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2nd Aug 2002, 16:44
After the Exitium Incedence, Dracoraptor, who instantly phased with his Mecha in the hanger of the Vallient II, was pleased to annouced that the Vallient II defeated Exitium. However, after a incedence, only Dracoraptor and the Terran knew how they defeated them after a breif memory wipe from a local Tyran patrol, who also cleaned up the left over bits of Exitium. The truth is, the galaxy was going to end, but didn't. Therefore, they saved it.

A week after the incedence, Dracoraptor permanently resigned from position of Grand Admiral, he is now leader of a top secret project, only known as "Project Sphere". In order to resume closed trade routes, Dracoraptor has invited a represenitive from every race to Dragonia Prime. After a few greetings, they will board Dracoraptor's new private shuttle and head towards the constellation of stars known as "Orion". Ghyron however, who was ejected into the cold vacuum of space after a brief argument, might be plotting something new. And the Targ race might as well be seeking revenge against the Do-Gooders.

It is also noted that the famous ship, the Red Demon, was destroyed by Exitium. Loss of life was low, however.

<On Dragonia Prime, small ships buzz about in the fly-ways in Imperial City. The hall, recently refitted after a stray laser hit it, has two red tapestries showing the Dragonian Imperial Symbol, and a banner graces the wordd, "Welcome".>

2nd Aug 2002, 22:32
I died. It hurt.. a lot. My son is promoted to ruler of Fallout, taking my name. The entire SSFA is destroyed, along with the Hope's End. The SSFA takes quite some time to recreate, high memau prices are to blame.

In the universe's eye, the MESS was destroyed. The people of Fallout belive it died fighting Exitium, while resident Dragonians felt he was a traitor. After weeks of heated debate, the Fallout High Council votes 185 to 26 to pay reparations, as the army was still in no condition to fight.

But the small planet it crashed on thinks much different of the MESS....

2nd Aug 2002, 23:51
---Ghyron's Secret Lair---

Ghyron: So, the Dragonian wants to make up? Well, I'll show him, NOBODY STEALS A DOOMSDAY DEVICE FROM GHYRON! We'll see who's the tough one then, yes we will.

*Ghyron pets his all white pet snarg.*

---Above Dragonia Prime---

*A Groulien cargo ship leaves hyperspace and begins orbiting Dragonia Prime.*

Space Traffic Control: Please state name and destination.

Pilot: Delegate of the Flowers-By-Buffer Corporation, Great Hall.

Space Traffice Control: You will be escorted to your destination.

*Two flying mecha leave their patrol and begin escorting the Groulien freighter to the Great Hall.*

---On the Surface of Dragonia Prime---

*The Groulien freighter fires its landing boosters and slowly comes to a halt on the main landing pad. The mecha return to orbit as an attendant walks over to the freighter. The hatch door opens with an audible hiss, and three figures step out. One is a hooded delegate, nothing can be seen of its features. The other two, obviously bodyguards look like they were sewn together from week old corpses.*

Attendant: Greetings! Welcome to Dragonia Prime. What race are you representing?

Delegate: The Alamgamated Shapeshifters Union of Kohraus IV, thats who.

*The bodyguards smack their fists in their palms and give threatening looks.*

Attendant: I'm not sure I've ever heard of such a species, let me check in my-

Delegate: There is no need to check. We are very... secretive.

Attendant: Isn't the Flower-By-Buffer headquarters on Kohraus IV?

Delegate: Yes, erm, a mere coincidence. Now, if you will please let us through.

For the record, the delegate is not Ghyron, but assume you don't know that.

3rd Aug 2002, 00:46
---Arctainia, Residential estate of Arctic Wolf---

A slim female Arctainian sits on a large, soft couch type thing. The Image projector is switched on. A male Arctainian supports his head with his elbow and blows a quiff of hair off from his forehead. A few hushed shouts and he is suddenly sat up straight wide eyed and ready to read the news.

News Presenter: Oh er....Latest news. Supreme Commander Arctainius Lupine, otherwise known as Arctic Wolf is still missing. After using a non-relative device known as the Pingotron to collapse the artificial dimention of the Exitium and mysteriously saved the Galaxy yet again, he suddenly dissapeared along with his crew and no trace has been found. When boarded by Dragonian officers it was reported that they found a shapeshifting entity known only as Ghyron. Ghyron has been responcible for many atrocities commited across the Galaxy in the last 500 GSyears.

A picture flases up the decimation at the Centre of the galaxy, a new picture drifts up of the wrecked Vallient I, and the Vallient II flaoting alongside it being towed away by TGF tug boats.

News Presenter: Reports have flooded in across the Galactic Information Network of strange and spooky sighting's of Arctic Wolf. Here's a recorded sighting that the experts believe is the most possi...

The power is cut and the room is plunged into darkness. The female leaps up. Clunk, clunk, clunk. The sound of Plate and Chain. Clunk, clunk, clunk.

Dark Voice: My sister...

An unnatural wind swirls through the room. The light of the 3 Arctainian moons dances eerily across the floor. At the doorway, dressed in full battle armour, a volumous blue cloak, covering the feature's of the face and fluttering quietly in the wind.

Arctainian Woman: Who are you.

Dark Voice: Isn't it obvious?...

Arctainian Woman: No!

Dark Voice: Yes!

The woman screams as the hood falter's slightly and shows the face of the figure, as it walks toward her. All windows slam closed by huge metal shutters, all the door's slam repeatedly against the floor. The electrical appliences turn on and off almost instantly causing small explosians and sparks to dance through the house. When the figure stops, so to does the noise, except for the screaming of the women. There is no light but a faint chink shining through a 1mm gap between a shutter and the alcove of a window. The figure's hand reaches out its gloved hand and clasps the women by the mouth. All her screaming ceases and she clatter's to the floor.

---1 day later, on Dragonian Prime---

The same dark figure appears from no were on the landing pad of the Dragonian Senate, were the delegates wait to be taken to Orion. The figure, it's back to the guards of the Enterance. It's long dark blue cloak flutter's in the breeze of a fine Dragonian afternoon. The figure turns and a dread feeling permiates the air.

Guard 1: St, st, state your n, n, name and w, who you rep, represent.

The figure does not answer. It keeps its head low in the shade of it's hood.

Guard 2: d, do it or we w, will h, have to ar, arrest you!

The figure straigtens up and becomes at least two feet taller than the guards. It steps toward them, they raise ther weapons. Another step, they fire. The dark grey armour just absorbs the blasts. It reaches out and grabs the guard's by their necks. With one hard squese their strong Kasvargorian necks and snapped. The figure tosses them of the building and they take a full ten miniutes to hit the ground, which is actualy the top of a 30 Story ancient office. A disgusting mutant creature lifts the bodies in its tusks and carries them away to feed tto its young. Meanwhile the figure shrinks to its original size and walks into the enterance.

---The High Hall---

Stepping slowly down the stair's the cloak dragging across the floor. Stopping under the huge "Welcome" banner hung over the door. It looks up at it, two bright red light's shine out from the depth's of the hood and the banner blacken's and rots as if being aged thousands of years a second. It falls apart as ash, then unnaturaly, the ash spreads up the stairs, creating a black carpet. The figure pushes open the huge decortated double door's leaving distinct charred marks were it's hands had touched the wood. The attendant on the other side asked the same questions as the guards had. A penetrating stare hushed him up.

Attendant: Y, You m, may pro, pro, proceed.

The figure walked in and stuck to the shadow's almost invisible. There it waited and watched.

3rd Aug 2002, 01:04
<Dracoraptor stares out his office window as the Terran girl stands beside him.>

Terran:"What's the matter?"

Dracoraptor:"I sense something, some kind of, deception. Since we've been practicing, can you sense it too?"

<The Terran nodded her head.>


Dracoraptor:"Why don't you go downstairs and meet some of the delegates, I am expecting a Skrasher to come to pick up some money, although check for the ones who have arrive."


<Dracoraptor stared out his window again, he saw his new personal shuttle fly by and enter the hanger next door. Its gold paint job shined in the sun. He looked at the ground and saw the huge Claw river flow through the middle of the city, showing the seer tallness of the buildings. His intercom beeped.>

Dracoraptor:"Yes, who is it?"

Intercom:"Your Se-Se-Seceratary sir, and some one, some thing just came in the building."

Dracoraptor:"What was it?"

Intercom:"It was dressed in a dark blue hood and had these strange, glowing red eyes."

