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3rd Aug 2002, 16:26
yep got drafted. going in the army wensday, sigh cant say im looking forward to it, sigh. ah well at least il get away from this rednekplace again. :p

3rd Aug 2002, 18:30

"private Gorechild reporting for duty Sir!"

screw that... get me some coffee will ya?


*Gorechild runs off towards the evil coffee machine, and gets the man his coffee*

"Coffee delivered Sir! What else can i do Sir?!"

see that guy there? take a rifle, and shoot his nuts off

"Sir you were pointing at a mirror image of yourself Sir!"



*Gorechild gets a rifle..*



*Gorechild fires*



"Ugh.... MEDIC!!!"


have fun Gorechild!

3rd Aug 2002, 19:01
rotflmao!!! :D :D :D
well they say that i were lucky to get stationed in a city, guess i feel lucky too, corse i would feel even moore lucky if i didnt have to at all.....but that aint gonna happen sigh. man az if the army is that crazed id not mind going at all lol!
jesus i cant seem to sto smiling rigth now, that was dead funny :D

3rd Aug 2002, 19:15
glad i could amuse you Private!

anyway, keep your bunk clean, weapon shiny, and boots polished. oh yeah, listen to the dudes who get paid by SCREAMING AT YOU ALL DAY LONG!!!! :D

and you`ll do fine.

3rd Aug 2002, 19:23
lol. when are you goin? or does it work like that over there?

3rd Aug 2002, 19:32
i`m not going at all! (army duty is gone here)

i saw that on TV... on discovery channel

3rd Aug 2002, 20:12
Originally posted by Azuriel
i`m not going at all! (army duty is gone here)

Thank god for that, the non-voluntary participating that is. :rolleyes:

Although I got a letter once when I turned 18 I think, saying that I was registered and that I could be "ordered" too come in for inspection or something like that, when the time calles for it. :)

Anyway good luck in the army Gorechild!

edit: forgot to type in english :rolleyes:

3rd Aug 2002, 20:14
well thats one way of getting to know it, i guess.
well it doesent work that way up here. aint to many pepole crazed enough to build a fully working military without drafting them....i think.
as i write this a song enters my mind. cant remember who wrote it or the name of it but it goes somthing like this(ahem): oooh youre in the army now, bah cant remember the rest, havent heard the song since i was 16 anyway.:p

3rd Aug 2002, 20:24
Serul: you received a letter? i got nothing!

i`m actually thinking about signing up, because then THEY pay for my study. not me.

would be cool though

Sergeant Az

Umah Bloodomen
3rd Aug 2002, 20:28
Serul, is that like a draft? Here in the states they make it mandatory for men ages 18 to 25 (I believe) register for the national military draft when they register to vote. Now here's the greatest part (and it really shows the intellect of the American government...LOL) Drafts are illegal. LOL :p

3rd Aug 2002, 20:40
lol! weid really really weird. goes to show what the(err how do you spell it?) politcans are up to, not much that is lol :p

3rd Aug 2002, 20:44
First of all there was a new law issued on May 1st 1997, which basicly says that the army now consists off voluntary people.

The letter I got was just saying that I was registered at the Defense department (which happens too everybody who turns 17). But because of that new law I didn't have to go for an inspection, to see if I was fit for the army. But the letter also said that that law could change sometime and that I still could be called for army-duty.

And that's basicly it.

LOL at the drafts thing!!! :D

Serul: you received a letter? i got nothing!

I think you will, eventually.

3rd Aug 2002, 20:52
i got my letter just after i turned 18. there was a lot of wierd horror stories going around the students, about how horribel the inspection was. thougth the most horribel thing i encontered was that i had to pee in a cup(wasent that bad thougt)lol :p
had to wait for somthing that felt like hours to see the doctor too. one o the ladds seemed do have a problem and talked to her(the doktor) for over an hour...the most boring hour in my life.

Umah Bloodomen
3rd Aug 2002, 21:02
Originally posted by Serul
First of all there was a new law issued on May 1st 1997, which basicly says that the army now consists off voluntary people.

The letter I got was just saying that I was registered at the Defense department (which happens too everybody who turns 17). But because of that new law I didn't have to go for an inspection, to see if I was fit for the army. But the letter also said that that law could change sometime and that I still could be called for army-duty.

And that's basicly it.

LOL at the drafts thing!!! :D

I think you will, eventually.

Yeah I didn't get it either. LOL. (American draft issue). Serul, that sounds like what they do here now (I am not the military expert so don't quote me...I have had friends go into the military and all of my male friends have the draft card).

In case of war, they are subject to draft, but Congress has to reinstate the draft first. It was outlawed after Vietnam I believe. There is no "inspection" you just have to fill out a little questionaire when you register to vote (or renew your driver's license if you are 18).

