View Full Version : An opinion : Errand Boy, the best mission through midyear 2000

2nd Aug 2002, 23:32
This mission sets a new standard.

I've played it for five days, on all difficulties. It is truly endless in its possibilities. For those of you clueless as to this mission's merits, go play it....NOW.

This is the Thief 2 mission that raised the bar.

Many of you know I'm replaying everything FM-related chronologically. Let it be known that clayman says, "Errand Boy rocks". 'Nuff said. :)

Thumbs up. :)

2nd Aug 2002, 23:48
I totally agree with you on this one, Clayman. I've played it many times and I always enjoy it. This whole series is way up near the top of my favourites list. Wait until you get to play the rest of the series! They're really good, too. :)

3rd Aug 2002, 01:59
This is another favorite of mine. A fun, re-playable mission!! And, it's the first in a series!!!

4th Aug 2002, 18:45
Mission and the rest of the series (with one more on the way), he certainly is a gifted creator of FM's and always enjoy playing his games. Sure does keep one busy though :D Such a nag...get me this, get me that...LOL Good fun! Ta and Good Hunting!