View Full Version : My Thief Gold CD 2 (game CD) is scratched and I can't access CS06.

4th Aug 2002, 18:51
I had my PC tower over on its side (it's a vertical one) with the Thief Gold game CD (CD 2) in my D:/ drive and flipped it back upright while it was running <small>(stupid!)</small>, and when I did so, the CD inside went GRRRCHZCHKCHCK and now it is scratched at the bottom. I can neither full install past 98% nor access CS06. DromEd runs from the CD fine, but I would like to have the original CD in working condition. Anyone got an extra set of Thief Gold CDs I could buy (I already have the box)? Just name your price. Thanks. :(

4th Aug 2002, 18:59
I would start with a CD scratch repair kit. If that doesn't help, someone on this board may still have TG available. ;)

4th Aug 2002, 19:35
The data is on the top where is the metal foil, not on the bottom with the plastic. First try a scratch repair kit. It'll take care of minor scratches. Gouges, however, will change the angle of refraction even when filled in with the exact same material, making it unlikely that the CD could be read reliably.

If the scratch repair kit is ineffective (because the scratch is too deep) or even if the plastic becomes cloudy (spots sometimes do show up), you might consider have the CD re-polished. There are many places that will polish a worn CD; http://www.skippydisc.com/repair_mailer.shtml was the first one I found in a Google search but ther are more.

If someone does offer to replace his CD, make sure he sends you his original CD *first* to verify that it is a commercial or retail version of the product. It should have the same label as the one for which you will provide a copy. Then send his original CD back when you give him the copy.

4th Aug 2002, 19:46
G'day TR

I have Thief Gold, but want to hang onto it, but I'd be happy to burn you a replica disc. Won't look as purty, but it'll have all the data... As Vanguard says, I don't want to be a pirate, so you could snail mail me the CD (the gougy one) and I'd replace it with a freshly burned and still-warm CDR... Up to you. If you want to go ahead, the e-mail address in my profile works.


5th Aug 2002, 00:47
Most used CD music stores will fix a scratched cd for a few bucks :)

5th Aug 2002, 02:57
I'm afraid it's a gouge. I looked at the top... *whoooooooee...* averts eyes

But I got a crack from RNM and have a .ZIP file with a clean Thief Gold installation inside (full install), and I can run that with my scratched CD 2, because the CD check is okay. Thanks, all, for your help!