Dracoraptor:"Right, send down an inspector. And I do hope the Shape Shifting delegates did arrive."

3rd Aug 2002, 01:52
---Inside the Great Hall---

*The delegate from the Flowers-By-Buffer Corporation stands alone in the corner with his two bodyguards. He speaks into a small handheld device.*

Delegate: It is indead wise that you did not come here in person. Our ship's scanners have detected several... unseemly entities. For now it seems that the Dragonians suspect very little, and I hope that-

*Three jovial Karmarama representitives walk over to the Flowers-By-Buffer delegate in an attempt to make conversation.*

Karmarama: DUDE! Have you heard the latest Karma-Farma release for the ultrasonic-

Bodyguard: Grrrrrrrrr.

*Both bodyguards give threatening looks to the three karmaramas.*

Karmarama: I suppose not...

Karmarama: Lets get out of here...

3rd Aug 2002, 03:12
From the shadow's behind the Shape Shifting delegate, the Figure steps into the light. Touching the body guards on the back of the neck they suddenly choke and fall to the floor. The delegate whips round. The dark figure had grown almost twice it's original size, reaching out it grabbed the delegate around the waist and quickly went back to the shadow. Whispering a few arcane words and the body's of the bodyguards both dissapeared.The Karmarma had their backs turned and all the other delegates were busy talking to other people and stuffing their faces at the Buffet. Though the dark figure wasn't aware of the prying eyes of Dracoraptor's pet Terran. Who immediatly ran back up the step to his office.

Dark Voice: Are you Ghyron?

Delegate: No! I swear!

Dark Voice: You sound like him, and even dress like him.

Delegate: Please I'm no Ghyron. Just a lackey! Please, please don't hurt me.

The red glow comes again from the depths of the hood, piercing the darkness of the Delegate's and ravealing the blank shinyness of a Silicon being's head. Ghyron prefuured to take the appearence of a human for he admired their cappacity for mindless destruction.

Dark Voice: Well were is he?

Delegate: I honestly don't know!

Dark Voice: I can tell your Lying.

The huge figure presses it's other hand against the the head of the delegate and with a quick tug pulls it off. The body goes limp.

Delegate: AHHRG! I don't know!

The figure drops the body and raises the hand in a threatening manner that it will use it as a hammer.

Delegate: OKAY! I'll tell! I'll tell!

Dark Voice: The Flowers-by-Buffer headquaters on Kohraus IV. Just don't hurt me anymore.

The dark armoured figure drops the head on the floor it liquidates and reattaches to the Body. It builds stiches out of itself to reattach the hood to it's coat. It turns to march out of the shadows but the figure touches the back of it's neck and whispers to sets of Arcane words. The Body Guard reapear as if nothing had happened and the Memory of the delegate had been erased of what had just occured. it was as if nothing had happened, the dark figure was again invisible, the delegate and its body guards stood to the sidewatching everyone who entered. But some one had seen what happened. That someone was Dracoraptor's pet Terran. Who reached the door of his office and pounded upon it.

Terran: Dracoraptor! Dracoraptor! Let me in quickyl! Please!

The door swung open and she fell in.

3rd Aug 2002, 03:49
<Dracoraptor peered away from the window.>

Dracoraptor:"What is it?"

Terran:"One of the men down there works for Ghyron."

Dracoraptor:"Just as I perdicted. Did they see you?"

Terran:"No, but they're planning something big."

Dracoraptor:"Get to the safety of the shuttle, tell the two Mecha pilots to launch and head towards Orion."


<Dracoraptor went to the lobby and cleared his throat.>

Dracoraptor:"I see that all you are all here, excluding the Targ Collective. Besides that, I would like it if you would all board the shuttle Setting Sun and stay in the ship's lobby. Free drinks will be served, and free food is served in the galley. Please try not to stain the carpet, and the terminal is to your left."

<The crowd of people boarded the luxurious and not to mention large shuttle. Two black Mecha, new Mecha, immediatly launched into the air after they started boarding. These Mecha transformed into sleek black star-fighters and hyperspaced to Orion's Belt. The strange thing is, the constillation Orion looks like a buttocks on Dragonia Prime. Therefore, it is jokingly called "Orion's Butt-crack" for five systems. The inside of the Shuttle is covered by a large dome window and luxurious tapestries. Not to mention the large holo-projector in the middle showing the current news. That, and there are robot waiters and several chairs and tables. The galley consisted of a large table and a Super-Din-o-Mat, serving the best meals in the galaxy. Dracoraptor boarded the ship just before it launched into hyperspace, oblivious as to who his next enemy was...>

3rd Aug 2002, 03:49
Clik, a teeming world in the Greka system. Starbase 023 orbits near the planet, its biodeck shimmering in planetary sunrise. The next generationn of Targ dreadnaughts is under construction in large drydocks orbitting aroundthe equator of the planet, their partially completed silver hulls glistening in the light. A tiny travel pod weaves though the shipyard, its reflection shimmering on the great vessels. It dips under a large dreadnaught where the newly refitted ITS Manu Intiraymi lay in the drydock, it gracefull lines shimmering in the morning sun. Workpods zomm about, polishing, or hauling cargo trains into the landing bay. The travel pod swings around to the sern of the ship and enters the bridge hangerbay. The side hatch opens and I step out to meet Commander Beepnarf, the executive officer.

Commander: Admiral, the refit is complete, and all of the supplies will be on board within the hour.

Me: Excellent, commander. Our orders are to monitor the upcomming trade summit in the Orion system. We will not reveal our selves unless we have an opurtuninty to eliminate that pesky Dragonian, Dracoraptor, or they make up something to exclude us from trade.

Commander: I'll try to speed up the loading process. Sir, our engineers have installed a small dedicated singularity core espicially for the cloak, so we will b able to us it during hyperspace flight.

Me: Very good. I will be in my ready room. Inform me when the loading is complete.

Commander: Yes, admiral.

I step out of the tiny hanger bay, into the cooridor. I use the back hallway to enter my ready room. I then feed my Thyorian Donkeyfish, and read over staff reports. The entry chime rings and I look up.

Me: Enter.

A rather frightend Ensign enters with a data pad.

Ensign Expendable #1: Aaadmiralll, I hhhave the engineering report you wanted.

Me: At ease Ensign, before you strain something.

Ensgin: Yess ssir. The commander told m to tell you all of the supplies have been loaded.

Me: Thank you, Ensign. Dismissed.

The Ensign hurries out. I glance at the pad, then stand up, and step onto the bridge. I sit in my newly re-upoulstered chair.

Me: All hands, this is your commanding officer, prepare to depart in 10 minutes time. Bridge, to Engineering, Lieutenant Gaffe, bring the main deflector, and engines on line.

Enginner: Aye, sir!

The giant deflector dish mounted in the bow begins to glow blue. The engines humm to life.

Me: Comm, get me the dockmaster.

Comm: Channel Open.

Me: Dockmaster this is NXS-7406506-01, ITS Manu Intiraymu, requesting departure clearence.

Dockmaster: Permission granted, our sensors indicate all workpods out of your flight path. Good luck, Admiral.

Me: Acknowledged, and Thank You, Dockmaster. Helm, clear all moorings.Thrusters to station keeping.

Helm: Aye, sir.

The gangways, and fueling lines seperate from the ship, and the thrusters hold the ship in place.

Me: Ahead, half.

Helm: Aye, ahead half.

The ship eases its way ouf of dock. It ducks under one of the under-construction dreadnaughts, and manuvers into open space.

Navigator: Sir, we are clear of the shipyard, and free to navigate.

Me: Blue Alert, activate the cloaking device. Helm, make your course for Orion, maximum speed.

Commander: All decks report code blue condition, the cloak is online, and functioning.

Me: Helm, Engage.

The ship jumps to hyperspace, as it finishes cloaking.

3rd Aug 2002, 04:02
Davidg, Why do you draw so much from StarTrek? Be creative and add your own sci-fi to your posts.

3rd Aug 2002, 04:46
<A long black space ship pulls out of hyperspace near Dragonia Prime. The ship is extremly small only capable of carrying a few people. It is the equivalent of a limo, just in space. The craft lands in a designated landing spot near the meeting site. One of the doors opens with a definative 'woosh'. The new SkrasherSmasher, son of the deceased SkrasherSmasher, walks out.>

SkrasherSmasher: Yeah, uh make sure the thing that makes my ship go is in top shape.

