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2nd Aug 2002, 21:35
Hi everybody...I am new here, but I have been lurking for a while.
I started LOK with blood omen after a friend of mine showed me the opening cut scene for soul reaver. Anyway, I have a lot of theories, and I would love to know what everyone thinks.


1.What ever happened to the Wraith armor?
It was given as much precidence in blood omen as the soul reaver, but now it has disapeard(which interestingly has something to do with what I think happened to it) As we know from the final battle with the hylden, we see the soul reaver has powers beyond the simple kill and steal your soul, as the hylden lord exclaimed that he had mastered the reaver. Now take that a step futher and apply it to the wraith armor. it fades in and out of the material plane of exitstance, which I think might give it two very interesting powers. First and foremost I think it is possible to wear it in the spiritual plane. so perhaps though raziel has the reaver, the only spiritual weapon, maybe kain has the only armor that will work on the spiritual plane. and then there is that other interesting possiblity. Kain's strength is emmence in his uberdemon evolved state, but I don't see kain as one who would take reckless chances without reason. I think that may have the wraith armor on, but shifted so that it is not visible not does it affect him unless he wills it back into the materail plane. would make for a seriously interesting moment, if you get to see kain at the mercy of someone, and about to be struck down and then manifests the armor.

2. Janos Audron, the seer and the future ala blood omen 2
Ok so if we presume that blood omen 2 is the changed time line( a good either way bet) then we have to wonder, if that was the entire hylden plot why was kain worried about that happening. I think blood omen 2 is merely a prelude to the hylden plot, and I think they were playing the most interesting pawn they had. Now one of the things that has been fairly widely ignored is the assumption that all hylden are working together... which I think may be wrong. I think perhaps the part of the major point of the hylden plot was to get Janos tossed into the demon dimension. I definatly do not think he is dead. I think that he will emerge like the hylden, horribly transformed for some future installment of the series. And what of the seer. first and foremost if LOK has taught us anything it is to never ever trust someone who can see into the future...especially one that has a title that says as much ieORACLE OF NOSGOTH. I am definatly thinking she has some very interesting plans. My basic opinion is that she is hylden(not a hybred, but an unchanged hylden). I think she may have minipulated kain to get janos to the portal and also possibly to get the nexus stone to the portal, and possibly even to kill the Serifan Lord. I think there may be many factions within the hylden, or maybe a few, but I do not doubt that those two were on opposing sides.

3. Janos himself
I just find it very hard to trust anyone in LOK, especially if it is someone raziel belives in...so starting with kain and the vampires, through to the elder god, ariel, and the serifan, raziel seems to have had a pretty consistant streak of trusting people he should not and idolizing groups(nozgoth vampires, serifan, elders). I recall kains words...You think the serifan were noble, altruistic, don't be simple, their aims were the same as ours, I think that may be equally applicable to the elders and the hylden.

OK thats enought newbie theries for now, I am perpared to have them shreded, and then present more.

3rd Aug 2002, 01:04
Dief: 1.) Good point, considering how Azimuth drooled over the armor, placing it on the same level as the Reaver, what did happen to it? Not sure if it would be in Spectral though, if it were then Raz shoulda seen it on Kain before, yes? Really, it should be like a beacon in Spectral if Kain were wearing it, because at the end of SR2 Kain woulda still been in the shot as he was holding Raz but we do not see anything adorning him as the shift occurs, and we do not see any trace in Spectral of armor anywhere. (Unless it defies the physics of Spectral, or something)

2.)Factions within the Hylden, good thinking. This might be supportable by the Builder in the Prison, afterall, why was he put in the Eternal Prison instead of being trapped with the rest of his kind? From his words they appeared to happen about the same time, and the Builder seemed more than happy to destroy the Mass and thus the Device. (Of course, it is odd the Builder looks just like all the other Hylden we see, I thought the Demon Dimension was supposed to have warped the 'once fair' Hylden... or maybe CD did that so the connection to the Hylden and the Seer would not be so obvious)

It seems possible the Seer is some form of vampirized Hylden or something though. Of course, what the Seer is up in the air. She does not seem to match the murals of the Hylden in the Hylden city, but that could be because she has spent so much time on Nosgoth, perhaps changing as the Hylden would have naturally to survive in a world they did not dominate.

(Besides the point, but I just have to say, the Seer's voiceacting was hilarious, she goes from Transylvanian sounding to one line distinctly sounding Jamaican, I expected her to say, "see what the Tarot can do for you! Call me now!")

3.) Yes, I agree, Janos is not to be trusted. Don't the Ancient Murals seem suscpiciously like the old Sarafan murals?