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5th Aug 2002, 19:32
I'm in the Construction Zone near the end. Every time I try to get Andre to repair the controller to operate the cage to get Amber over, the game freezes up.

I looked through the walkthrough and realized that I did something wrong:rolleyes: I got Amber across the conveyor chute without turning it off first. Do you think that is why it freezes up?:confused:

If it is do I have to start over?:mad:


ps: I,m playing on PS2

5th Aug 2002, 20:20
Hi Sharon, welcome to the forum.:)

The freeze could be because the dics needs cleaning, or it could be the reason you have stated..

Why not give the disc a good clean , if it still freezes at the same place..go back to a previous saved game. (I hope it was not to far back)

I hope this gets you going again, if not, come back and give us yell !!:)

5th Aug 2002, 21:49
Thanks Maggie:o

The disk is new, perfect and clean. I think I just messed up by saving after going up without turning it off first.

I'm sure I'll be back:D

I do have to start over completely though. I used both of my save slots I had been using.:(

6th Aug 2002, 19:37
Hey Sharon do you mean you have to start the game right from the very beginning? If so, use this method, you can then start again from the level you are stuck on....

Use the level skip to get almost back to where you were:

When you finish a level in Project Eden it unlocks it and it can be accessed from the Select Level screen.

While in game hit X to bring up Resource Menu. While holding the SELECT button down, push the left analog to 12 o'clock and rotate it 3 times clockwise..then immediately rotate it 3 times counterclockwise....if you do it right you'll notice a little icon underneath your Log icon (bottom right of screen) It may take a few times to get the hang of it....

If you select it there's an option to END CURRENT LEVEL, ACCESS ALL LEVELS, etc....select what you want than quit to Main Menu....then you can select any of the game's 11 levels from the Load Level screen.

Hope this helps. :)

10th Aug 2002, 14:55
I have the same problem with my PS2 version. I had to skip that level. I did turn off the chute before going up it too.

19th Aug 2002, 06:53
does the ps2 need cleaning?

like a vcr needs to be cleaned (inside) from time to time... thats why they have those wierd tapes..

Pretty sure I saw one for dvds too..

23rd Aug 2002, 22:53
It's not a cleaning problem. Many people have had this, but it's almost the end of that level anyway.You just got to find the elevator so if you just skip the level like I did, you don't miss much.

22nd Nov 2002, 05:31
You were lucky then :)