Human Lackie: By, 'the thing' you mean the engines right?

SkrasherSmasher: Uh, duh? You tune my ride while I go meet with these other dudes on whatever they're meeting for. Mmm, kay?

Human Lackie: This is going to take some getting used to...

<SkrasherSmasher walks down a pathway, guarded only by a Gor following him. The Human stays at the car, picking up a tool box, he slides under the spacecraft and begins tuning it. They eventually make it to the Hall. A Dragonian meets them at the door.>

SkrasherSmasher: Hey! This, uh, Dray-Co-Raep-Toar has some sweet digs, eh?

Gor: Yep, his, uh, 'digs' are, uh, sweet, man!

SkrasherSmasher: If your going to say it all forced like that just say yes, ight? Hey man, let us in!

Dragonian: I am sorry, but the delegate party has already left.

SkrasherSmasher: They already left? And theres a PARTY TOO!? No one leaves ME out of a party. Gor guy, lets kick it, we have to play catch up.

<Running as fast as they can, the two make it back to the limo in record time, quickly jumping in, the three take off. They chase after the projected course of the ship. Eventually within tailing distance of it he begins a transmission.>

SkrasherSmasher: Hey can ya'll let me in? I was kinda just inducted as ruler of an entire star sector so I was kinda late, the High Council said if I didn't get on they would have to do something, uh, 'not nice' but they didn't tell me what. I heard there was a party too, I need to get on, please?

3rd Aug 2002, 05:24
A Targ shuttle comes up behind the delegation's ship. 2 Targ are aboard, along with their body guards.

Dragonian Officer: Who are you and what do you want?

Beepnip: We demand entry!

Dragonian Officer: Who are you?

Neepleep: I am Neepleep...

Beepnip: and I demand I am Beepnip, of the Targ!

Neepleep: It's okay, you don't have to demand that!

Beepnip: Okay, I AM Beepnip of the Targ, and I demand you don't let us on!

Neepleep: No, that's exacly what we don't demand, what we do demand is that you let us on, we are a major, legitimate trading body, so we should have a say in things!

Dragonian Officer: I'll have to talk to my boss.

5th Aug 2002, 14:41
<The head of a Dragonian appears on a video screen.>

Dracoraptor:"Let us see, you help a giant chaotic, neurotic and evil computer try to conquer the universe, and, let's see. Ah yes, attacked Dragonia itself! And the list goes on to about five hundred atrocities and other acts of war. The council says... No. Please exit back to the ship, and your escorts need better cloaking. You do know it is impossible to cloak in Hyper-space, or do you?"

<The Two Targ are left dumb-founded before the guard moves them back into their ship. A video transmission was sent to SkrasherSmasher the Second five seconds later.>

Dracoraptor:"Greetings, I am Dracoraptor. President and founder of Project SPHERE. I see that you are SkrasherSmasher's son, no? We will make a quick exit out of Hyper-Space to let you dock in five minutes. And we do owe you the sum of one million energy credits, do we not? But I doubt you were informed, and the sum has been increased to one million energy credits after a short mishap. It is now being transfered to your private account, use as we wish."

<The ship exits Hyper-Space and stops to let the Limo dock in the small hanger. A *real* Dragonian (Not a Terran) walks up to the Skrasher.>

Dragonian Royal Guard:"Greetings delegates of the Skrasher, Empire? Well no matter, when we get to Orion, your jaws, erm, mandibles? Will drop when you see it."

5th Aug 2002, 15:21
SkrasherSmasher: I resent that! I am a human! We're not all big hairy skrashers, we just breed them and use them as soldiers! But no matter, I'm now a million E richer and am in what looks like a swanky party, ooh this food looks good too!

<SkrasherSmasher runs headlong toward the party of delegates.

Meanwhile, on a small planet, deep, deep in the far reaches of space.>

Human Slave: Ooh, I can't take it much longer...

<The MESS walks up behind the human slave. The sounds of the clanking metal feet scare the bajeebus out of him.>

MESS: Back to work, slave! Weve got a whole army to build, and no time for slacking! I can't belive my creators did not try to rescue me, I will have my revenge on the entire galaxy!

5th Aug 2002, 15:28
Aboard ITS Manu Intiraymi

Comm: Sir, we are recieving a transmission from diplomatic shuttle Epsilo Six.

Me: On screen.

The two diplomats appear on the screen.

Neepleep: Admiral, the Dragonians refused to allow us to join the Trade Summit, so it is time for you to use "Aggresive Negotiations".

Me: Understood, Davidg out. Helm, plot an intercept course to the Dragonian Craft, flank speed. Red alert, all hands to battle stations! Computer, deploy armour.

Helm: Aye sir, achieving 0.2.

Computer: Neutronic Generators On-line

The ship turns in hyperspace to put it on a course to the shuttle, at high speed. Armour generators pop up from panels on the hull and replicate a layer of neutronium armour over the ship.

Computer: Estimating 30 minutes to contact.

5th Aug 2002, 15:58
Mecha Pilot:"Gyahahahaha! You really think your invinicible this time Targ? Well we've got a small present for you..."

<The two black fighters come out of hyperspace near the Fallen Star. The ITS Manu Intiraymi exits out as well when it activates the gravity well.>

Mecha Pilot:"This is Mecha "Raven", in attack vector."

<One fighter transform into a sleek black Mecha with a high energy rifle. It grabs on to the other fighter, which helps it speed up. It starts firing as soon as it lets go of the fighter and destroys numerous laser implacements. The other one stays a fighter and keeps shooting at the other laser implacements as well. Taking out a katana as it transforms, it slices out a few decks before the ship is hit by a volley of energy torpedos from the Fallen Star.>

Targ Officer:"It's a trap! Our two delegates have been arrested, and the fighters will not show up on radar! They have got us trapped! Hyper-Drive refuses to react, main reactor disabled! Auxillary disabled! Two drives have been shot out! Weapons have been electronicly disabled! Attempting emergency manuvers!

Fallen Star Captain:"Admiral Davidg, surrender now and become a prisoner of war, or face the consequences. There is no way you can escape this time, repeat, no way you can escape this time. You are under arrest for over two hundred Galactic attrocities, prepare to be boarded."

<The ship is disabled by a few crippling blasts to the reactor, which hums till it is silent. The two Mecha rid the ship of its last weapons and sensors. Several fighters and other Mecha come in and manuver into formation around the once mighty but now disabled ship. Elsewhere, the Setting Sun, the Terran Girl goes up to a platform and shyly speaks into it.>

Terran:"If you would all look up in a moment through the window."

<All the delegates looked up through the large window to see they were exiting hyper-space. They looked a small star, and a small speck was in a geostationary orbit around. Than a huge ship crossed the path of the shuttle, it was a fifty mile long factory ship, and it was producing large tiles at an alarming rate. Dracoraptor walked up to the platofrm himself.>

Dracoraptor:"Delegates, welcome to Orion VI, home of the galaxy's first artificial star, and soon to be the galaxy's first Dyson Sphere"

<The Delegates awed and oohed before clapping when they saw another ship, and three others, pass by the window. All were constructing the huge tiles that were being attached to the original ones orbiting the star. Dracoraptor, who could not smile, silently looked at the star. He knew it, and everyone else knew it. They were going to be rich...>

5th Aug 2002, 16:34
Aboard ITS Manu Intiraymi

Me: Computer, intitate self-destruct sequence, authorization Davidg Beta 6, 2 minute silent countdown.

Computer: Command authorization accepted. Select destruct sequence.

Me: Destruct sequence 3, Code 3, 3A. Enable.

Computer: Acknowleged. WARNING Singularity Overload in 2 minutes. This is the last audio warning. All Hands abandon ship.

Me: Computer, transport the bridge crew directly to the Hermes.

Computer: Acknowledged.

The bridge crew is beamed to the Admrial's yauch as the crew makes thier way to the escape pods. The escape pods blast away frmo the ship, only to be destroyed by the Fallen Star.

Me: Hemes, activae your cloaking device.

Hermes Computer: Yes, admrial.

The small ship phases out of visiblity.

Me: Helm, plot course to Clik, full ahead.

The cloaked ship switly makes its way out of the hanger bay. It moves around the mechas, and head to Clik at sublight speed.

Aboard Fallen Star

Fallen Star Officer: Captian! I'm reading a massive energy surge coming from the Manu Intiraymi.

