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4th Aug 2002, 10:42
Sorry that I have not said much the last 2 weeks, but I was on a vacation with my family and my friend's family to Denmark.

We staied at a cabin not very far from Copenhagen (The capital of Denmark), and went there two of the days. My friend is nearly big a fan as I of Hitman, so a visit to Farvergade 2 (IO Interactive's Headquarters) was a matter of course.

One surprise was that its location was much better than I though. It was just a few minute walking from the rail station and not very far from the town centre, the city courtrooms or "Tivoli", the city's Theme Park.

The building itself was not much of a sight, a three-four story high, quite old, greyish building. Of course, IOI did not own the whole building. There are afterall just 30-50 employees, but the big -0- (the IOI logo) was the only inscribed loge on a plate outside. The only other thing on the plate was a list over "Spesiallegene" which means "The Special Doctors", probably a place for not very common diseases and stuff.

We went inside, and saw a doorbell/buzzer-thing where you could call all the receptions in the building. We did, of course, push the button labeled: "IO Interactive". A Danish woman answered, and we asked whether or not it was possible to get a guided tour of the offices. Unfortainately, it was not possible without an appointment.

We were quite dissapointed and planned to dress up like bellboys and go in with new towels or jump from a balcony to another to get in, but our plans were never fulfilled.

I will post a picture of the plate and the street here later, when my father has gotten the camera from the bags, and copied them to his computer. It might take up to 4-5 hours, so ou should not hope for a picture before 6pm CET.

4th Aug 2002, 12:00
Here's the pictures:

Farvergade 2

A close-up on the IOI-sign.

The Buzzer

5th Aug 2002, 00:55
Nice work, Salem! Thanks for bringing us the IOI HQ!