View Full Version : praise for two fms!

4th Aug 2002, 19:18
the first, is The Careless Hand . this mission is great fun, the gem here being the sewer system. i kept getting confused in there trying to navigate through the system, i missed several tunnels. great shadows! i was able to finish it in 2.5 hours without cursing too much. I finished with one hitpoint left.

the second ive only started, but already its shaping up to be one of the best undead tgold missions ive ever played to date. Deadly Darkness. this one is about an acadamy overturned by evil. what makes this one so good is the ai and the ways to kill them. the readme tells that its hard to kill the zombies with the holy sword becuase of a bug. ive found so far if you hit them once or twice they'll lie down and if you can hit them when they stand back up they'll die without giving garrett damage. there are even mages in this one but......

basically you're supposed to go in and help battle the undead for your old friend. i like the story line, and, never liking much of the zombies you can call me "the hunter"

anyone who hasnt played these two tgold fms should do so, the second is for lovers of undead and butt kicking mode players.

edit: hoo boy....im still shaking from the ending of deadly darkness. not for people with a bad heart. great job tomi!

5th Aug 2002, 00:40
I'm sure a lot of us have played DD. I loved it. Creepy.:cool: