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Mr Croft
2nd Aug 2002, 18:42
Ok, im here on the last level of chronicles and im jumping across the gaps in the floor, and as most of u know, u need to get the cyborg into the room that u later fill with gas, i cant get mr. cyborg to jump across the last gap, he just stands there and shoots at me, then i walk down the hall, come back and hes fallen in the whole, ive tried this about 20 times, please post

2nd Aug 2002, 19:27
It's a well known bug that drives everyone crazy - you have to save before you pull the lever, not after.

and you have to make all the jumps or he'll fall and won't get out of the hole.

hope that helps.

Mr Croft
2nd Aug 2002, 20:32
i saved right before i had to run past the cyborg then jump the gaps, i have the final version for my dc, i didnt know that 1 had bugs, and can i evr get over it or rid of it or something?

3rd Aug 2002, 02:09
You saved where I saved the first time - I had to go back to a previous save to continue the game.

Mr Croft
3rd Aug 2002, 02:20
so i guess theres no hope for me?:( :confused:

3rd Aug 2002, 02:58
WHere did you save before your last one? It's probably not too far away.