View Full Version : Seeds of Doubt: Tears of Blood = Guilesatpeak (2 years ago)

4th Aug 2002, 06:24
What is the difference between the Guilesatpeak FM (journey.zip) release July 20, 2000 and the 2nd mission (Tears of Blood, sod2.zip) in the newly released Seeds of Doubt? They are the same exact mission!

I noticed the author, "Sperry", is listed in both. According to the author for Seeds of Doubt: Tears of Blood, don't bother emailing as he/she won't bother responding.

Munin the Raven
4th Aug 2002, 22:53
Isn't "Tears of Blood" the Thief II conversion of the original, "Escape from Guilesatpeak"? That may be the only difference.

4th Aug 2002, 23:38
I think the author originally released Guilesatpeak as a stand-alone mission but later created a pre-quel for it & re-released the two missions as a set.

5th Aug 2002, 00:39
Both "Escape from Guilesatpeak" and "Tears of Blood" are T1 missions. There was no T2 conversion. However, the "Tears of Blood" FM (sod2.zip) is 7.36MB whereas the "Escape from Guilesatpeak" FM (journey.zip) is 10.21MB, so there is a big change in size.

The journey.zip says "Tuttocomb's Tomb" for the title shown in Darkloader. But when you play the mission it says "Escape from Guilesatpeak" for the first mission. The reason journey.zip is bigger is that there also a 2nd mission, called "Tuttocomb's Tomb". So the solo mission in sod2.zip has already been used before in a "mission pack". Or, alternatively, the "Tuttocomb's Tomb" did not get included in the new "mission pack".

It's a fun mission but, to me, it looks like this mission simply got recycled.