View Full Version : Why was Moebius's statue at the Eternal Prison?

5th Aug 2002, 06:41
Moebius's statue was at the Eternal Prison. Why? Is it because that place has a lot to do with time?:confused:

5th Aug 2002, 06:57
We really don't know why he's there. Perhaps it will be revealed in SR3.

6th Aug 2002, 05:44
It could be hinting that he had a hand in building the prison... or just possibly because he is the Time Guardian... but I'd wage that it's merely to throw us off our ball and force us to debate about it ;)

Time Streamer
6th Aug 2002, 17:20
More likely all of the above. ;)

7th Aug 2002, 18:58
Moebius statue was in the prison, yes.

But it was destroyed. Whoever moved into the Prison destroyed the statue of Moebius, cause Kain does his thing to fix it.

Maybe it's there to show that Moebius isnt connected to the Hylden. Why would they wreck the statue?

8th Aug 2002, 00:33
I just found it interesting that the "gaurdian" statues opened up their arms to fix the moebius statue. Is that some sort of symbolism for their worship or praise of him?

11th Aug 2002, 14:18
I always thought it was because of Moebius's evil agenda.

16th Aug 2002, 15:34
willow, do you think the peeps at Crystal D are really that evil? :D

lol.. erm.. hmm...:: ponders ::


Apocrypha Roxy
17th Aug 2002, 02:31
I was just going to post a new topic on this - finished The Eternal Prison & The Device/Mass destruction chapters, and noticed that Moebius' statue was in the Eternal Prison (where time has no meaning). This leaves alot to speculation, but - don't laugh - could Moebius possibly be affiliated with the Hylden? Could it be?

After all, Kain's moves were orchestrated from the very beginning, as many of you can see. Perhaps the Hylden, and Moebius as their pawn, had something to do with this? (We all know Moe to be a devious old rat b*stard, but it could go deeper than we think...)

17th Aug 2002, 06:27
Moebius' Statue was at the Eternal Prison because that was the only way to kill Magnus. (anybody tried killing him how you kill other enemies?)

"But it was destroyed. Whoever moved into the Prison destroyed the statue of Moebius, cause Kain does his thing to fix it. "

Magnus was the one who destroyed the statue. I believe the telekinesis switches reversed/forwarded time in specific places or for specific things because of the box raising, the bridge, stuff like that. If that is true; that means when kain got there, the statue was destroyed by Magnus and Kain had to use the statues to reverse time for the statue, repairing it.

The Eternal Prison was confusing.

Umah Bloodomen
17th Aug 2002, 11:45
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