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28th Nov 2012, 00:35
My name's Don. I've always been a fan of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy titles and I hope to be a game programmer in 4 years or less. I thought it would be fun to dig into Square's history a little and the more you know the better it is, but I need help from the team or anyone knowledgeable in Square's history. So, my question is, "who is the person responsible for coming up with the idea for the character Sephiroth and where did they come up with the idea to decide how he was going to look and give him the personality and history that he has as a video game character?" I think it would be interesting to know that and I know I'm not the only person wondering about the same question. Thanks.

28th Nov 2012, 01:51
finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Sephiroth#Cr... (http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Sephiroth#Creation_and_Development)

thelifestream.net/weekly-famitsu-issue-n... (http://thelifestream.net/weekly-famitsu-issue-no-1224-tetsuya-nomura-interview/)

andriasang.com/con11g/ffvii15/ (http://andriasang.com/con11g/ffvii15/)

28th Nov 2012, 18:22
I for one have never thought of Sephiroth as a bad guy, if anything he was the tragic victim.

2nd Dec 2012, 00:26
Sephiroth of coarse ;]

16th Oct 2013, 20:00

19th Oct 2013, 20:51
Sephiroth is hands down my absolute favorite villain of all Final Fantasy games, followed closely by Kuja from 9 and Kafka from 6

that being said, I know they have done a lot with FF7 but I wish they would expand on it a bit more here and there such as a whole game or story revolving around Sephiroth alone, as for the rest of the characters in 7 we pretty much know all there is to know about them except for Sephiroth...hell even Vincent got his own game (which was freakin amazing) and he was an optional character. Just think it would be an amazing addition to the series.

20th Oct 2013, 12:38
As I said before, Final Fantasy 7 is my first Final Fantasy game that I played. Sephiroth is the first villain to scared me when I first played it. I played 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 4. If you ask me about Final Fantasy villains, I will say Sephiroth because he is powerful as well as calm and insanely evil and crazy. He also have a interesting background as see in Crisis Core (even though it doesn't said much about Sephiroth's past but we do see a bit about him). All the other villains are great villains but I remember Sephiroth the most.