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Thorin Oakenshield
2nd Aug 2002, 17:58
Why have ION closed the thief 3 forum?
It wasn't as if anything was being said about T3. It was just a place where WE could get together and chat:rolleyes:

Thanks ION... For nothing

2nd Aug 2002, 18:07
DAMN you ION! DAMN you to HELL! You know why it’s been closed don’t you? Because Thief 3 is creating more interest than Deus Ex 2! With more than double the post counts in such a short time, they can’t have the focus taken away from DX2! Come and visit the DX2 forums........you can kiss my A$$ ION! like Thorin says thanks for nothing! Is this really what loyalty gets you now a days?

This is really starting to Pi$$ me off. They know we’re going to buy the game, so that gives them the right to treat us like S**T??? At this rate T3 will flop because no-ones knows about the damn game! Sorry I’m in a mood
:mad: :mad: :mad:

2nd Aug 2002, 18:08
I just made a thread in general over there about it. Hopefully it will not be destroyed.

linky (http://www.ionstorm.com/forum/viewthread.asp?forum=AMB_AP569522592&id=364)

edit: Double the post counts! I guess that says something about the fan base, doesn't it?

Thorin Oakenshield
2nd Aug 2002, 18:18
I totally agree Rich, Nicely put too:D

Salvage thanks for the thread, I think we ALL should post a topic on the DX2 forum asking for the Thief3 to be reopened:mad:

2nd Aug 2002, 18:19
You only have to look at the post totals on Eidos or the TTLG forums to work out which game has the bigger fan base….this is just so wrong! And they know it :( This is all because of DX2 that’s for sure! But with so many Thief fans also DX fans it just doesn’t make any sense?

2nd Aug 2002, 19:15
T3 is in a media blackout at the moment, and the forum was full of nothing but useless spam posts.

Whining like a load of spoilt brats is really going make Ion bring the forum back now, isn't it? Certainly wouldnt make me want to.

Can you explain to me why you need another Thief 3 forum to post in when it was stated by ISA that they were in a media blackout and therefore wouldnt be any official information? I mean really, what is the point of stamping your feet?

Jeez. :rolleyes:

2nd Aug 2002, 19:41
Originally posted by DJC
T3 is in a media blackout at the moment, and the forum was full of nothing but useless spam posts.

What are you talking about?

We were having lots of thiefy fun over there!

I've added my angry voice to the others in Salvage's thread.

Right, I'm off to play ThiefGold now.

Thorin Oakenshield
2nd Aug 2002, 20:00
DJC: If T3 is in media blackout then WHY start a thief 3 forum???:confused: :confused: :confused: just to close it days later
We went there for some fun.
You should try it sometime:mad:

2nd Aug 2002, 20:13
I expect they added the forum to test the waters. When the forum filled up with useless posts and questions they couldn't answer due to the blackout it kind of made the forum redundant, so they directed you towards the existing Thief forums which are already established and that you already belong to.

2nd Aug 2002, 20:42
It still doesn't make sense.
Oh well.

2nd Aug 2002, 21:47
Oh you’re so right DJC its not like any other game companies have official forums for their games…oh wait, yes they do! An official forum would’ve been a common meeting ground for all the members of the other forums! And would’ve been a perfect place to get together and get to know each other while waiting for info on T3. Everyone knows T3 is in a media blackout it’s been in one ever since it was announced. Tell me something I don’t know!

All new forums suffer from spam in the early days (I would’ve thought you’d be used it coming from the TTLG ;) ) It would’ve calmed down after a week or so and we could’ve got down to some serious discussion about T3! But I guess we’ll never know now will we? I’m sure ION know what they’re doing though, after all they’ve such a great catalogue of record breaking games under their belt don’t haven’t they? Lets think? Well Deus Ex sold pretty well? but where are all the Deus Ex players now? I don’t see a huge amount of posts on the forums? And of course we have......erm? sorry that’s about it I’m afraid!

Well to me it looks like ION are putting all their eggs in one basket with DX2 at the moment, and relying on Thief’s strong community to pull T3 through. I remember at the start of the year someone saying that T3 would be released around about now! But it seems we still can’t even have an official forum on the game yet! Daikatana died a death even before it was released, because it took forever to come out! Who made that again? Oh that’s right ION! And I believe that part of the business is now shut down? Let hope the same thing doesn’t happen to T3! A year (if not more) is a long time in the computer industry! And with a huge amount of games featuring stealth elements coming out in the next year or so, who? but the fans will really care about T3?

2nd Aug 2002, 22:19
I sincerely hope you're wrong, Rich - I hope ION goes ahead full force with Thief 3, and promotes it until people are tired of seeing it! I mean, posters, and stand-ups with Garrett, you know? Kinda like all the Lara Croft stuff EVERYWHERE... :rolleyes: Ok, on second thought, maybe not that bad. LOL.

*AHEM* Just think if Thief got the kind of promotion Tomb Raider got; just think if Thief 3 gets the kind of promotion that Tomb Raider-whatever-this-new-one-is-going-to-be is going to get, or the kind that all these games that hit it really, really big do.
I mean, Thief invented the stealth aspect - without it, there wouldn't be those games, right?