Fallen Star Captian: Stop it!

Officer: I can't! The self destruct is encrpted.

Manu Intiraymi Computer: Resitance Is Futile.

Inside the Manu Intiraymi, the core pulses, as the containment feild is removed. The ship errupts in a wave of energy caused by the overloading sublight engines. The singularitys, since their containment feilds are offline, suck the Fallen Star, and its mechas into them. The singularitys alter gravitational forces throughout the sector, but since the Hermes had a head start at full speed it manages to escape destuction, for now.

Me: Helm, once clear of th gravity go to hyperspace.

Helm: Aye, sir.

5th Aug 2002, 16:49
Captain:"Activate emergency phasing manuvers!"

<The Fallen Star and the two experimental Mecha instantly phased to another system, but their power was drained and they sit to be recharged.>

Captain:"And that, people, is why we automate Mechas when facing the Targ..."

5th Aug 2002, 17:31

5th Aug 2002, 17:53
Originally posted by Dracoraptor
Captain:"Activate emergency phasing manuvers!"

<The Fallen Star and the two experimental Mecha instantly phased to another system, but their power was drained and they sit to be recharged.>

Captain:"And that, people, is why we automate Mechas when facing the Targ..."

Ha! bet that messes up Davidg's plans.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

SkrasherSmasher: Whu, a, die-soon sphere? What is that?

<SkrasherSmasher walks over to a console and begins to surf the universe-wide-web.>

SkrasherSmasher: Ok, uww.dysonspheres.com. Hrm... oh! That's a dyson sphere! Ok then! Where are we going to get all of that material, it looks very big.

<The delegate party is still looking out the window at the star.>

SkrasherSmasher: I may be the new guy, but I will NOT BE IGNORED!

<Still no one looks at him.>

SkrasherSmasher: Argh!!!

5th Aug 2002, 18:42
Not quite. ;)

Aboard Yauht Hermes

Computer: We can now activate the hyperdrive, Admiral.

Me: Do it.

Helm: Yes, sir.

The ship jumps to hyperspace. It reappears near Clik. The giant ship yards loom in the distance, the un-constucted dreadnaughts dark in their bays, except for one that is lit up and buzzing with activity, the only complete dreadnaught. The yauht zooms tword the shipyard.

Me: Gentelmen, I give you Dauntless.

Commander: Magnificent!

Me: This is Admiral Davidg, to ITS Dauntless, the Manu Intiraymi has been destroyed, with all hands, except the command staff. Permission to dock?

Captian of Dauntless: Yes, of course admrial.

THe yauht lands in the hanger bay. I step out to meet the captian.

Me: As of 13:00 Hours, Stardate 85020, I am in command of this vessel. You, captian, are to command Excalibur, the second dreadnuaght.

Captian: Aye, sir.

Me: Dissmissed.

My crew, and I walk over to a lift and go to the bridge. It is very spacious, with smooth, white floors, and walls, and sleek control panels. I sit in the center chair.

Me: Dreadnaught, are all of your systems functioning.

Dreadnaught: Yes, David. All systems are fucntioning perfectly.

Me: List your technical specifications, please.

Dreadnaught: I am the pinicale of 5 years of construction. I am 10 miles long, have 300 decks, and am 5 miles wide. I am capable of sustained velocities of 500 kph, and have an 0.2 hyperdrive. My armaments consit of heavy turbolaser, tricobalt torpedo launchers, and a photonic. I am coated with chromium, making me invulnerable to alser attacks, or other attacks using light. For further information consult your terminal.

Commander: Immpressive.

Me: Thank you, dreadnaught. Davidg, to Dockmaster. Permission to get underway?

Dockmaster: Granted.

Me: All hands, prepare to get under way. Dreadnaught, bring your engines online.

Dreadnuaght: Yes, admiral.

Me: Helm, ahead three-fourths.

Helm: Aye, engines online, and responding.

The gargantuan ship slowly moves out of the shipyard, into open space.

Me: Helm, proced to the edge of the system, for weapons trials.

Helm: Aye.

5th Aug 2002, 19:31
Dracoraptor:"So, you want to see how we get this done, do you?"

<The gold ship moved towards what seemed to be just a white light, but gasses were spilling out of it quickly.>

Dracoraptor:"This, is a White Hole, capable of providing an infinite amount of resources. It produces enough energy and materials, that this project could be completed, in less than a thousand years. However, we could cut this time in half if we just had five more of our magnificent ships that use exclusive nano-technology. In other words, we have built five giant Universal Constructors. They can make just about anything, from, well, just about anything. They do not need to break materials down into pure energy, they can seperate the atoms instantly into something else. Once the Sphere is complete, it will have an area equivlent to sixty-five million planet Earths. Now, the White Hole would destroy itself in the wild, but we have kept it going for at least a hundred years now with anti-gravity buoys and emergency long range anti-gravity laser beams. This whole area, the star of Orion VI and the White Hole, is protected by an automated missle defense system, that, and a whole lot of automatic mines, so no one will attempt to attack it for an eternity. That is, if we still have the Galactic Police Force here. We'll talk about the GPF later, but for now, I will tell you the purpose of the Dyson Sphere. Not only will it serve as a biological experiment in the interior, but the exterior will be a manufacturing area. Since we can use the star's energy at one hundred percent effeciency, we will never run out of energy to run factories on the exterior of the shell. Back to the interior. Now, the Biological Experiment is a massive undertaking. Not only will we be creating new animal species from scratch to live in there, but we will study evolution. The Sphere will be around for millions of years, and will serve as not only a Biological Science Preserve, but a Safari Park for visitors. Before we can begin putting new animals in, we would ask that you create them. There are a few rules about the anatomy and such of the animals that you send in and create, but you can send in several thousand species, and it does not matter if they are vertabrates or Repto-Mammals, they are all going to be unique and priceless. there will be a few cities inside the Sphere, but they will not interfer with the experiment itself. Now, any questions before we land on Sphere-City?"

<The shiny shuttle made its way to a very large city on the exterior of the no where near completed shell. When the sphere is complete, the exterior will be "Just" city. There were enough cities on the sphere right now though, to cover several planets. The buildings were remiscent of Dragonia Prime, they were very tall, several kilometers in fact.>

5th Aug 2002, 21:12
Aboard ITS Dreadnuaght, EXPT-01-C. The giant ship is participating in war games with the Targ fleet. Even against such a large fleet, the ship is victorius.

Me: That was only simulated, now to test the real power of this vessel. Dreadnuaght, show them what you do.

Dreadnaught: With pleasure, Adimiral.

The ship manuvers infront of a derilct, designated as a target. It opens panels on the bow, revealing torpedo launchers. They fire only a single volley, but it is enough to vaporise the target.

Tactical: Very immpressive.

Me: That was nothing, Dreadnaught, show them the Photonic Cannon.

Tatical: The Manu IntiryamI had one of those.

Dreadnaught: Mine is better, it has enough power to vaporize a small moon.

The ship manuvers near a small planetoid. Its deflector glows for a minute, before it unleashes a wave of energy that engulfs the tiny moon.

Me: That concludes the training excercises. Science, locate the Falcon's Talon.

Science: I'm traking it near the Pleadius Cluster.

Me: Helm, plot a course. Red alert, all hands prepare to engage the enemy! Engage.

Helm: Aye.

The ship jumps to hyperspace, it reapears near the Fallen Star.

Me: Activate th gravity well projector, fire at will!

The gaint ship activatesits gravity well system, trapping the Falon's Talon in real space. It fires several volleys of Tricobolt torpedos, damaging the ship. The Fallen Star retailiates brutally, but only causes light damage, due to the heavy armour.

5th Aug 2002, 21:29
<On the small planet, the MESS and 50 human slaves look upon a pile of metal.>

MESS: You, over there! Turn it on.

<A human slave moves over and flips the switch, the pile of metal begins to float, it rises into the air and begins to be animated.>

Metal Thing: Hello, zir.

MESS: Yes! Quick get back to work! Make more of them! An army of them! Let's move move move!

5th Aug 2002, 22:09
[i]The gaint ship activatesits gravity well system, trapping the Falon's Talon in real space. It fires several volleys of Tricobolt torpedos, damaging the ship. The Falcon's Talon retailiates brutally, but only causes light damage, due to the heavy armour. [/B]

The Falcon's Talon was destroyed over a year ago by *TOP SECRET*, and the Red Demon was destroyed most recently. But the Fallen Star has the power to turn the surface of any planet into hot liquid "Magma" and slag. And I wouldn't try it with the Vallient II...

