View Full Version : OT: Free popup ad killer

Thorin Oakenshield
6th Aug 2002, 17:51
I though some of you would like this file

It closes those annoying popup ad's:mad:

6th Aug 2002, 18:00
Does it contain Spyware? What information can you provide about this proggie? What's the name of it, etc. There are many available and for free...but...???? Thanks for the thought however :) Ta and Good Hunting!

6th Aug 2002, 18:09
I just use Opera to browse the internet, which has it's own built-in pop-up killer.;)

Thorin Oakenshield
6th Aug 2002, 18:38
It's called Advertiser Killer it's <= 1M
AFA Ad-aware says there's NO spyware. It's free.

If a popup does appear you can get the app to close it and place it in a blacklist so it doesn't open again. It say's it's for win 95 and 98 but I'm running it on win2k so it should work on NT and XP.

8th Aug 2002, 03:04
I chuck my vote in with LeatherMan - Opera all the way. I like it enough I'm probably going to actually buy it sometime this year :)

8th Aug 2002, 12:12
I sent you a PM Thorin.;)

9th Aug 2002, 14:18
I downloaded this, unzipped it but I still get the popups. Is there anything else I was supposed to do to get it to work?

9th Aug 2002, 15:58
Will this work with Windows ME, too? Does anyone knows it?:rolleyes:

Thorin Oakenshield
9th Aug 2002, 17:54
Yep ME is only a tweaked win 98 isn't it?

When a pop up appears, doubleclick AK and tell it to close the popup. When you return to that site you won't get the popup's