View Full Version : Are anyone from the TR:AOD development team members of the forums?

2nd Aug 2002, 21:01
Some forums have members of the development team that browse and occasionally participate in forum disscussions and question and answer threads. Are anyone from the AOD development team members of the Eidos forums? It's pretty cool when the developers participate in forums.

John Carter
2nd Aug 2002, 23:46
Yes, SMG, it IS pretty cool. Come on, we know you're out there somewhere....

3rd Aug 2002, 16:27
I go to other gaming fori in which this is the case, and it is a nice feeling to think the developers care about what is said by fandom......but I have never seen evidence that the TR developers drop in here, so maybe they don't.

I would like a little more interaction, like news updates, screenshots and such coming directly from Core to us here, instead of having to rely on third party websites for the news. I think discussions would also be beneficial. For some reason, they seem reluctant to. I don't know why.

4th Aug 2002, 06:49
At one time Redlegg said they don't. Shame.

BTW, Redlegg shows up from time to time. How come he isn't the one posting the sytem requirements for AOD? No offense, DaveJ, but I figure Redlegg is the guy who'd have the most info and he hasn't offered any.