywhere! Seriously, it was fun.

TH-Spider: Sneak and Salvage (guards) were on top of me several times, and I managed to give them the slip (KidGarrett managed to KO Salvage once, LOL). Hitting the last switch (releasing the spiders) when all of the remaining AI were positioned at the exits worked better than expected. Total mayhem ensued, and once the excitement was over, and a few guards were eliminated, I made the final run to the exit. What a rush!

TH-Theatre: Vesper and Huntress were guarding; Sneak, Salvage, and myself were thieves (talk about unbalanced!). The match didn't end when all three of us were at the lampost like it should have, no matter how much we hopped around! So, what is a thief to do in this situation? KO all guards! We tried, and Vesper killed me, again (she killed me twice in this match!), with ~5 ticks on the clock, only to have Sneak KO her with 1 tick left, and we won! Talk about close!

Thanks Huntress, Sneak, Vesper, Salvage, KidGarrett, Hawk, and Gummie (ok, did I forget anyone?) for the fun! Hope to see you all again this weekend!

8th Aug 2002, 09:00
challenge against you three...talk about stacked :D But that was the same game in which I couldn't see the chest late in the game...I could hear vesper or the guard opening it but I couldn't see it at all, even lighting my flare...In fact I could feel like I was bumping into it and even clicked where I thought it was...nothing
:( Really strange!

So sneak your the one kept breaking it...did it surprise you that at least I did have a repair tool? LOL but between relighting torches and repairing the tool chest..cetainly worked as a good diverson in keeping me from assisting vesper....darn :( But apparently she was doing a pretty darn good job of it by eliminating LM not once but twice! You go girl! :D

Yes, I'll cetatinly try to join up again in this mad house melee :eek: :D Till then...ta and Good Hunting!

8th Aug 2002, 11:57
Originally posted by Salvage
How do you type without a keyboard attached?

Sounds like this Windows startup error:
No keyboard detected - hit any key to continue ...

8th Aug 2002, 12:27
Originally posted by Fafhrd
I wish someone would do a thief mod for something other than UT though - say halflife or quake or even serious sam. ie something I have.
It's coming! Guards vs Thieves (http://www.3dactionplanet.com/thief/gvt/) is another multiplayer Thief mod for Half-Life. It looks like the beta may be released soon!:)

8th Aug 2002, 14:09
Originally posted by Salvage
How do you type without a keyboard attached?

Copy and paste existing letters and symbols by dragging with the mouse.

8th Aug 2002, 19:39
Originally posted by LeatherMan
KidGarrett managed to KO Salvage once, LOL


The match didn't end when all three of us were at the lampost like it should have, no matter how much we hopped around!

KidGarrett KOd me a couple of times actually(I still don't know how I lost him in the only dark corner he could get to).:confused:

We were like hopping rats at the lampost:D

8th Aug 2002, 19:43
end of the stick, LOL, no Half-Life game :( I bought UT just for playing some fraggin on-line with some of my friends and to use Thievery...although I've gotten other bonuses using it as well :) So that was a good thing all in all for me. But getting a copy of Half-Life (although I have the demo Half-Life's Uplink and do have some fun with it) I don't really think I'd want to play the whole game. Yea, I know all about how great it was/is etc. but a little too much for me to play I think. Anyway, I'll certainly keep my eye on you that do get this new mod for it (whenever it gets released?) and see what your thoughts are on it and it's gameplay, etc.

Your comments about using alt methods ILO of a working keyboard are soooo funny :D Ta and Good Hunting!

8th Aug 2002, 22:43
The server is offline now, and will be up again Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Hope all can make it again, and bring some newbs with you!

originally posted by Salvage
KidGarrett KOd me a couple of times actually Yeah, I forgot he got me once, on TH-Flats!

9th Aug 2002, 04:10
Yeah that was fun the other night! And let's not forget that The Great Kid Garrett was there also....supposedly Kid Garrett's brother, if he isn't taffing us about that. TGKG seemed to be having fun being a rat.

