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Umah Bloodomen
3rd Aug 2002, 21:45
Is there any way those of you with the complete list of LOK gameshark codes, to send them my way? I'm looking to use them.

Thanks a lot ahead of time!

;) :p

EDIT Had to correct a spelling error...Any way in this context is 2 words not 1. **repeats** :p

4th Aug 2002, 20:37
Blood Omen
Infinite Blood (Without Max Blood Line) 801CAA74 0059
Invisible Kain 800A7C34_0529
Slow Kain Down 801CAA80_0059
Infinite Blood (With Max Blood Line)
801CAA74 0190
801CAA76 0190
Max Blood Line 801CAA76 0190
Max Magic Line 801CAA7C 0190
Infinite Magic (Without Max Magic Line) 801CAA7A 0059
Infinite Magic (With Max Magic Line)
801CAA7A 0190
801CAA7C 0190

Enable Item Modifier Codes (Must be on With All Item Modifiers) 300A84C9 0001
300E868A 0008
1st Item Modifier 300E8660 00??
2nd Item Modifier 300E8661 00??
3rd Item Modifier 300E8662 00??
4th Item Modifier 300E8663 00??
5th Item Modifier 300E8664 00??
6th Item Modifier 300E8665 00??
7th Item Modifier 300E8666 00??
8th Item Modifier 300E8667 00??

Enable Weapon/Armor Modifier Codes (Must be on With All Weapon/Armor Modifier Codes)
300A84C9 0001
300E868B 000A
1st Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E8673 00??
2nd Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E8674 00??
3rd Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E8674 00??
4th Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E8676 00??
5th Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E8677 00??
6th Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E8678 00??
7th Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E8679 00??
8th Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E867A 00??
9th Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E867B 00??
10th Weapon/Armor Modifier 300E867C 00??

Enable Spell Modifier Codes (Must be on With All Spell Modifier Codes)
300A84C8 0001
300E868C 000D
1st Spell Modifier 300E867D 00??
2nd Spell Modifier 300E867E 00??
3rd Spell Modifier 300E867F 00??
4th Spell Modifier 300E8680 00??
5th Spell Modifier 300E8681 00??
6th Spell Modifier 300E8682 00??
7th Spell Modifier 300E8683 00??
8th Spell Modifier 300E8684 00??
9th Spell Modifier 300E8685 00??
10th Spell Modifier 300E8686 00??
11th Spell Modifier 300E8687 00??
12th Spell Modifier 300E8688 00??
13th Spell Modifier 300E8689 00??
Enable Form Modifier Codes (Must be on With All Form Modifier Codes)
300A84CA 0001
1st Form Modifier 30089586 00??
2nd Form Modifier 30089587 00??
3rd Form Modifier 30089588 00??
4th Form Modifier 30089589 00??
5th Form Modifier 3008958A 00??

Stop Sundial at Night 800A7E6C 0930

Start A New Game For Level Select
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed!)
D0011CA0 3130
D01CAA86 06D0
801CAA86 0608
D0011CA0 3130
D01CAA8A 08F0

Walk Thru Walls
80029A82 2400
80029A92 2400
80029A9A 2400
80029AAA 2400

Infinite Item Usage 800430A6 2400
View All Video's (Dark Diary) 300A7EBC 0001

Quantity Digits to Accompany Above Modifier Codes
00 - Inspire Hate
01 - Stun
02 - Spirit Wrack
03 - Blood Gout
04 - Blood Shower
05 - Spirit Death
06 - Light
07 - Lightning
08 - Repel
09 - Energy Bolt
0A - Incapacitate
0B - Control Mind
0C - Sanctuary
0D - Flay
0E - The Pentaliche of Tarot
0F - Implode
10 - Putresce
11- Energy Bank
12 - Heart of Darkness
13 - Anti-Toxin
14 - Slow Time
15 - Moebius' Hour Glass
16 - DeJoule's Insulating Cloak
17 - Dollmaker's Doll
18 - Malek's Helmet
19 - Azimuth's Eye
1A - Mortanius' Death Orb
1B - Nupraptor's Head
1C - Bane's Antler Headdress
1D - Vorador's Signet Ring
1E - Time Streaming Device
1F - Anacrothe's Alchemist Scales
20 - Iron Sword
21 - Spiked Mace
22 - The Axes
23 - Flame Sword
24 - The Soul Reaver
25 - Iron Armor
26 - Bone Armor
27 - Chaos Armor
28 - Flesh Armor
29 - Wraith Armor

Soul Reaver

Joker command D00D1058 ????

