View Full Version : Mod Exodus?

5th Aug 2002, 15:13
Creamy_Goodness no longer posts here that often, and it seems that AlphaOmega has left.

Are we left defenseless against the unstoppable horde of TR?

NOTE: Creamy_Goodness has gone over to the dark side and is consorting with the Tomb Raiders, note his title "TRLE imposter", TRLE is the acronym for Tomb Raider Level Editor. :eek:

5th Aug 2002, 15:25
D'oh. I knew we should have purchased the spam proof blast doors! Darn Arona sells them too high, pff! We are all doomed to a squishy meaty death!

5th Aug 2002, 21:10
i have a couple of blast doors that with a LITTLE modifacation could be made spam proof, and they are going to be at auction in 28 cycles, it's starting at 28,000 E but there is a great demand here now.

6th Aug 2002, 00:35
*pulls out laser cannon (man this things heavy)* I'll hold themm off for... uh... 20 cycles, think we could get a blast door by than?

6th Aug 2002, 01:15
Oh hush you silly peeps, Alphas on vacation, and i hang around the trle chat because i forgot the password to the mod chatbox, I just lay low and smack trollies when they rear there ugly head. Benn to busy lounging in the sun anywho :D

6th Aug 2002, 01:32
hmm, ok, i think i could make that 15 cycles, BUT i'd have to bump the price up... maybe... double, but thats all right, still only 1/5 ofwhat arona will charge you. and while i'm at it, i have a slightly lighter laser gun, only 500 E and it's just as powerful, such a deal, i can already see your eyes poping out and rolling back and forth.

wait.... how long IS a cycle?

7th Aug 2002, 03:24
Creamy is nabbin those threads left and right. He/She/It popped 4 of them real quick! Woohoo!

7th Aug 2002, 22:30
yes i saw, look down 4 in a row, he has the last post... and they are all closed, he must have some evil plot... wait... nevermind, it was me, i sold him my extra Spamproof blast doors, i guess he started using them, who could blame him, they look so nice, i'd just want to put them everywhere i could, or give 'em away and put the E in my pocket.. well, pocked sized energy collecter.