I believe they still compensate our military here, so it isn't voluntary. The only voulntary part of it are the Reserves. (People that go to boot camp but that's it).

The draft issue has been proposed on many bills. George W. Bush wanted it to go up against the House and Senate (our 2 bodies of Congress) to again become lawful.

Times have changed, I don't see a draft coming anytime soon. CNN said that after 9/11 we have so many people in the military or wanting to join that there would be no need to call for a draft ever.

3rd Aug 2002, 23:07
we still have inspektion thougth we call it session(sesjon in norwegian) were we had to do tests like math abilities iq tests. hearing and sigth tests. and a medical checup. s the most boring thing ive ever done....i think.

Power reaver
4th Aug 2002, 08:34
Good Luck Gorechild .

Good thing theres no such thing as compulsory military service over here , I wouldent mind becoming IPS but military is not my cup of tea , espicially with all the conflicts that come by nowadays (The thing going on in Gujarat are a good example) .

6th Aug 2002, 01:44
What I get a kick out of (and I speak as one of those who would get hauled off if the draft came back - since last I heard when the powers that be were rattling about bringing bacl the college deferment was getting ditched) are the radio commercials that "encourage" all us poor saps to go register at 18. Because if we don't, we'll be "ineligible for federal student financial aid." Sounds like an option; what they neglect to mention is that if you fail to register they ARREST YOU! Tiny omitted detail there...

6th Aug 2002, 03:43
The military isn't really all that bad here in the States. If you make it through Basic (Boot Camp) you've pretty much seen the worst of it IMO. Here all you have to do is take the ASVAB (kinda like a placement test), then take your physical, then you're sworn in and low and behold, you're a soldier. As long as your M.O.S. (Method Of Service) isn't Infantry you should be fine after that. You learn your job, then you go off to wherever they send you. The thing that DOES suck is that for 5 years after you get out the Government can still call you back at any time and send you like any other active soldier.

6th Aug 2002, 05:34
One thing that I wish they'd allow is that, if you get drafted, that you get to choose your service branch. Me, I'd follow my grandfather into the Navy; he was on an aircraft carrier in WWII, and I'd want to do the same thing. Of course, if they let you choose, you'd probably still be way shorthanded on infantry, and have far too many Air Force mechanics... (Which is certainly not to degrade any Air Force mechanics present - they are just as integral as anything else - but you do only need so many...

10th Aug 2002, 18:10
I think you will, eventually.

i got the letter.....
should i do it? (i have a choice)

10th Aug 2002, 20:39
hm well it doesent hurt but as it is free will you probably should check it(no i dont mean you sholud wach a gentle man and a soldier :p )
any way see what the attitude is.
im fine in this camp but im a lucky bastard, there is camps in norway that is worse and moore srict.

10th Aug 2002, 20:57
hmm.... ok

any more opinions? i really need to know from more people

11th Aug 2002, 08:43
Told ya. :)

What I would do (if I ever considered joining the army, which will never happen), is get a but load of information about the various parts of the military. You know those commercials on TV, get those info packedges first and find out what it has too offer you.

Don't ask what you can do for the country, ask what the country can do for you. ;)

Good luck with your decision.

11th Aug 2002, 19:11
taking the future in mind....

there is a chance i can be sent to terrorist camps, right?





12th Aug 2002, 09:23
Well since the Netherlands are basicly neutral, the Dutch army is hardly ever used for attacking (probably never). The Dutch army is mostly used for "peacefull" missions or recon (recon mostly handled by the navy I think) and such.

But that's just what I think I know about the army, I'm no expert. :o

12th Aug 2002, 12:33
Afghanese housewife with shotgun: what are you doing here?
Az the Marine: i`m a peacekeeper. i`m here to prevent you blowing eachother apart
Afghanese HW: you`re trying to tkae over the country!!
Az the Marine: WTF? this pile of rocks you call a city? oh pleaaaase
AHW: DIE! *starts shooting*
Az: AAAAAAHH *runs but gets shot*

do i make my point?

14th Aug 2002, 14:45
yes you do.
listen if your not motivated to do it then dont, its not worth it. you wont be happy there as it is a lot of hard work tons of waiting and miserable conditions. we had to put up a tent get into it eat our lunch get the hell out again pack our bags and tent and get back to the meeting point in under an hour 45 min if recall.
today we had to run 3kilometer(and thats a long way to run for a computernerd)
um gotta go we have a fire drill now bye.

14th Aug 2002, 17:53
i`m still thinking....

14th Aug 2002, 22:04
I wouldn't last 5 minutes.

15th Aug 2002, 14:34
hm that depends vampmaster. theres a lot of peole that didnt think that tey would make it even this long, but most of the crap you see on tv(movies) aint exatly how it is anymoore(thank god) but it al comes dovn to were you are.