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3rd Aug 2002, 05:41
i've been experiencing some difficulties in this stage of the game. i've light the first torch and activated the one burning cauldron on the oposite end of the room where you first light the torch... and i've used the light reaver to hit the big pink crystal, so i can get access to the air reaver forge so as to activate the air draft on the three pillars... so i then go and get another torch light, and make the first jump on the shortest pillar with the air draft, then make another leap using glide to get to the second bigger pillar with the air draft... and i make it actually... but for the life of me i cannot make it to the third and tallest pillar with the air draft in order to reach the fire cauldron that must be light....
i high jump using the air to give an extra boost just as i did with the others, and use glide, but can never ever latch on to the tallest pillar :(

is there something i'm missing? anyone have this problem before? any advice would be most welcome =)


3rd Aug 2002, 05:43
this is the fire reaver stage,


Umah Bloodomen
3rd Aug 2002, 06:13
Okay, there are 3 air plinths you need to activate. Let me try to help you...

First travel over and light the torch on the north wall with the burning brazier. This will trigger the room to begin filling with blood.

Light the southern brazier with the torch. The Pillars will rise and fall accordingly. You should be able to imbue the light reaver from the light font you've exposed to the north.

From the light font platform, aim a light reaver bolt towards the crystal suspended from the ceiling. (Lowering the blood level in the room). The air font will then be exposed on the ground level.

Imbue the reaver with Air.

As the blood rises, swim up to one of the air plinth pillars. Trigger one air plinth pillar and all 3 will activate, rising in height so the northernmost pillar is the highest and the southernmost pillar is the lowest.

Travel back to the burning brazier in the south, grab a torch and light it. Glide back to the platform.

You must use the updrafts from the air plinths to get to the far north of the room. Try to hover in each plinth until you can't go any higher then glide to the next one.

4 More pillars descend from the sides of the room so there will be 7 total, arranged in a figure 8 pattern. Once you light the northern brazier, the room floods and the pillars dip beneath the surface of the blood. The platform you are on and the light font platform remain above the blood. The air font is as well but you cant reach it yet. Imbue the reaver with light and return to the north platform.

Again hit the crystal with the light reaver bolt and drain the room. Plinths will now appear from the west and east. Grab another torch and light it then glide south towars the first plinth. Ride the updraft as high as you can then head toward either of two plinths ahead and to the side. From there head to the center plinth and another side. Finally from the southernmost plinth, reach the forge itself.

Good luck to you!


3rd Aug 2002, 06:30
Key to gliding is to use the autoface button to float straight up, and just before you reach peak altitude, release autoface and glide along. Some people like to circle up and time it so they face the way they want to go just as they release autoface.

High Jump isn't going to help. You need to glide to the peak of the updraft using autoface key.

Umah Bloodomen
3rd Aug 2002, 06:33
Sheesh...I can't believe I forgot that part. LoL. My bad. :p

4th Aug 2002, 01:54
many thanks for the advice! :D


Umah Bloodomen
4th Aug 2002, 07:24
Anyime....welcome to the forums btw.

14th Jan 2003, 02:27
:cool: i knew you wouldn't let me down I've been stuck here for 2 weeks trying to figure this out but i should be able to do it and you were right about Kain, he is the most misunderstood character in this whole affair, as for my boy Raziel,i have to finish the game to figure it out. if you get a chance hit me at hasan.rasheed@tielive.net;) again thanx, p.s. i have not finished bo1 or played bo2 yet.