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3rd Aug 2002, 21:11
All right. We have to become 'official' (yet unofficial, of course, don't come suing me!).

So for now, I'd like everybody who wants to become a member of the Crofters to simply post to this thread!

You will then be given a 'badge' to put in your signature.

Also! If you want your Crofter character to have special powers (to use on quests on the boards), post that too. Create a little profile, if you want.

What is a Crofter? A dedicated Tomb Raider fan that enjoys to hang out with the other fans to help Lara out on quests. Basically, a Tomb Raider fan. *grins* Raiderholic, if you will.

Okay. Enough blabbing from BC. I await your responses!

Miss Croft
4th Aug 2002, 09:46
Hey, If you need me I'll be one!! Do I need to post anything specific here??? :confused: erm...confusion!! Anyways - I'm in if you want me!!!

Miss Croft
4th Aug 2002, 10:09
If you let me join and we get members and stuff, there can be a password protected section on my site for the crofters with member lists and what's been happnin and polls and stuff on it!! Whatdja think???

4th Aug 2002, 12:32
I was going to take it a step afterwards and create a site, if we get enough members. However, I was planning to do it on my site (as soon as I open it up again). But, we can create a section on both my site and yours. Let me know what you think.

People, just post that you want to join. Quests, will be for later.

Dark One
5th Aug 2002, 16:02
Ok, just to reaffirm my existance as a Crofter (not crofteteer unless we can consider that a seperate group) I shall post.

I am Dark One and I have the powers of wierd. Mostly, I can do cheat codes...except they sometimes turn me into Sailor Moon.

BTW, we do have a quest going on now. Consider it a sample quest if you like.

5th Aug 2002, 16:53
sweet! good idea babycroft! :D

i am the one and only tombraiderchik. umm i have esp(i seriously think i do in real life too) and i have a meeaaannn left hook(this i have too in real life hehehehe) :p;)

THE True Lara
5th Aug 2002, 22:53
Whoo- WHOO!! count me in! :D
Hummm..... special powers, gonna have to think on that one.....

6th Aug 2002, 00:28
Crofter name: Prelude
Special powers: Ability to drink vast quantities of Beer.
Specialty: Cream cakes
Minimum bribe level: Cream jam doughnut and one can of Bud.

Skills: Quick thinker, laughs in the face of fear, tweaks the nose of the spindly killer fish, but most importantly.....she knows how to party.

DJ Tech
6th Aug 2002, 19:30
ok, count me in:

Sp.Power - Telekinesis (moving stuff with your mind)

Sp. Ability - Telepathy

and are we all now Crofters not Crofteers? or is it a separate group?

Dark One
7th Aug 2002, 15:58
Yes, we are all Crofters not crofteteers. BC created all this stuff long ago and I mistakingly got the wrong word. *grovels*

9th Aug 2002, 01:04
Special abilities: 100% accurate gunmanship, pilots any aircraft, hand -to- hand combat master(knives, daggers, unarmed, etc), hacker, infiltration master.
Amazing talents: Able to drink a considerable amount of beer before getting drunk, a great cook.

Description(but dont belive it!)
Very little is known about this man, until joining naval flight training at the tender age of 16. After he quit the navy to pursue a more fufilling way of life at the age of 21, he ran into Lara in the Ural Mts. while hunting treasure. Hes always there to bail his friends out of otherwise hopeless situations. Very loyal to his friends, hes been Laras partner for 12 years. Although hes a bit of a wiseguy, his friends trust him totally.

Count me in!
PS: Hope u liked it!

9th Aug 2002, 22:36

As soon as this thread seems to have enough members, I'll make the signature / logo for Crofters.

Dark One
14th Aug 2002, 17:27
We have a logo? Cool, who knew?