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5th Aug 2002, 00:56
Speaking of vacations, I guess now is the best time to make the announcement: I’ll be leaving for Europe this Wednesday. I should arrive in Amsterdam by the August 8, Thursday, to kick off the tour. I won’t be back before the end of August. In the mean time, you guys will have to fend for yourselves. :)

I’ll miss you!

5th Aug 2002, 02:10
Good trip, Saba!

We'll miss you.

6th Aug 2002, 01:26
Thanks, Zaph.

Quick quick--

What are some good books to read on my 20 hour flight?! What were those Zaphod books you guys were talking about? I need this quick, I'll be going to Barnes and Noble... Thanks!

6th Aug 2002, 02:02
Sabes -

Here's the book (http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=0COVHJJ69W&isbn=0345453743) you want. It's got all 6 in it. It's cheap. Buy it, read it, love it.

6th Aug 2002, 05:07
Thanks for the tip Zaphod, it'll be immensely appreciated.

7th Aug 2002, 07:46
Sadly, or should I say tragically, my sister today brought me The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy from B & N instead of The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy.

7th Aug 2002, 11:54
Pity. Let's pull her hair and make fun of her clothes! And such. Oh well - the other books aren't that expensive either.

For someone who's supposedly going on vacation, you seem to be posting an awful lot. Go on already! :)

7th Aug 2002, 17:00
What amazes me is that you've never replied to my posts so quickly, Zaph! Just kidding. :)

We're leaving today at 4, it's 10 right now... I can't imagine what my posts per day will be when I get back. I've already driven my sister to the brink of tears (kidding) over the Hitchhikers Galaxy mix-up. I also learned today that Amsterdam is in the Netherlands! Wheee! I think. If so, I'll begin stalking xcom, officially, and if possible, start off on Dennis Bergkamp too! Then, everyone will finally see my picture as the police cart me off in a cage!

OK, I need more sleep. This will be my last post. I'm honestly sorry I can't help anymore, DeJa, I've got to leave in 2 hours if I want to get to the LAX on time. I hope you an ICE can help continue the screen contest thing, Zaphod.

So long then!

Edit: I'll be back in time for Hitman 2!

7th Aug 2002, 18:05
OK, one last: BYE!


7th Aug 2002, 18:13

Good trip, Saba!

8th Aug 2002, 06:14
Originally posted by Saba
I'll begin stalking xcom

*books the ticket on the first plane to LA*

8th Aug 2002, 10:26

Wow, I've been awake for 24 hours, and counting! I paid 3 big ones to use the "communications center" here for 15 min, so I better make the most of it, right?

OK, first observations:

I feel like I arrived from a third world nation, out of a straw and mud hut, right into the heart of the technological center of the world! Whew! This place is freaky! The flight attendants too! Everyone here is blonde, except for one woman who'd apparently dyed her hair! Scary. What is this world coming to when people dye their hair from blonde to black? I was extremely disappointed--I have yet to see anyone in WOODEN SHOES! Sad. The place is odd. The whole nation is composed of dikes and waterways and canals and rivers and streams and lakes and various forms of flowing water. I'd estimate only 1/4 of the land here is actually developed. Not to mention the whole place is wet! Jeez! Foggy and cloudy, in the middle of summer! The place glistened like a bubble when I was looking down from the plane!

OK, I'm gonna stop ending my sentences with exclamation points. Calm down. Get some coffee... Do they have Starbucks here?! Dear god! OK, I'm starting again.

So much billboards and advertisements and such. The whole place airport is made up of billboards and posters and various advertisements. The place is squeaky clean too. Like it was built yesterday. It makes LAX look like a dump. And the security is pretty lame too.

Dutch. They sound like they're speaking Russian. I don't know. Ah well. I better get that coffee. Leave you guys alone then. I can't find you xcom. I was hoping you'd be in the airport, if you were going to LA! That was the trap. I keep looking. I'm assuming there's this giant billboard over your head, and aside from the advertisments, it exclaims in huge letters XCOM. Right? Then I think I see you. Oh, there you go. OK, I'm wasting my and your time, and there's a 7 foot tall Dutch man waiting over my shoulder to use the computer. I'm wasting money too. Oh well. Don't expect another post guys, at one dollar a minute.

So long then!

8th Aug 2002, 19:15
Erh, is it your first time in Europe? :D

Find a library or internet cafe (plenty of those) in Amsterdam. I think it's cheaper there. Also, I dunno for how long you'll be staying there, but don't rent a car. You don't need no cars in Holland. Public transportation is very good. You can reach anything from anywhere with it.

Have fun.

9th Sep 2002, 02:23
Me is finally back. We delayed the trip four days.

Anyways, I'll be going over to the EB asap to pick up Hitman 2; the copy I found in Europe was a "Build 122 Work in Progress" version of Hitman never worked.

Not worth $30.

3rd Oct 2002, 08:15
I have been to Amsterdam numerous times, since it is right "next door". How was it? Where else did you go?

4th Oct 2002, 02:15
Next door? Yeah right.

We didn't do much in Europe, just hopped from city to city without much time to really enjoy anything. I did get to see some relatives, for the first time in ten years, which was interesting, but besides that I spent a whole month in taxis and buses, playing video games with my cousins, and lounging about wating for the next flight.

4th Oct 2002, 10:28
Sounds fun. I am from Europe by the way... so yup, next door.

5th Oct 2002, 06:17
Wan Chai doesn't sound very Europe to me, ICE. Nice try, mate.

(Just kidding):)

5th Oct 2002, 15:35
Have you freed up your PM yet?

5th Oct 2002, 23:58
OH CRAP! It was me that had the PMS, not you guys!