Thief 3 deserves a shot - if any ION people who can change that read this, please give Thief that chance - advertise it right, and, if T3 is as good as either of its predeccessors, it can end up being one of your best games ever, and making a huge impact on the history of gaming (not to mention big $$$ for you guys 'n' gals)!! :D

As to the Thief 3 forum, my suggestion is that its put back, but CLOSED, so no one can post spam there, and waste bandwidth, with a description, "Will open as soon as Thief 3 is announced - for now, only for official statements"; that way anyone interested in Thief 3 will know it's coming. Also, have one of the admins post whatever the latest news is (I mean, if it's a media blackout, or whatever, post that (I'm not sure what the latest is, soo...:))) and, in the same post, say how Eidos is confident that this game will create a great stir in the gaming community, and they are really looking forward to releasing it, almost as much as the fans are to it being released, etc. - so people know that this is going to be one kick-butt game, and it's going to totally rock, but it's just not ready yet; when it is, WOW!

I'm probably going to get flamed for this. ^ :o

Ok, did that make sense? :confused: I hope so (sometimes, when I have what I consider to be a good idea, I have trouble stating it clearly, until I've gone over it a few times...maybe a few dozen...whatever. *AHEM* :D)

[EDIT: Ok, I thought you guys meant the THIS place's Thief 3 forum. :o Maybe I posted this in the wrong place, heh - perhaps I'll take it to ION's board...maybe not. :D]

Munin the Raven
3rd Aug 2002, 02:51
Slamming ION for choosing to be more secretive and sly (qualities I agree most of us Thief fans have grown to appreciate) about their game production is ridiculous. I would encourage you all to just drop the complaints about a company that has enough to focus on without having to deal with enthusiastic fans drooling in anticipation for new designer/developer interviews and screenshots.

Deus Ex is getting more press right now beacuse it's going to be released <i>before</i> Thief III, most likely by many months. Thief III most likely won't be out from the shadows until Deus Ex II is revealed to the world and a dent's made in store shevles.

There's also going to be a lot of competition in the first person action category next year, especially with a stealth twist being added to more and more games. I don't blame ION for keeping things stealthy for awhile so they can see what competitors are doing and plan their next course of action.

<b>RiCh</b>, please note that profanity should be taken in moderation and that cirumventing the censor is frowned upon.

3rd Aug 2002, 03:55
Hello Thief fans!

We know you have a lot of questions. We know you’re excited to talk about Thief 3. The good news is: we’re really excited to talk about Thief 3, too.

if we had anything to talk about that is

We can’t wait to answer your questions. The bad news is: we can’t talk about Thief 3 yet.

because we haven't done anything yet. aside from the 6 screenshots that can be found everywhere but here

We’re in a “media blackout” mode for the time being. Eventually, and we can’t say exactly when, we’ll be able to talk more. We’re looking forward to that day as much as you are.

if we ever get around to even making the game

Until that day comes, we aren’t going to have a Thief 3 forum on www.ionstorm.com, nor much on the site about Thief 3 at all.

like we ever had anything Thief related here before

I for one am having serious doubts about even buying the game..I'll just keep making FMs for T1 and T2 instead.

3rd Aug 2002, 08:22
Munin, apologies all-round! Lets just say some people would’ve liked to see the continuation of the official forum while others aren’t bothered by it all. It’s just not worth the hassle. But this is a classic example of tossing a dog a bone, then taking it back away while it’s trying to eat it. And not expect the dog to bite the hand that feeds him. My rants are born out of frustration by the total lack of any news from a game that I was willing to pay over the odds for to play. But not anymore, I will buy T3 but probably wait a while and pick it up on eBay for a knocked down price. Everything surrounding T3 seems to be negative: the games been in production for years, No news, No website, developers not answers any questions and taking away the official forum for the game. And they want me to spend my money buying this product?

ION maybe focusing on DX2 for the time being, and waiting to see what the competitors are doing regarding T3. But the longer T3 stays behind this blackout, the more of a head start and a firm foothold their competitors will gain. Lets face it T3 will never compete with the likes of Doom 3 and Tombraider, so I'd of thought ION would’ve at least wanted to create some kind of buzz surrounding T3 by now. I bet most console owners who haven’t PCs won’t give T3 a second look, as they know nothing about the game. And will probably stick to the better-known brands like Metal Gear Solid. And that I find a great shame!

Ohwell, I hope learning UnrealEd wasn’t a complete waste of my time, I think Apache may be right, maybe it’s time to dust off DromEd again, and just forget about T3!

3rd Aug 2002, 08:48
I totaly agree with Apache... It is sad, but that "media blackout" sounds not serios to me. If they would work on Thief 3, they would promote it.......:(

3rd Aug 2002, 15:36
I'll bet you the software developers hate it as much as we do.
There is always tention between the developers and the commercial people. I think the "we are dying to talk about it but we can't " is completely genuine.
Even so, when a company starts aggrevating the customers, you know somethings gone wrong.

12th Aug 2002, 03:51
Getting angry will not help. It might even create further negativity, such as, "What is the point of making a forum for a bunch of Bozos who seem bent on giving us a hard time?" Providing well reasoned arguments might help.

RiCh, it sounds like you need an avenue to release some tension.;) I've got a great idea. Why not make another FM? You know we will play it, and you know we will all appreciate it. Nice feelings all around. With the quality of work that you and others do, then the lateness of Thief 3 will cease to matter. If it comes, then great. If not, we can still have some fun.:)

12th Aug 2002, 03:59
Originally posted by Peter Smith
Getting angry will not help. It might even create further negativity, such as, "What is the point of making a forum for a bunch of Bozos who seem bent on giving us a hard time?" Providing well reasoned arguments might help.

I agree, Peter - logic may prevail, but (even justified) complaining will not. :)

13th Aug 2002, 14:33
Originally posted by Peter Smith

RiCh, it sounds like you need an avenue to release some tension.;) I've got a great idea. Why not make another FM?

:) But that would make me more tense and frustrated :D T3? What’s that then? Never heard of it m8 ;)