View Full Version : How do I keep AIs from BoundsTriggering a conversation? Is this possible?

4th Aug 2002, 02:17
If so, how? If not, how should I trigger my conversations?

4th Aug 2002, 02:41
It's possible to have Garrett be a source and some nearby object be a receptron

4th Aug 2002, 07:12
Ah, the boundstrigger, my old friend.

There is a property in the boundstrigger that has AI Collides With: True(meaning the box is checked), you need to add that property and have the box unchecked.

Conversations are conventionally triggered with a room brush, but don't need to be.

Komag, I'd say that S&R is overkill in this situation unless you have your AI roaming around before the conversation or the conversation can happen anywhere.

4th Aug 2002, 16:55
Hey, thanks!

9th Aug 2002, 06:38
This is rather late in coming, no thanks to problems I had signing up...

In D2, you can use the script TrigOBBPlayer instead of the standard TrigOBB. Put it on your BoundsTrigger being sure to check the "Don't Inherit" box.