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5th Aug 2002, 07:08
:mad: If you have read my last topic, you know what i mean. They are starting to get on my NERVES saying that we all should go back under our little fridge. Saying that we are not as good as them since their forum is bigger. Well you know what i think??? Next person who comes in from the Tomb Raider forum will be shot by me! *pulls out laser cannon .* They will never be seen in 1 whole piece when they come hear again.:)
BTW when is the rpg gonna start (i ask again)

5th Aug 2002, 11:02
1) Don't get worked up about it. They are all over there gettin PO'ed and they don't get this whole thing originated from one post from one mod in one thread.

2) I think the RPG got shuffled under the rug. Then it got shuffled under the floorboards. I doubt we'll be seeing Lara Croft popping through a gateway to our dimention anytime soon.

<Closes all dimentional gateways, just in case.>

3) There is no three

4) Where did you get that laser cannon? It's niiiice.:D

Pinky the Cow
5th Aug 2002, 11:35
It's one person cult, they're fanatics basicly.

They'd do anything to hone and polish their "oh-so-precious-lara"-idol.

We are attracted to the mysteries of the space, science fiction and exotic races, they worship never-to-age big boobed tomb raider.

So cheer up and ignore their mob. We are better anyways. :)

5th Aug 2002, 11:50
i agree, when ever one of them comes in herer with some piontless thred, the mods should delete it, and everything is better. (just don't look at the spam for too long before they delete, it gets to you)

5th Aug 2002, 14:28
<Randomly destroys a planet, it happens to be Earth.>

Aaaaah, I feel much better. From here on, all negotiations shall be ceased. Insulting indeed.

I feel a war coming on...

5th Aug 2002, 15:28
Darn, a whole blown war?

<SkrasherSmasher looks at what he is currently carrying: 3 Electroblades, 1 katana, 2 laser pistols, a rocket launcher with AP rounds, a plasma cannon, and 100 plasma grenades.>

I may need a heavier arsenal then this. Now where'd I leave my tank parked.......?

6th Aug 2002, 15:47
Down the road and hang a left, the valet has it ready for you ;)