View Full Version : A night's Stroll - spoiler

Shadow Creeper
3rd Aug 2002, 23:23
I need help with an area of A Nigh't Stroll and I don't know how to do this as a spoiler.

When you get to the village with the butchers shop to the left, there is an alley with a burrick. How do you open the wood panel located on the wall?

4th Aug 2002, 01:51
I don't think it's actually a panel. I believe it is the end of the shop counter inside and it's just a little too long, so it shows through the wall. I'm not sure though. Maybe Christine will come along. She'll know. :)

4th Aug 2002, 11:20
...it's like Nightwalker tell's you, she knows my missions better than I.... ;) :D

Shadow Creeper
4th Aug 2002, 15:26
Thank you. I was really hoping I found a hidden treasure though. Oh well......