View Full Version : still need help ( chapter six )

3rd Aug 2002, 19:45
Sorry but i still need help in chapter six
After Sebastian was catched 3 times by the lightning Vortex , he is giving order to the man in the control room, after that we are fighting again but he is killing me every time, i am playing this part since 8 hours and still can not survive, by the way my english is not very good to understand the conversation in the game, is there any special dark gifts which i have to use ??

3rd Aug 2002, 19:49
charm the man in the little room and get him to turn the lever. then jst throw Sebastian in the steam a few times


3rd Aug 2002, 21:32
If you're on a PS2 you can let him kill you once.. then just stand there. Don't do anything. The steam will come around and hit him a couple of times and he will get upset and start running around. This way you still have all your power. Then just run around following directly behind the steam. When he says he's going to get you.. turn and look where he is and get on the opposite side of the room and then jump. He will jump into the middle of the room three times. You should still have all your power if you've done this right. Which isn't all that hard. Then when he raises the platform jump on it and he will jump off. Mind control his puppet and have him turn the switch off on the right hand side. Then he will jump back on the platform and then you can fight him. If done right you'll have all your power and he'll only have a little making it very easy to killhim.