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3rd Aug 2002, 17:20
ok, i know it says to read the tech FAQ and patch before posting for tech help, but i have, i installed the patch after i gave up startopia (level ten, the crashes became too frequent) but when the patch came out, it made it all better (i went all the way to mission 8 without a crash) i still have the patch, but now the crashes to desktop are back, and worse, i just loaded my game, and went one auto save, this time, i went under 2 min. does anyone have any advice, is it the CD? is it... i don't know, but i can't play like this. ack, anger taking over mind... can't control, must destroy small town with flames of doom!

3rd Aug 2002, 18:36
try a reboot, defrag, scanning for errors, or reinstall

3rd Aug 2002, 19:36
Make sure you arn't using any prepatched saves. Also, try setting your graphic settings to lower. Adding fog will especially help.

4th Aug 2002, 01:04
The fog also makes your station look like Halloween, it's spooky...

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4th Aug 2002, 06:12
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4th Aug 2002, 13:43
You know that sounds just like what used happen with my Diablo 2. The only thing that solved that was getting a new computer.

4th Aug 2002, 13:46
i'd like to take the advice, but i can't do that, not even for Startopia, oh what a terrible day this is... you sure you had to switch comps? not some other thing that heppened when you did it, like getting rid of a filled up hard drive or something?

4th Aug 2002, 13:49
Yep, we got a new comp and that was the only thing that solved it. Of course, it might of been:

1) Lack of hard drive space-it had a 4GB hard drive

2)No graphics card

3)Not much memory

4) It was just screwed anyway.

This probly won't help at all.

4th Aug 2002, 16:26
Build your own computer. It's much cheaper and it will run faster than an equivalent computer made by a company such as Dell or Gateway. It is also very educational.

www.directron.com - Cheap parts for your computer
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5th Aug 2002, 01:42
once again, i'd love to take that advice, but between School, work and Cross Country, i really don't have any time what so ever to build a computer, all my spare time is spent playing (or rebooting) startopia, i don't think it's something like that, it was running fine a week ago, and thena few days ago, bam, it gets really bad, tahts not a computer thing. there has got to be something up with the game... or something

5th Aug 2002, 07:58
Have you changed ANYTHING on your computer since last week? Installed something, upgraded something, deleted something, uninstalled something. Anything.

5th Aug 2002, 11:28
Maybe it is your computer. PC world do a computer check.

5th Aug 2002, 11:47
well hmm, did i do anything? no, i started playing giants citezin kabuto (i know first person shooter, bad me) again, but i had never uninstalled it, no, i havn't changed anthing, but it has gotten a little better i can go through plenty of auto saves now, whee, how fun.

11th Aug 2002, 11:39
building your own computer wont take long. finding the right parts will.:D

if your gonna do it, then:
1)keep all the bits you know work (eg monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, graphics card, CD drive) and only buy pieces your not sure about.

2)shop around. i once saw a graphics card in EB for 70, and then almost bought the same one in PCworld for 85!

3)if you buy off the internet, make sure you can contact the seller. my uncle bought a pentium2 motherboard for a tenner but it came with the wrong manual, so he had a hell of a time configuring the jumpers.

concerning your current computer.
did you recently change your graphics card?
probably not, but unless its put in properly, your computer will freeze quite often whenever your playing a game.

if thats not it, try fiddling with directXdiagnosis.
it might tell you if theres a problem there.
you should find it in C:/programfiles/directX/

11th Aug 2002, 12:20
Do you happen to have Kazaa? Or any other P2P file sharing program? Did you download and install ANY program from the net?

You may have some spyware lurking around on your comp. They are just like viruses in that they slow down your modem, don't ask to be installed and often crash games (especially tribes 2). The only difference is that they are somehow legal...

Get Ad-Aware from Download.com and get rid of the little buggers...

Just remember that PC's don't have personalities, they don't go through PMS and they don't get hungover. There is no way in hell that your computer woke up one day and decided to starting being annoying just because you spent a little bit of time with another computer. Buying your computer flowers to make it feel better wont help. Agreeing to having a baby with your computer wont help. Telling us what changed about your computer last week will help.

11th Aug 2002, 13:39
the flowers thing won't work? well there goes 20 bucks. ok, no fileshareing stuff on my comp, but my internet connection is split with my sister, who has one, if that could make a diffrence, and i have been known to download stuff, off of gamesdomain... oh well, i think the computer was getting a bit hot, i pulled it out a little, so it isn't cramped into a corner as much, and it's gotten better, yes better.
i remember in the old forum, all the complaints of CTD, and someone said that it could be the computer overheating, they had cleaned the dust off the vent and it had gotten better. lots off people scoffed at him and said it was a computer and not a car. but i think he was very right, i asked my dad who is a pregrammer for like 20 years now, and he said that could be it. then people started saying it could be the overheating, StarTopia IS a very taxing game. ahh yes, the old forum... i miss it.

11th Aug 2002, 14:37
Heeey... I can't believe we all let this one slip: What specs does your computer have?

Having your Virtual Memory set too low or running a virus scanner are both common causes of crashes (especially my one, it's a little TOO militant about checking files ie. it will scan every single link in my start menu, and the file it links to, and any .dlls required to do all of that... Scary...)

16th Aug 2002, 22:04
If you find a program on your comp by the name of Gator then you could be in trouble. Thats one of the most common spyware programs and its possible it got onto your computer without you knowing it!!!!

Limewire is another one to look out for. (and kazaar as mentioned b4)

16th Aug 2002, 22:20
Originally posted by tiggifish87
If you find a program on your comp by the name of Gator then you could be in trouble. Thats one of the most common spyware programs and its possible it got onto your computer without you knowing it!!!!

Limewire is another one to look out for. (and kazaar as mentioned b4)

Getting rid of Gator is rather easy, if you know where to look. Search for any files with the name CME or gator, and delete them.

Gatorsoft is know to hide within the common files directory of your program files.

16th Aug 2002, 22:25
Gator really bugged the heck outta me. I went all through my computer looking for the gator files and couldn't get them all. So gator kept running. I eventually just wiped the whole computer clean, and that got rid of it. (It also had to do with a nasty virus, but blaming it on Gator makes the company that more evil.)

17th Aug 2002, 02:15
ack, gator, i had that on my computer like a year or so ago, it wouldn't go away, but i got rid of it... what did it say it did. yeah, it just kinda appeared one day and i was like "what!?! how, who, what, aw smeg" and such.

17th Aug 2002, 17:10
I had something like that on my old comp. The program had been removed long ago, but it kept trying to run at start-up. It only disappeared when my dad formatted the hard drive. It was called adkiller.

18th Aug 2002, 11:44
Get Ad-Aware here. (http://www.lavasoft.nu)

It's pretty damn thorogh. It will scan your registry and any running system process, along with searching through your harddrive. It will find things you wont.

8th Sep 2002, 22:15
yeah, the same thing used to happen to me. Eventually, i reinstalled it, and it instantly became better. Now it never crashes, and it even runs a bit smoother.;)

Mucky Foot
10th Sep 2002, 17:11
Originally posted by Sephiroth110
...i just loaded my game, and went one auto save, this time, i went under 2 min. does anyone have any advice...

Sounds like couruption in that save game. Once it gets in trouble it's going to crash in the end but that might be hours down the line :(

So scrap that save game and start the level again from scratch.

zebra3... ...out

9th Oct 2002, 19:58
A bit like my problem. I find that the drive I installed Startopia to was damaged and that may have been why it wouldn't work.I get the odd crash, but that maybe down to my processor.Hope that helps.