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4th Aug 2002, 20:10
I have a CD-Rom here that is around 420mb in the root directory. It is entitled: "Legacy of Kain - Soul reaver - Quest for Melchiah" copyright 1999. I bought it a couple of years ago on sale. I stuck in my CD-Rom and it started behaving like a virus writing to the registry and exe files. I installed it. Played it a couple of times but never got out of the this enormous hole at the beginning. I thought maybe it wasn't a complete version. The computer it was installed on is now history and I never reinstalled it on later builds.

All right, enough storytelling. I need to know some things about this disk before I install it. Which one of the series is this disk: one, two, or three? Is it a complete game, based on the information I gave you about the title and root directory above?

I could sure use some help on these points - thanks.

4th Aug 2002, 20:21
It's a demo:


4th Aug 2002, 20:45
So it is a demo. I thought I wasn't playing with a full deck. There is nothing on the disk to tell you that. I might fool around with it for a while and try not to fall off the edge of the world.

5th Aug 2002, 00:03
I will go along in saying it is a demo for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

5th Aug 2002, 04:13
Yeah, it's pretty funny. If you had bought it in the store and didn't know much about the series, it's very possible that you wouldn't know it was a demo until you beat Melchiah =).