Infinite Health -- Spectral Plane Only
800D5674 86A0
800D5676 0001

Infinite Health -- Material Plane Only
(Works With Max Stamina Level Code)
800D5674 A120
800D5676 0007

Infinite Health -- (Works With Max Stamina Level Code) D00D56B0 0002
800D5674 86A0
D00D56B0 0002
800D5676 0001
D00D56B0 0001
800D5674 A120
D00D56B0 0001
800D5676 0007

Max Stamina Level 800D5670 0004

Have All Forged & Special Abilities 800D5680 FFBF

Have All Glyph Abilities
800D5682 03FF

All 5 Emblem Pieces
800D492A 0005
800D492C 0005

Infinite Glyph Power
800D5688 0063
800D568A 0063

Shift Almost Anywhere -- Note 1
800A5A7E 2400
800B00C4 FFD0
800B00C6 1000

Always High Jump 800D55D8 0020
Hyper Mode 800D123E 0021

In-Game Cheat Codes
Have All Abilities (Including Shift Anywhere) 800CFDBC FFFF
Have All Glyphs 800CFDC6 03FF
Have Material Reaver 800CFDC0 0800
Have Spectral Reaver 800CFDC0 0400
Have Fire Reaver 800CFDC0 8000
Have Yellow Reaver 800CFDC0 1000
Have Red & Black Reaver 800CFDC2 0001
Have Unknown Purple Reaver 800CFDC2 0002
Free Flight! --
D00D1058 0040
800D55DA 0004
D00D1058 0040
800D55E0 0001
D00D1058 0040
800D5600 0006
D00D1058 0040
800D5978 0005
D00D1058 0040
800D57D6 00E4
800D5604 0070
800D5784 0001
800D57DE 0030

4th Aug 2002, 20:39
Soul Reaver 2

(M) Must Be On EC8D06281440C244
Flying Raziel Hold the jump button (X) to make Raziel fly, release X to allow him to fall.

Press L3 to become Invincible You'll need to deactivate Invincibility the first time you enter the Spectral Realm. Once youve regained your health in the Spectral Realm, and are able to shift back to the Physical Realm, reactivate Invincibility. Once this is done, youll be able to shift back and forth without any trouble.

Press R3 to turn off Invincible You'll need to deactivate Invincibility the first time you enter the Spectral Realm. Once youve regained your health in the Spectral Realm, and are able to shift back to the Physical Realm, reactivate Invincibility. Once this is done, youll be able to shift back and forth without any trouble.

Reaver Modifier Codes The Reaver Modifier codes CAN cause problems if activated too early on in the game.
Some cinemas will lock up if you activate certain Reavers BEFORE you activate the forges!! If you've already activated all of the forges, they'll work fine.
(Using these codes will also activate the Elemental Fonts found throughout the game, even if the forges are NOT active.)

Now Raziel can use the Fire, Wind, Dark and Light Reavers in the spectral realm as well as the Physical Realm!

Press L1 + D-Pad Up to Activate the Dark Reaver [SEE ABOVE NOTE]

Press L1 + D-Pad Right to Activate the Light Reaver [SEE ABOVE NOTE]

Press L1 + D-Pad Down to Activate the Wind Reaver [SEE ABOVE NOTE]

Press L1 + D-Pad Left to Activate the Fire Reaver [SEE ABOVE NOTE]

Matrix Jumps When Raziel Jumps, he'll freeze at the top of his jump, "Matrix Style". Tap jump several times to return to the ground. The "Flying Raziel" Code WILL NOT work with this code active.

Blood Omen 2

(M) Must Be On

Infinite Health

Kain: Upgraded Begin the game or a new level with Armor and the Soul Reaver!
Show Debug Info Codes

Show Health Debug Info

Show Velocity Debug Info

Show Lore Debug Info

Show Coordinates

Show Time Debug Info

Ultra Jump Kain BE CAREFUL WHEN JUMPING INDOORS: You become stuck in ceilings! BE CAREFUL WHEN JUMPING OUTSIDE: You may jump out or off of the level!

Kain Can Always Target the "Dark Gift Jump"

Kain and Enemy Speed Codes

Matrix Kain (Slow Motion)

Hyper Kain (Ultra Speed)

Matrix Enemies (Slow Motion)

Hyper Enemies (Ultra Speed)

Umah Bloodomen
4th Aug 2002, 20:54
Thank you dear! You're a lifesaver.

**Again with her Vivian Leigh impersonation even with her hand over her brow and sighing*** My hero.

;) :p

4th Aug 2002, 21:40
If you post those codes somewhere say you got em from the GSCCC and Gameshark.com There are some other codes that people like Vampmaster and I made but I'll put them on a separate page.

MmmmMmmm biscuits

Umah Bloodomen
4th Aug 2002, 22:02
Okay, I'll do that. Just be sure to clarify which ones you and Vampmaster discovered.

I had plans to add these to a section of my independent LOK Fansite. I meant to originally post about where to obtain and give proper credit.

Do give the SR forum a look when you get time...our little buddy Non-Existant won't like what I posted. LOL.

He's fun. I like him. ;) :p

**draws her sword and runs back into the field for more interesting and friendly debates***