5th Aug 2002, 22:43
---Communications Relay Buoy deep within an asteroid field---

*The small buoy sits inside a relatively small asteroid. It routs all communications that take place in the area to their destination. An evil looking all black ship suddenly uncloaks near the Communication Buoy. The ship appears to be unidentified save for a small flower bouquet imprinted on the front.*

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Is everything functioning as planned?

Lackie: Yes, master. The Automated System Evasion Unit allows us to remain cloaked for an almost unlimited amount of time.

Mechanic: The magnesium Control Bars are holding up with about 85% heat loss efficiency. However the containment field for our secondary unit is beginning to fail.

Ghyron: Is the secondary unit ready for deployment?

Mechanic: It can be deployed at any time. Fully operational.

Ghyron: Excellent! We are ahead of schedule. Destroy the primary unit, immediately.

---Onboard Dracoraptor's shuttle---

*The Flowers-By-Buffer delegate starts to lurch forward. He reels back as if in immense pain, and promptly falls on the floor. The other representatives look horrified and various attendants rush over to his aid. The delegate emits a high-pitched whine and explodes with little trace left.*

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Plot course to the Orion system... make sure the cloaking device is fully operational. I do not want to be detected.

Remember the rules on Cloaking devices

5th Aug 2002, 23:44
Whoops! Got the ship name wrong. But it matters not!


Aboard ITS Dreadnaught

Me: Dreadnaught, arm the photonic cannon.

Dreadnaught: The cannon is online.

Me: Fire.

Dreadnaught unleashes a massive wave of energy, causing heavy damage to the Fallen Star.

Me: Open hailing frequencies.

Comm: Open.

Me: Now the preadator has become the prey! You will be eliminated, resistance is futile.

Tactical: They're returning fire. Sheilds holding at 87%

Me: Fire all weapons.

Dreadnaught lashes out with its full, and very immpressive, weapon system. Turbolasers lash out, breaking through the shields. Tricobalt torpedos tear the ship apart, subsystem, by subsystem.

Me: Cry havok, and let slip the dogs of war!

Tactical: Sheilds at 78% and holding.

Me: Target their reactor.

The ship fires its weapons to the very heart of the Fallen Star, causing immense damage

Me: Beam nerve gas pods into their key areas.

Engineer: Transport succesfull.

5th Aug 2002, 23:57
DavidG is already gassing us? Do we really have to bust out our huge armies and fleets already? Go away for a bit Davidg, just so we can get a little role playing in before we blast you into meaty chunks..

6th Aug 2002, 00:37
<As soon as the gas canasters were released, the main beam weapon on the Fallen Star burst a solid hole through the decks of the new ship. Not only was it taking immense damage, but the shield was gone, and the outer hull was completely melting apart. The two black Mecha returned from the auxillary hanger and started using the same tactic which they previously destroyed the previous Targ Flag-ship. It was a tie now. The two Mecha were going faster than any perviously constructed star-fighter, and the turrets could not lock on. The Fallen Star, still operational because of the air filters, fired energy torpedos left and right, and even fired some through the newly breached hull to produce an extrodinary amount of damage.>

Captain:"Fools! It takes more than one ship to defeat the Fallen Star!

Targ Officer:"Impossible! But this ship is superior! Shields are gone! Massive damage to the internal super-structure! I can't believe it, they're going down with us!"

<The Fallen Star charged and rammed right into the new shiny hull of the Dreadnaught, and not only did it cause massive damage to itself, but the Dreadnaught was suffering the worst a ship could bear.>

Targ Officer:"Dragonian Battleships will be here in ten minutes! A gravity well has disabled our hyper-drive, and the main weaponry is destroyed. And those blasted Mecha are much to fast for our weapon scanners!"

<The gravity well of the Fallen Star was starting to quit and restart, giving the Targs the chance they needed for a quick escape into Hyper-Space.>

Captain:"Keep firing at those blasted Targs! Show them what it means to be a servant of the Dragonian Empire!"

<The two ships would soon be disabled at their current pace...

Ghyron:White-Holes, if they did exist, would collapse on themselves and become black-holes because of their mass. But as I said, anti-gravity buoys keep them open (Anti-Gravity also keeps worm-holes open, as for Hyper-Space)

6th Aug 2002, 02:04
Aboard ITS Dauntless

Me: Helm, get us out of here! Dreadnaught, dump reactor 2.

Helm: Aye, sir.

The ship dumps one of its huge singulaity cores before jumping to hyperspace. The core overloads, causing a massive singularity to appear. In its damaged state, the Fallen Star can not escape, and since its phase system was damaged, it can not phase away.

6th Aug 2002, 02:57
<A worm-hole came out of no where and the reactor fell in after a Dragonian Battle-ship came out.>

Captain:"Phew. And don't come back you dirty Targs!"

<That part of the galaxy was safe, but for how long?>

6th Aug 2002, 15:24
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

*Ghyron, after having watched the recent battle between the Dragonians and the Targ, begins to inspect a computer console.*

Ghyron: It looks as if both the Targ and the Dragonians are severely weakened... We must stay our hand, however, until the time is right. Keep us at a safe distance from the Dragonian shuttle. We will watch and wait.

6th Aug 2002, 22:58
Clik, a teeming world in the Grekka System. Dreadnaught is in a dock. Panels flash along the dock, as industrial replicators rebuild the ship. A new reactor is being loaded into the ship. I am on the bridge.

Me: Commander, how long untill we will be able to get underway?

Commander: The repairs will be complete in about an hour.

Me: How long on the other Dreadnaught?

Commander: Excalibur will be finished next year.

Me: Good. Inform me when we can get under way.

I step off the bridge into my ready room. I star reading damage reports.

6th Aug 2002, 23:23
Davidg, for once, keep just ONE flag-ship and leave it at that. We do not want a space war here. Big things are in store for us all later, big things.

7th Aug 2002, 02:27
Oh fine, I changed it so their are only two Dreadnaught Class ships, one in service, and one to be complete next year. But I still have a fleet of destroyers, and crusiers, to defend Clik, since it does have a major shipyard, and starbase near it.

7th Aug 2002, 03:14
<The gold shuttle landed on a rather large landing pad, and a docking ring attached to the side. Dracoraptor and the Terran girl escorted the delegates to the inside of the shuttle terminal.>

Dracoraptor:"Welcome, to Sphere-City!"

<They all walked down the huge hall and saw many shipyards and factories through the huge glass windows.>

Dracoraptor:"If you look to the left, you can see the new Galactic Police Force HQ and the GPF fleet being constructed, along with the GPF flagship, Masaki."

<The strange and small gun ship and destroyer like ships were nothing like an average space ship. They had huge thrusters and not as many turrets and energy torpedo launchers as most other Dragonian ships. The Masaki was a huge ship, but it was hard to tell the size right now. It was almost done with construction, and would be replacing the deceased Red Demon, and would be insuring order throughout the galaxy soon. It had many weapons and energy torpedo emplacements, as well as a delicate and artistic exterior and super-structure. Dracoraptor walked through the hallways with the delegates and the Terran Girl, till they go to a huge dome. In the middle of the dome was a huge fountain with benches surrounding it, and the dome itself was glass. They proceeded to another room till they got to a very large, glass domed, multi-purpose theater. The delegates were told to sit down, as they did momentarly. Dracoraptor stepped up to the huge stage and started a speech.>

Dracoraptor:"Ladies, Gentlemen, and bi-gender and genderless fokes, we are here today to witness a most extrodinary event. The Dragonian Empire, Turraken Commitee, Karmarama Commune, Tradarian Trade Council, and Arctannian Empire, are pleased to annouce that they have build the biggest ships in the galaxy. And, they have also announced, that the inaugeration of the first GPF Commander in Chief, will be held today. Everyone, please welcome, Me!"

<The crowd, stunned, still clapped. Yes, it was announced Dracoraptor had retired as Grand Admiral, and he said he would never be elected again, but leader of the new GPF was quite impressive.>

Dracoraptor:"Yes, I know, I retired from the position of Grand Admiral, but now with a new fleet of the finest, I will dedicate myself to the duty of erracticating all criminals who refuse to go peacefully. This includes the most wanted Ghyron and Davidg entitys. Since the construction of the Sphere began, it was important for us to develop a strong sense of pride, prosperity, and justice. And not just Dragonia, everyone-"

<Dracoraptor continues to talk on as the Fallen Star goes under heavy repairs.>

Captain:"So how bad is it?"

