View Full Version : The SecretWay....This one is for you Clayman.

6th Aug 2002, 01:43
Well played The SecretWay, by FM author, Heingst. Great Thief gold FM. :) Played on expert right off the bat. You have lots to do, and places to go. But, the thing that stuck out in my mind, when I went into the Lords mansion. It had a definite feel of Assassins! Very cool. It was reminiscent of the layout, and the feel all around. I thought of you Clayman.

The placement, of switches was clever on some areas, ;) Had a little time getting into the rarities shop. Again, a certain switch to befuddle you. The colors of the guards uniforms was a nice touch too. Large layout of the town, conversations were great too! :D
One shall I say surprised me a little. The key placement could be interesting as well, though I had no problem finding the keys.

Stats as follows:

Loot 3335 out of 3610
13 out of 17 pockets picked
12 locks picked
1 Back stab. and *50* knock outs!!:eek: :D (thought about taking a screen shot with all the bodies. HA!
Damage...only 199?? haha.
Damage taken. 11
Healing 4?
no innocents killed
others - 11
5 bodies discovered

Great FM, had mucho fun!

6th Aug 2002, 02:44
I'm glad you had so much fun with this one, BA. I had a lot of fun betatesting it and I'd highly recommend it, too. :)

6th Aug 2002, 13:24
I'm just trudging along through 2000 now on the FMs, this one sounds really good though, I'll probably get to it in 2004. :D

6th Aug 2002, 13:30
I just started this one yesterday. I'll report back later. Having fun so far. :cool:

Finished a few hours ago. Recommended though it isa large file.

9th Aug 2002, 05:30
I just finished it. Wow. That place is huge, with lots to do. Thanks for the recommendations, BA and Nightwalker.:)

I learned fairly quickly that this is not a sneaker. I decided to leave nobody conscious, which I think I did.

3460 / 3610 loot (too tired to go back)
backstabs 2 (haunts)
others killed 5 (spiders, I think)
KO's 69 (all human AI I could find + 2 burricks + 3 spiders)
pockets 15/17 (mis-timed two BJ-picks)
bodies discovered 5

I played it out of order. I looted Binford's mansion first thing, long before finding the secret way. I did this by running out of a window onto Binford's wall using a speed potion. I was wondering how I could ever get back in there. Only at the end of the mission did I realize that Binford's was supposed to be a reward for finding the secret way.:)

The switch to the route to the rarities shop -- at the time I switched it, I did not realize I had opened something. The door to the building containing the switch was closed at the time, so I didn't hear the gate open. I just discovered the open gate by accident later in the game, so I went back and found the switch for it after the fact.

Good job, Hengist.:)