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5th Aug 2002, 14:25

Hallucinations is <b>great</b> :D

Did the CamVator drive you crazy? I bet it did. But the effect is so cool, and it's such an extremely long CamVator too. :)

I loved it, yep. Though I don't have enough RAM for it to run smoothily, and it even caused a complete halt of the system after the first half (yet another reboot *shrugs*), I loved it. Very nicely caught creepy atmosphere. Uuuh, and the ice, hehe! :D

Also nice placement of the health potions, and I liked them broadcasting their presence to me with their ambient sound. Woohoo, and all the clocks everywhere.

I was thinking "oh no, not a timelimit mission :(" at first, then I changed to normal (I tend to run around in desoriented circles, and I need a LOT of time to play a new mission (I needed something like 9 hours for CL #2, hehe). Then some funky effect of the timelimit snapped some new and unexpected thoughts in my mind, as some guard on the Town Square was searching for me. Well, it was a hammerite, so it wasn't that far from normal. Normally, I wouldn't mind at all that he needed so long to approach me for the bop on the nose. Now some "does it matter?"-thought popped up and I flipped out the bow; I guess that all of this took place right below the bell/clock tower and that it was sounding the 21:00 just when I was standing there, helped a bit too to provoke that thought. That was unusual. He walked away just one second later, when I was readying my bow, and so he still got the bop on the nose. But that was certainly weird. A cool break from the routine. :)

Oh, and how could I forget the Missus and Kevel. Haha, I was laughing so hard there. And all the tirade without even the tiniest pause for taking breath. LOL


you've a very sexy voice - IMHO even sexier than the original Stephen Garrett Russell. Seriously. :)

And the voice itself aside, also excellent voice acting. Thumbs up! :)

5th Aug 2002, 17:46
Yeah, I know what you mean, Lytha - when I heard 'time limit', I was like, "OH NO!" :-o (I, too, am rather disoriented when it comes to new missions...in fact, I am probably the most disoriented player to ever touch Thief:p). But I did pretty good with the time limit, although, I was really worried sometimes, as to whether or not I'd make it. :-)
Frobber did a FANTASTIC job on this mission!! :) A big THUMBS UP to him, and everyone who helped!! http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif
Also, yes, SlyFoxx's voice is really very nice, and his voice acting is superb!! :) (As a matter of fact, I'm hoping he'll do the voice acting for my briefing, on my upcoming mission. :D I'm not going to ask, though, until the mission is fini, because I'm not sure I trust myself for quitting (or taking a reaaaaaaally long break:p) - and I don't want to have him record the briefing for naught. :))

5th Aug 2002, 21:00
Thank you very much.:) Though frobber and the rest of the DromEd crew did the really hard stuff. Credits Given To:

Shadowspawn.....Lizanneh.....Thorin O......Schwaa......SilentSleep.....Thumper.....von.Enis.....Daemonite.....MsLedd.....Tomi....Goober

THEthief, I'd be happy to do it when ready. Just e-mail me a script and other pertinent info.

I'm doing some last minute stuff for frobber tomorrow that should end up in part 2. It's fun doing this kinda stuff and I have the right gear so what the hey.

Other Voices

Broken Arts

Good work everybody :cool:


6th Aug 2002, 00:28
You're right. Thank you for the mission to the <b>entire</b> team! :)

But you still get an extra entry, SlyFoxx, because of your voice & voice acting. :)

6th Aug 2002, 01:30
Hey Sly.............you take that shower yet? :p :o :D
I agree Lytha, great job by all. :)

6th Aug 2002, 02:35
Lytha -- Thanks for the thumbs-up.

Saturnine blazed the CamVator trail in the 7th Crystal, so I had something to study. SilentSleep helped by making a CamVator demo and also with several key answers, since he invented the method for blackouts between scenes as well. Once I became comfortable programming the scene changes, it went pretty fast... a few days for study and week for building and de-bugging.

The next mission (The Insurrection) will contain the CamVator right at the beginning of the main mission -- with no separate briefing mission. I'm also working on a new special-effect for the ending sequence that has not been tried as far as I know. But you'll have to win the mission to see it, since I won't breathe another word in that direction.

MsLedd did the voice of the "Missus" -- and yes I did edit out all the breath pauses, since no human alive could rant like that. I wrote the basic dialogue and then gave the green light to improvise where needed (myself only ever having been on the receiving end of such creative oratory). She did a great job.

I am very proud of all the voice actors.

Liz is terrific as Alisha. Long ago she used to do voice-overs for radio, and this was her first chance to voice-act in a long time. She actually has more lines than any other character, especially if you include the nearly five-minute voice-over she gives during the briefing mission -- that was probably the hardest assignment I handed out, since the only way she could sound so comfortable was to memorize the whole thing.

Sly not only nailed the "Garrett" tonality, but even better, got in-character with exactly the right attitude -- and he also did a great job with the voices of Franticius, Harroleous, Listus, and Kevel.

Ben (Komag) was perfect for Calif, the young Keeper.

And there are a number of smaller parts that rounded things out nicely.

Ken G. (known as "TheThief" in his email) and Broken Arts are the servants you might hear at Megatfree's Mortuary if you arrive before their quitting time.

Broken Arts also performed the voice of Medifney who tries to talk her husband (Harroleous) out of joining the insurrection.

Goober is my 14-year-old son, who like many young men his age are highly skilled at reproducing embarrassing sounds.

And I will also admit to voicing a few lines myself (Keeper Orlet, Crastus, Town Square Nobleman 2, Solustice, Pontis, and Cog).

6th Aug 2002, 05:16
Oh dear. :o It appears there are two THEthief's?? :o I remember seeing one in a breifing awhile ago, but long after I had used this nick. :o

6th Aug 2002, 13:36
Humm The Thief...THEthief......I guess they are different. I just thought it was a typing thing. Sorry.:o

squeeky clean sly.:p

6th Aug 2002, 16:18
Originally posted by THEthief
Oh dear. :o It appears there are two THEthief's??

Ken G. types his version "TheThief" so there is a slight difference -- or I should say used-to-type...

I just checked, and it looks like he had the shortest Thief "career" I've ever seen. He made nine postings on TTLG from Dec 17 - 20, 2001, and he volunteered and sent me audio on the 19th. Other than that, he is among the missing. Not sure if he even knows his part made into the mission -- I wrote but never heard back.

So I'm guessing that you may not have much competition in the use of this nick.