Officer:"Reactor number one, gone. Reactor number two, gone. Auxillary reactor one, severely damaged. The main beam cannon lense is fractured. Decks 29, 38, 13, 124, and 13 are suffering damage and loss of air. Front hull severly damaged. Thruster five, inactive. Loss of power to emergency phasing system. Hyperdrive cords damage. Anti-gravity drives, destroyed. Number of days to repair: One month."

Captain:"So if they get us again, we're done for."

Officer:"Don't worry, two battleships are more than enough to take on the weak armour of a Targ ship, and besides, there should be a few GPF ships here in a few minutes."

Captain:"Let's hope so..."

7th Aug 2002, 03:33
The many redundant sheild systems eliminate the need for heavy armour. Dreadnaught has 12 sheild generators, but it can run shields with only 2.

Aboard ITS Dreadnaught, my ready room. I'm sitting in a plush chair, looking out into space, when the intercomm buzzes. I press a switch in the armrest.

Me: Davidg here.

Commander: Sir, the repairs are complete. We can depart anytime now.

Me: I'll be right there.

I stand up, and walk on to the bridge. I sit in my throne.

Me: Helm, set course to Pollux 2, 0.5. Reports indicate a Dragonian Spy station might be on that planet.

Helm: Course set, admiral.

Me: Engage.

The ship jumps to hyperspace, comming out near a small planetoid orbiting Pollux, a star in the Gemini constellation.

Me: Jamm transmissions.

Comm: Transmission jammer activated.

Science: I'm deteting a coaked bunker on the largest continent. 5 lifesigns, all Terran.

Me: Security team one, report to Transporter room 3. Comm, security, you're with me.

I step onto the turbolift, with the comm, and secuity officer.

Me: Transporter room three.

The lift zooms down to the transporter room, where the secuity team is already assembled. We step onto the platform.

Me: Energise.

We beam into a small command room on the planet. The security team shoots the unspecting crew. I pull out a scanner and walk over to a panel.

Me: Davidg, to Dreadnaught, beam down a memroy core. I don't want to download anything directy into Dreadnaugt's computers.

Commander: Aye, sir.

A small cylinder beams down next to me.

Me: Comm, download their database into the memory core.

Comm: Aye sir.

The comm officer steps over to the deviece. He reemoves a small disk from it and places it on a panel. He presses a button, and the disk starts to blink. It keeps blinking for over an hour, untill it turns green. The officer removs the disk, and pushes a switch on the memory core, turning it off.

Comm: Download complete, but most of the files are encyrpted.

Me: Take it to Computer Lab one, and de-crypt everything on Project SPHERE.

Comm: Aye.

Me: Dreadnaught, energise.

The team beams back to the transporter room, the Comm officer is beamed into a computer lab. I go back to the bridge, a sit in my throne.

Me: Tactical, destroy the outpost.

Tactical: Aye.

Panels pul back on the hull to reveal torpedo tubes. They fire, vaporizing the outpost.

Me: Helm, plot course to the edge of this system. Activate cloak.

The ship moves off at sublight speed, as it cloaks.

7th Aug 2002, 14:39
---Sphere City---

Amjoran Delegate: We object! What is to stop the criminal Dragonian government from using this 'police force' as their own personal bullying fleet. A fleet which none of the other sovereign races can legally defend itself against. What is to stop you from using this police force to round up all the dissidents who do not share the same beliefs as you Dragonians. The Amjoran Empire demands a council made up of all the races to head this new police force.

PS: you better not shove the Amjorans out the door!

7th Aug 2002, 15:00
Dracoraptor:"That's when I was about to announce the GPF inter-species drafting act, fellow Amjoran Delegates."

Amjoran:"Oh, go on."

Dracoraptor:"This year, very soon, if all nine main inter-galactic races agree to it, we may draft any alien with expertese in his field of operations to work in the GPF when needed. And the GPF is not owned by the Dragonians, most of the work is being done by various private Turraken, Amjoran, Kasvagorian, and Grekka-Targ companies hoping to fight for a better future. And after the Exitium incidence, we are not going to let our guard down again.

7th Aug 2002, 16:33
SkrasherSmasher: You say any alien with expertese? My question then, Will this GPF also contain skrashers??? Many from my homeworld have expertese in their fields, and we, the humans AND skrashers of Fallout hope to be accuratly counted in this police force.

7th Aug 2002, 16:56
Dracoraptor:"Yes, Skrashers will be envolved in the GPF, they are very good pilots and troopers."

7th Aug 2002, 18:06
---Sphere City---

Amjoran Delegate: You are side stepping the question. Who will run this GPF? The Amjoran Empire cannot allow a police force run by only one person, namely a Dragonian.

7th Aug 2002, 20:23
Davidg- What did I say about StarTrek? I know you can be a very creative person use that to show your targs. Not the federation(besides the Targ are more like the borg than the United Federation of Planets)

Dracoraptor-We agreed a long time ago the Tri-Galaxy Forces were in possesion of Phasing Technology. While you had your semi-organic planet-melters.

---TCS New Hope---

The Terran Colony Ship is a large 6mile ship exploring the Galaxy for a suitable place to found the new Terran Sepratist home planet. Currently head for the Pollux system.

Comm Master: Mayor! I think something bad has happened to our scouting post on Pollux 3!

Mayor of New Hope: Why's that?

Comm Master: They arn't responding to communications and the relay beacon has stopped sending information.

Engines Master: If we increase to HyperDrive mk 50 we could make it in 19hours, but we mightn't hold out that long at that kinda speed. We're not designed for it.

Mayor of New Hope: The Vallient II is twice our size and it can go up to mk 80 with no trouble. Increase speed to max, I want to know whats happened.

---16hours later on Dragonia Prime---

Some one who handles Communication: Sir! The Terran Sepratist have been knowingly attacked by the Targ Collective!

Grand Admiral something or other: WHAT! Thats a clear violation of the Terran Defence Treaty. Mobilise the fleet, notify the GPF and the TGF! And get me some coffe!

The Dragonians mobilise for war and within the week a fleet is advancing on clik.

---Meanwhile, in that city thing that dracoraptor wrote---

a sudden read glint came into Dracoraptor's eye as he spoke he abrubtly stopped the terran began to tremble slight. Dracoraptor resumed his speech but it was forced as if he was struggling against some thing in his mind.

Amjoran Delegate: You are side stepping the question. Who will run this GPF? The Amjoran Empire cannot allow a police force run by only one person, namely a Dragonian.

Dracoraptor's struggle ended, his mannerisms completely changed and the red glint in his eyes, though still unnoticable, was burrning brright. The delegates started murmmering about the Terran's violent trembling, she felll to the floor.

Dracoraptor: I'm a Dragonian! I used to be Grand Admiral, I know whats right and whats wrong! And i'll force it on everyone! If you don't like being under my regieme, go suck a rock!

and suddenly dracoraptor was normal again, the Terran stopped trembling. Though it was to late the damage was done. The Delegates started shouting a few even left in a huff. Unnoticed in all the commotion part of Dracoraptor's shadow detached itself and slithered away chuckling quietly to itself.

P.S: That aughta mess up everyone's plot.

7th Aug 2002, 22:16
(Dragonia tried attempting phasing. The technology is too unusual to use, and I have a good feeling the Fallen Star is going to be destroyed by those dang dirty un-original Targs.)

<Dracoraptor was wondering what had just happened to him. Something was terribly amiss though, that was for sure. Meanwhile, a large group of GPF ships were amassing.>

Colonel Starwind:"Fellow GPF force-men, I am Colonel Starwind, recent admiral for the Terran forces. We are about to arrive near the Targ galactic border. Now the Targs do not know about our ships, and it is imperritive that we destroy these wrongdoers immediatly. Our ships are much faster than theirs, and we are going to hit them hard when we exit to destroy a relay outpost in five hours. Do you get me?"

Officers:"Sir yes sir!"

<Colenel Starwind's face appeared on Targ screens on the Targ capital.>

Colonel Starwind:"Thyorian Grekka Targs of Klik II, I am Colenel Starwind of the Galactic Police Force, you have broken laws 208, 3948, 20845, 20845, and several others of the Intergalactic Treaty Charter. The GPF is now going to cease your capital city, by force if there is any retalliation. If you refuse to surrender, do expect to find a few military ships missing in your navy. Goodbye {STATIC}..."

