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Midnight of Sevenshades
5th Aug 2002, 19:22
Ok... right, to clarify:

I have a strange inkling that The Elder of the SR games may be connected in some way to The Mass in BO2. Could the former actually be an evolved version of the latter?

That is to say that before the events of SR2 occurred and messed up the timeline to a certain extent, that Kain did not poison The Mass in the first instance and it grew into The Elder over the aeons.

The Mass is actually said to be timeless/ageless in BO2 and The Elder flaunts the same trait in the SR games as is proven by the time travel. The Elder can bee seen to grow/shrink in size according to the time period it's encountered in.

In anycase, the Hylden are connected to both entities and use them to manipulate history as far as I can tell.

Any thoughts folks?

5th Aug 2002, 19:50
In my opinion they are not the same. Although they could have the same origin.

But I also think that the Mass might be bio-enginered by the Hylden.

Nice website by the way. :)

6th Aug 2002, 05:40
I'll also disagree... it may seem feasible from a sheer physical perspective but basing on logic and the continuity I don't see how it would work... also noting as the mass was destroyed as where the Elder still exists.

Lozza Mate
6th Aug 2002, 10:22
The elder was under the pillars 900, 400 and 300 years before BO2 took place, he was also present at the abyss about 1500yrs after wards. the mass was put into the device around about 7000yrs before BO1 took place... it doesn't really add up

Ardeth Silvereni
6th Aug 2002, 18:49
I don't see how the Mass and the Elder can be connected. Like Serul said, I think it's possible that they could have the same sort of origin, but I think they are very different beings.

The Mass could kill living creatures with a single thought. That included vampires.
The Elder God wanted to destroy the vampires, but it needed Raziel to do it.

Also, the Elder God came across as being far more mentally developed than the Mass. The Mass does not appear to have conscious thoughts. It seems to be an unintelligent but powerful creature, acting purely on natural instinct.

6th Aug 2002, 19:11
The Mass couldn't do anything it was harmless without a channel for it's energy.

Similiar to the Elder, who does nothing.

Not to mention the part of the Mass submerged in water, the tentacles, the pictures on the doors of big eyeball with arms, the pulsating effect if you actually jump on top of the Mass itself. Even the color is similiar.

I think the Mass is the Elders baby or something crazy.

6th Aug 2002, 20:04
Originally posted by warpsavant
Similiar to the Elder, who does nothing.

haha true http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

16th Aug 2002, 15:43
I had mentioned something about this in the old forums. Remember when the Hylden scientist at the Eternal Prison mentions that the mass neede a conduit to run throughout Nosgoth?

Perhaps the Elder is that conduit.

16th Aug 2002, 17:44
Originally posted by Sarxis
Perhaps the Elder is that conduit.
I don't think so... Kain himself said (sp?) that the Glyph energy used throughout Meridian were the conduits. They were installed by the Hylden afterall. :)