View Full Version : Taste of Armageddon...

Sade Lyrate
6th Aug 2002, 07:37
...for our (= Nite & mine) server went boo-boo. And with it, all I've written
of that LoK-timeline I was updating, everything about my Fantasy-
world, and basically everything Nite's ever written about anything
or produced with the aid of PhotoShop...
(and none of the things mentioned were 'small' in any sense of the

So understandably our site's not gonna get up and about in a while
yet since everything within them has disappeared into the Abyss...:(
and neither is much of anything else...

6th Aug 2002, 07:39
Wow... sorry to hear that. Good luck restoring your work... :( :eek:

6th Aug 2002, 07:40
a jee that's too bad... best of luck with everything working out in the future...

Time Streamer
6th Aug 2002, 17:16
You have my sympathy. I hope things will work out. Tiedän hyvin että tuommoinen sapettaa. Toivottavasti asiat järjestyvät.

6th Aug 2002, 17:29
That really does suck :( , best of luck.

6th Aug 2002, 17:41
Very sorry to hear of it. :(

6th Aug 2002, 18:07
too bad...

hope it will work out. best of luck to ya!

6th Aug 2002, 20:34
Wow, that's really awful. My PC had trouble when I swapped out the motherboard, but at least I was able to install a second copy of Windows and recover my important files.