<The small destroyers of the GPF made their way into hyperspace.Back at the sphere, the Masaki was still under finishing touches, and would be ready by tomorrow. The Terran girl was rushed to a nearby sick-bay, unconciense (SP?).>

7th Aug 2002, 22:57
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught, Pollux System

Me: Plot course to Clik, all avialable speed. Red alert, all handsto battle stations.

Dreadnuaght: Intruder detected in spacial grid 024, identified species 147, Dragonian.

Me: Engage.

The massive ship de-cloaks and jumps to hyperspace. I comes out near Clik. The system defense fleet is patroling the area.

Me: Davidg, to Starbase 23, activate the defense system.

Around the planet, an extensive defensive network de-cloaks. It consits of tubolaser turrets, mines, and torpedo turrets.

Science: Detecting multiple contacts, species 147, Dragonian, in spacial grid 023. Estimated time to arrival, 12 hours.

Me: Davidg, to the people of Clik, a hostile force has been detetected on a direct course for this planet. Initate defense protocol 172 Alpha.

Clik: We will comply.

All over the planet Targ move deep into the planet, to defensive bunkers. Massive shield generators activate, protecting the planet from orbital bombardment.

7th Aug 2002, 23:25
Though it is nice to see you start "abandonning" the Federation. The Arctainians are not involved in this, I don't know were you got that from. If you want them to get involved, attack an Arctainian Outpost for no reason. They didn't sign the Terran Defence Treaty that was strictly between the Dragonians and the Terrans, much like the treaty Britain had with Poland that started WWII.

---Ghyron's ship---

The temperature in the room drops to 0oC a pressence fills the room from behind Ghyron's chair. An area of a total absence of light form's and become the 3D shape of the Dark Figure. Face obscurred by shadow of a dark blue hood, a cape of the same hue fluttering in th eerrie wind. The dark grey battle armour familiar yet so distorted. Ghyron rises out of his chair, a look of "What the?" and "Ahhhhh..." on his face

Dark Voice: My brother, it is I

The figure draws back its hood. Arctic Wolf! Dun dun dun! His skin is death white, and his eyes are totaly red except for a deep black slit forr the pupil.(I'm not good at describing stuff am I?)

Ghyron: Wha..who...how...

Arctic Wolf: Heh heh. Remember all the confusion after we collapsed the Exitium's dimention? It probably knew from that point that it was going to die, it tried to take its vengence out on me. Stripping my mind of all that I knew just. I came to realise something. Dracoraptor had betrayed me from the very beggining. Filling my mind with all that do-goodie crap, and using his power to keep mine at. The Exitium freed me! I have all the power I ccould ever want now, not even that pathetic Dragon can stop me now.

Arctic Wolf demonstrrates his power by smashing one of Ghyron's lackeys through the hull of the ship. then pulling the metal back in again as to stop the brreach the lacky had caused.

Arctic Wolf: You said that we would rule the Galaxy! Then together we shall!

Ghyron: .......

7th Aug 2002, 23:35
The GPF has Dragonians and Arcticanians in it. How can the Targ violate a treaty we didn't sign? We destoyed a SPY outpost, it was considered a threat to the hive.

7th Aug 2002, 23:41
The Arctannians have the TGF, the GPF is much different, and contains all races but the Arctannians, Amjorans, Targs, and Tradarians.

7th Aug 2002, 23:48
Too many acyronyms...

8th Aug 2002, 00:02
Don't you know about WWII? Well the treaty I was talking about was that if Poland was under milllitary threat, say a foreign power invading. Then Britain was supposed to come to it's aid. You destroyed a Terran Scouting post, and under a treaty signed by them and the Dragonians, the Dragonian fleet is mobilising and battle plans are being drawn, takes a while for those kind of thing to happen you know. The GPF has been sent to deal with you attacking a load of unnarmed civilain's gathering information on a planet. You didn't actualy say it was a spy outpost, so I used that to mess up your plans because thats the kinda thing I like to do.

Besides the GPF have GPF ships not Dragonian or Arctainian ships.

8th Aug 2002, 00:16
"Dracoraptor had betrayed me from the very beggining. Filling my mind with all that do-goodie crap."

Actually, that's quite funny!

8th Aug 2002, 01:05
---Message to the Dragonian Government and all allied with them---

Amjoran Chancellor: We, the Central Galactic Alliance are declaring an immediate ban on all trade between the Central Galactic Alliance, composing of the Amjoran Empire, the Kasvagorian Empire, the Targ Collective, and the Groulien Worker Party, and all Dragonian controlled ports, or any ports of any species who is allied either militarily or economically with the Dragonians. This embargo has been placed due to the unbecoming threats issued by the Commander and Chief of the Galactic Police Force, which is controlled by the criminal Dragonian Government. We will tolerate no such action, and will protect our military and economic interests with force, if necessary.

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: ......... You have come over to the Dark Side? Hrmmmm, nice evil looking hood and cape. What is it that you... want?

8th Aug 2002, 02:06
Arctic Wolf: I just said. I suggest we pact together as brothers and rule the Galaxy with our brand of justice. What do you say?

8th Aug 2002, 04:32
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: I see... How would you propose going about Galactic Domination? I am short a doomsday device, and currently it looks as if there are no more to be found in this region. The do-gooding Dragonians have constructed a massive Dyson's Sphere from a stabilized white hole. I have no doubt that they are planning to begin construction on massive fleet, from the unlimited resourses they now have access to. I think the only option for domination at this point are some very old friends I happen to have. The Amjorans. They have already set up an embargo between all members of their alliance and Dragonia... Do you still hold sway on your home world? If we could bring the Arctanians into the Central Galactic Alliance, we could create an unstoppable army that would head our every call and crush our enemies beneath their collective heals! Nothing could stop us! MWUHAHAHAHAHA!

8th Aug 2002, 04:59
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught, in orbit of Clik, in the Grekka System.

Me: I'll be in my ready room. Commander, you have the bridge.

I step off the bridge, and into my ready room. I turn on my desk station.

Me: Computer, begin recording.

Dreadnaught: Aknowledged.

Me: Ghyron, I am authrorized by the Targ Collective to join you in your quest for Universal domination, for it incompasses our plans to destroy the Dragonians. I am offering you the use of all of our starbases, and the extensive shipyards orbitting Clik. Please code your response and send to Dreadnaught. End Recording. Computer, encrypt and transmit to coordanites 105,203,789.

Dreadnaught: Transmission complete.

8th Aug 2002, 13:07
---Still on Ghyron's Evil ship of Doom---

Arctic Wolf: The Arctainians have been convinced by past victories that I am completly reliable and trust worthy. If i were to tell them to ally with the Amjorans and targs it would cause little uproar. But before that we need to take out that white hole. With those huge factory ships they could build around 100 Capital StarShips a day, each. The only reason that white hole hasn't collapsed in on itself is because of those Anti-Gravity thingies if we take them out it'll become a black hole. Now wouldn't that be something.

Ghyron: Yes indeed it would.

Another of Ghyron's lackeys: Sire, we have a transmission coming in from the Targ Collective. Should I put it through?

Ghyron: Yes slave.

Davidg: Ghyron, I am authrorized by the Targ Collective to join you in your quest for Universal domination, for it incompasses our plans to destroy the Dragonians. I am offering you the use of all of our starbases, and the extensive shipyards orbitting Clik. Please code your response and send to Dreadnaught.

Arctic Wolf/Ghyron: Excellent...

8th Aug 2002, 14:23
(NOTE:The Dyson Sphere is only .1% comlete, it will take a thousand more years to construct, and the GPF is still quite small. But the Masaki on the other hand....)