It was fun having the taffers against the tafferettes last night. Even with Huntress and I being the dial-upers there, and our pings worse than everyones elses, we tried to hold our own. There were times when I would draw my bow and it would take 2 to 3 seconds for it to come up, so I just started to leave my sword drawn. While Huntress was busy inside I tried to keep an eye out on the exit, especially when I knew the thieves had thier objectives done. I got the few remaining AI guards left and put them outside to guard around the exit and when I came back out to looksee around I would find them missing due to some tricksie thief (Stoooopid AI). I was surprised when I got you those few times Leatherman, between the bad lag I was having I could barely keep track of you swinging my sword around. But I just kept swinging like crazy...and that last time at the end when I got flasbombed was something else. I couldn't believe it at the end when the stats came up and Huntress had relit something like 22 torches, Yeah Keeper of the Flame!

Huntress, I also had a problem earlier seeing the chest from were you were standing in the theater when you were asking me if it was there. Then when I moved a bit closer to the stage I could see it again. Strange that you couldn't see it any more. That was me jumping up and down on the stage saying it's right here. I knew that was Sneak up in the rafters there sniping the chest all the time, unfortunately I had only one fire arrow to shoot up there to try and find him.

Earlier in Breakout if I wouldn't have accidently hit my crouch key (ol' fumble fingers here) :D when I was trying to franticly leap off the balcony in the Library(and hopefully land on a bookcase) to escape that guard, I might have made the jump and got away. Before that at one time I was standing there like a dummy in full light with guards coming at me trying to find my invisible potion and to my dismay it wasn't in my inventory, threw me way off on trying to figure out what to do next. I have a loadout just set up for Breakout with lots of invisi cuz it is so well lit in parts, and I thought that was what I bought and I freaked when I needed it and it wasn't there. Jumping to my death from where I was standing was no option(no catfall) so I drank some speed potion instead and made a mad dash to get around the guards and was promptly dealt with. :rolleyes:


9th Aug 2002, 18:58
and keep those nasty thieves at bay was funny...although I really didn't catch my stats...22 relights..:D :D Too bad they don't also have one for chest repairs! Would have been at least half as much I think...maybe the reason I couldn't see it anymore was cause my repair tool wore out! :p :rolleyes: Yea I knew you were trying to show me where it was...but I looked every which way as I could and with even one of my flares...nope?

Anyway, we'll get our opportunity tonight I'm sure to try our luck again...and you think you mess up with loadouts and fumbling with keys...I've got to be the worst. Especially, when I've got a thief in view...trying to hurry and get the right weapon up to use...as in the right arrow when I see one below or ahead of me and I've got such a short time to try and get him...panicsville :eek: :D Then I get so tweaked at myself for blowing it :( DOH...

One of these days I'll get it right, maybe, LOL See ya all later and Good Hunting!

Thorin Oakenshield
9th Aug 2002, 22:13
It's friday night @ 23:08 GMT:eek: What time are you running it LM?

9th Aug 2002, 22:43
around 8 his time EST...on weekends around 6 I believe. Don't know how you adjust for your time but I guess you know that by now since you've played with us before? :) See ya there Taffer! Ta and Good Hunting!

9th Aug 2002, 23:15
Originally posted by Thorin Oakenshield
It's friday night @ 23:08 GMT:eek: What time are you running it LM? Usually around 8pm EST, but I'll make an exception.

TUT server (}{{}THIEF{}}{) is online! :eek:

So, stop reading and get in there!:D

Thorin Oakenshield
9th Aug 2002, 23:33
All you see is dust as Thorin Rushes from the Eidos forum... :cool:

10th Aug 2002, 00:06
I'll stop by in a sec, but I won't be able to play for long, going out to dinner with the wifey. However, I'll be online in a few hours and I'll be there! KO you later!


Thorin Oakenshield
10th Aug 2002, 01:33
Great fun last night:D
Up in the attic with fire arrows:D (I think Salvage got one):p

Then my pc locked up...:mad: Ahh well it was past my bedtime anyway. See you all there tomorrow!

