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Miss Croft
4th Aug 2002, 12:17
I'm making a game that features Lara when she was yoounger, like 14, so if your any good at graphix or wanna help then private message me!! Thanks :D

PS: It won't be copyright volating will it coz it's unofficial?

4th Aug 2002, 14:46
Woah, woah, woah.. I hate to burst your bubble, but no one is "good" at graphics, you're just talented in one area. Second, you're making a game? You'd better have a good programmer, because the game won't be a game without one.

Miss Croft
4th Aug 2002, 17:36
Thank God I can do both then :D

The Sage Of Time
4th Aug 2002, 19:41
Yes i'm sure you can, but to that extent? I don't mean to sound rude or anything.. But you have to think.
Anyways, I doubt you'll find much of anyone here that's talented in that area and has a lot of free time.

4th Aug 2002, 19:50
Originally posted by The Sage Of Time
.......I doubt you'll find much of anyone here that's talented in that area ............

Hmm, so modest :D

Marcus T
9th Aug 2002, 12:00
Hey, don't discourage :) Whatever happens, it's always fun to see fans use imagination and creative abilities to achieve something, go :)

11th Aug 2002, 14:58
I don't want to discourage, but this is way easier said than done. I've been dabbling with Maya, and it's unbelieveably hard. It takes an experienced Core Design team to build a game in about 11 months. One person that isn't experienced wouldn't get the job done. It takes more than knowing the surface. Programming, objects, animations, more programming, more programming for the objects and animations, more programming for interactions.. The list goes on..

15th Aug 2002, 03:05
I dont know..I always see Sage of Time the bearer of bad news lol....(no offense its just an observation)

15th Aug 2002, 11:20
Miss Croft...Good Luck with your Game Development plans.

Most people keep on saying.....Turn Back...Too Hard...Not Possible...Too Long...BLAH...BLAH...

If everyone said that (including the industry folk) we would never have any new games or movies.

Question: Does a 2D Game Boy Advance type game take the same amount of effort, resources, etc???

Follow your dreams...how did that saying go...It is better to climb to the top of the mountain or die trying.

Blue Crystals!!!

Marcus T
18th Aug 2002, 12:02
Exactly my point Blue Skies :)
"You don't know, until you've tried"