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26th Nov 2012, 21:38
i just realize somthing they should put into kingdom hearts... Legend of Dragoon Characters, itd be epic, i mean itd be the perfect square enix game to collaberate into kingdom hearts, like they did with final fantasy and the world ends with you

27th Nov 2012, 23:46
I would agree with you, but the Legend of Dragoon is a pretty old game, so I'm not sure that enough people know about it to make it a real selling point, regardless of how awsome the Legend of Dragoon was (and it was really awsome), too many people wouldn't know who the characters are, where they came from, or what their backstories are, and a lot of the fun of bringing characters in from other games comes from seeing characters you know and love in a whole new context, still battling for what they think is right (and that includes bad guys, except that they think it's right for them to conquer the world and stuff like that.), but with an awsome KH style twist.

9th Dec 2012, 00:40
Umm, I thought Legend of Dragoon was done by Sony? Why would characters from that game get cameos in Kingdom Hearts? Aside from Disney, Final Fantasy and TWEWY cameos are from games by S-E, right?

There's been a lot of "what if/I wish" threads about cameos people would love to see in Kingdom Hearts, but I think at the very least people need to keep it in house, you know? xD

(Holy crap, I still haven't beaten LoD D: )

9th Dec 2012, 15:14
I don't really know what company made LoD, I just know that it's an awsome game, but you're right, if it's not made by SquareEnix or it's predecesor, Squaresoft, then I'm not sure that they could get the rights to it, and that's not even taking into account that they'd be mixing in a game that didn't come from their company, so maybe it's not the best mix, but it is an interesting thing to talk about.

12th Dec 2012, 10:49
LoD was a Sony work, and as far as I know (and the Wiki page for it tells me) Square had no involvement whatsoever in it.