Thanks again Leatherman for your server:cool:

10th Aug 2002, 01:51
I got dropped by the server about an hour ago, but like Squid, I'll be back later.

10th Aug 2002, 04:45
I got punted to the desktop and I needed to go anyway. Sorry I didn't say nite. Have to get up early to go to Baylor for a college graduation.

If I come on to play tomorrow night it will be late. Maybe Sunday.

It was fun as usual. :D

10th Aug 2002, 06:37
Squid and I just finished a heck of a duel! He was thief, and won with 30 seconds left by a KO! I surprised him once by squatting on the trap door in the church and when he opened it from the crypt, SURPRISE!!!! LOL!

Anyway, must sleep, see everyone tomo... er, tonight!

10th Aug 2002, 13:52
Thanks to Sneak for sending me UT. :) I am almost done DL Thievery, then I know the patch. And the light gem DL.
So, I should be in there soon enough. Unfortinately, I too am on dial-up, so we shall see.

10th Aug 2002, 22:25
Server is back online!

Come on in BA, even if you aren't ready/comfortable to play yet, and just spectate a little. I will assume that Sneak has given you the info and password to connect, but if not PM me and I will.

10th Aug 2002, 22:54
Thanks Leatherman, boy have lots to learn. I have been going through it. I feel like a newbie again. :o
I may come in later as a spectator.

11th Aug 2002, 00:39
Thanks for the game all, and apologises to Huntress for being such a lousy partner in crime :) By the time I found her, game was nearly over. I guess I need to learn the maps :D Thanks to LeatherMan for the server, I just wish I had cable so I didn’t lag out so much, oh well I’m in the mood for moving house :)

11th Aug 2002, 01:37
attitude...don't feel bad at all cause I'm just as lousy. :( I'm still trying to learn my way around the darn things...and by the time I have any inkling...there'll be three more new maps with the patch, LOL I should play some solo games myself and don't know why I haven't except I just have put my other gaming energy elsewhere...bad me :D So be my partner anytime and I'll try to get it right myself and try to help snag our goodies ;) So for now I'm taking a break as you can see...Apache and KidG were playing when I left..and may go back later, giving LM and Z-girl a chance to eat. See ya and Good Hunting!

11th Aug 2002, 05:33
Had some more good games with all, but a really good one on TH-Aquatone with KidGarrett, Apache, and Salvage! Didn't think KG and I were gonna win it, but we did with teamwork. Thorin and I held off Salvage and KG pretty well on TH-Grange, but Salvage managed a win after all, running past me (on fire no less :p) to the exit!

The server is up until early AM, playing Co-Operative. Have fun.

11th Aug 2002, 11:04
how come only you can put up the server?

11th Aug 2002, 14:03
Originally posted by KidGarrett
how come only you can put up the server?
Anybody else who wishes may run a server, but there are some requirements to do so. They will need a broadband connection with a strong firewall, a stable operating system (eg, Win2000/XP or Linux) and the time and willingness to be a server administrator. It is possible to run a server on Win98/Me, but it will most likely crash.

I would be happy to see another forum member run a server, but if nobody wants to I can't blame them. It can be a headache at times.

11th Aug 2002, 15:49
i can but i have lan thats were it will come up in

11th Aug 2002, 21:37
What time tonight? I think Broken may come in and watch. We may entice her into a game too! :D

11th Aug 2002, 21:55
Originally posted by Sneak
What time tonight? I think Broken may come in and watch. We may entice her into a game too! :D That's great! Look for it in about 20 minutes. ;)

See you there!

11th Aug 2002, 22:06
OK, have Broken in an IM so will try and drag her in. But be nice, swing the Blackjack hard so she will go down with no pain, HAHA :D

11th Aug 2002, 23:12
Well, I am trying guys, ;) I enter in the port number, on open location, and keep getting connection failed. :(

12th Aug 2002, 01:54
What fun! Spectating as a rat.....HAHA! Only really been playing a day. So, have a ways to go. It is interesting, and glad to be playing with you all. :)
Someday I will get in there as a guard, or thief.
Rat suits me right now. :p :p :D