9th Aug 2002, 02:10
3 days later. Supreme Commander Arctic Wolf has returned and has convinced the Arctainian Ministry to join the Central Galactic Allience. Fleets are being mobilised for war yet again. The Battle of Clik was a stunning victory in favour of the Targs. The GPF ships broke apart after 3 miniutes of weapon's fire, data recorded before their destruction indicates that the Targ were being assisted by something, something very powerfull indeed. There are two new factions emerging from this The Central Galactic Allience, and the GPF Supporters. The Grey Council and Zedem Conclave have shifted allegence to the CGA while the Karmarma and Sirens have shifted to the GPFS

---Space, the final fro...Damn---

---Space, Anti-Gravity Beoys---

Arctic Wolf materialises in mid-space floating above one of the Anti-Gravity Boeys. He raises two fingers, placing the middle on on his left temple and the other just below his ear. Closing his eyes he consentrates. Anything nearby in space begins to vibrate slightly. This effect is concentrated on the boeys. Soon they lose integrity and explode, releasing the White Hole from their grasp. The infinite density of the white hole immediatly collapses on itself. So strong that it even pulls in light. Arctic Wolf already zoomed away long before the event horizon formed, but its too late for the entire Orion star system, the huge plates being used to contruct the Dyson's sphere are spirrited away to become one with the universe. Sphere City crushed to nothing more that a tennis ball, infact the star, plannet, factory ships all crushed to the swirling boiling mass that is the new Blackhole Orian.

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Arctic Wolf/Ghyron/Davidg: MWUHAHAHAHAHA *cough* *cough* *splutter*

9th Aug 2002, 04:06
I really wasn't expecting a hundred years worth of construction to be destroyed in one day. And we do have hidden sources of anti-gravity that are hidden...

And I would like to add you just killed me and my new Flag-Ship.

Rather than whine about it, I'll use, An Improbable Factor!

<Five seconds later, everything, including the White-Hole just reappeared. Little to what Arctic knew, there was a Naked Singularity an infinite distance away that had somehow manage to actually turn that area ten seconds back in time before the White Hole collapsed. No one on the Sphere noticed anything, either did Arctic because of the time change. Right before he was about to destroy everything by creating a Black-Hole, something out of the ordinary happened. A piece of space debris hit him in the stomach. Although it was only the size of a pebble, it punctured him whilst going a few thousands of miles per hour. And than another event happened, Arctic was instantly placed where Earth used to be. Something had indeed eerie happened, and all because a point of infinite density a infinite distance away. The destruction of the Sphere would not matter until the end though. But on the Masaki, things were looking up.>


Terran Officer:"Drives one through four, online. Emergency drive five, ready. Power, optimal. Sensors, online. Turrets, concealed. Demon Laser one, online. Demon Laser two, online. All set for launch. And sir, sorry about what happened the other day."

Dracoraptor:"No worry, I'm sure some one had drugged me during the Delegate Party. Amjorans cannot be trusted. They know too much about criminals. Too bad they are most of the time too. The Masaki should be green to go, Helm!"

Skrasher Helm Officer:"Yes sir! Launching in five, four, three, two, one!"

<The Masaki slowly lifted up from the old construction pad before entering Hyper-Space. Meanwhile, Colonel Starwind was about to strike a succesful attack. The sleek GPF Destroyers came out of hyperspace near a Targ Military Outpost and immediatly attacked.>

Colonel Starwind:"Hit them hard men!"

<The Destroyers, too fast for even the fighter turrets of the Targ ships, succesfully damaged the outpost after a few hit and run attacks.>

Targ Com Officer:"Klik! This is Targ Outpost Number 2984, we are under GPF attack! The Destroyers are faster than most star-fighters we've seen. We've not shot down one, and they don't even have shields. We need reinforcments. Wait, too late! ARGH! {STATIC}..."

<The outpost was quickly destroyed before the Destroyers entered hyperspace. Coincidently, this was a radar post, and a gap was left in the Targ enemy ditection network.>

9th Aug 2002, 05:46
Clik is spelled with a "C"!

Aboard ITS Manu Intraymi, orbitting Clik, in the Grekka System.

Me: All ships, prepare to engage the enemy. Starbase, intiate defense protocols.

Along the equator pf the starbase, armour generators deploy, along with heavy weapons turrets. The generators replicate a thick layer of extremly dense neutronium armour over the station.

Me: Evacuate to the battle bridge.

The bridge crew evacuates from the main bridge, that is vulnerable on top of the command tower, and goes to the heavily armoured battle bridge deep within the ship.

Me: Sub Commander, get me the Geronimo.

Comm: Channel open.

Me: Captian, go to the location of the outpost thatwas destroyed, and hold there, once in position, cloak. Use your sensors to patch the hole in the detection grid.

Captian of Geronimo: Yes, admiral.

The science vessel jumps to hyperspace. It comes out near the destoyed base. It cloaks. Its sensors compensate for the base's destrcution.

Me: All craft, proceed to the edge of the system , and activate your gravity well projectors. We have to keep them away from the shipyard. Since their ships are so fast, we must use our tractor beams to snag them , so our weapons can lock on. Engage.

The large fleet jumps to hyperspace, and come out near the edge of the system. They turn on the gravity well projectors.

Dreadnaught: Enemy vessels detected in hyperspace, they are exiting hyperspace.

The large, but not as large as the Targ's, GPF fleet is dragged out of hyperspace by Targ gravity well projectors.

Me: All craft, open fire! Commander, bring tractor beam emmiters online, and fire!

The Targ engage the GPF forces. They use their tractor beam to snag the destroyers in mid flight, and destroy them with their weapons. Dreadnaught snags two and smashes them together. It gets another, and blasts it with tricobalt torpedos.

9th Aug 2002, 13:19
You weren't destroyed dracoraptor. You said some were that it would be finished in 18 hours. So I jumped ahead three days, the battle of clik already was won by the targs with the aid of something unexpected.

Since naked singularitys an infinite distance away are impossible unless the singularity is in another dimention, its effects were negated :p though since the white hole collapsed into a black one there had to be another white hole on the other end. Which would immediatly collapse, causing the black hole to become a white hole and the white hole to become a black hole. The Entire Orion system kept changing between two locations in the galaxy. Gem-Slug tourists were amazed and doneted 3,000,000,000,000,000 E

Arctic Wolf: Damn. Well at least I tried.

Ghyron: Nevermind, we have other things do do.

9th Aug 2002, 15:12
---Near Taurus Station---

*The Amjoran Advance Fleet orbits the occupied Taurus Orbital Station. The Amjoran Fleet is composed of several thousand completely white hemispheres of many different sizes. Method of locamotion appears unknown, as the ships have no visible engine exaust ports, or Hyper-Drive stabilization devices. The Amjoran Flagship, the Othorian, is a massive hollow white hemisphere. Within the hollow of the Othorian is a pure black ship, long and narrow, with a bouquet of flowers emblazoned on the front.*

---Umarian Asteroid Field---

*Deep within an asteroid feild a fleet of Groulien outfitted Groulien mining ships hides. The ships look like they have been put together from the debris of thousands of different destroyed ships. The Groulien Flagship, The Endurance, appears to be a ramshackle almagamation of several Targ, 'Gor, and Turakken ships.*

---Pu'rathi Nebula---

*In the middle of an ancient Nebula, the massive 'Gor fleet makes its way towards Taurus Orbital Station. The 'Gor have one of the largest fleets, their ships outfitted with so many weapons that often times they look like spiny animals. The 'Gor Flagship is a massive weapons platform, that draws power from over seven different energy collectors.*

---Encrypted Communications to the Central Galactic Alliance---

Ghyron: Greetings, standing orders require you and your respective fleets to take up your pre-designated positions while we wait for the Grey Council to mobilize.

9th Aug 2002, 20:14
<Back on Fallout, the High Council has been assembled. Various men and women are yelling at the top of their lungs at each other.>

SkrasherSmasher: Shaddup! Quiet! Order!! Ok, now we gotta figure out what were going to do. Another war iws beginning and we need to know what were doing.

High Council Member: That Dragonian was a jerk! We should go after him!

SkrasherSmasher: Well, yes, but...

Other High Council Member: But what sir?

SkrasherSmasher: We're going to help him! He started the Dyson Sphere and I don't want to be left out! Military Advisor, are the troops ready? The ones with the jetpacks?

Military Advisor: Yes, they are capable of infiltrating ships in large numbers without the need for ship support.

SkrasherSmasher: But I want those ships there! Let's get ready for some arsewhoopin!

9th Aug 2002, 22:56
Colonel Starwind:"Cube formation, now!"

<Eight of the GPF ships form a three dimensional cube around the Targ ships, all the sudden, tractor-beams stop. The ships had scrambled the tracking beam signals, and already started out-manuvering most of the Targ ships and fighters before destroying a few in quick flashes of light.>

Colonel Starwind:"Aim for the command decks!"

<After a brillant fire-works like explosion, a large capital ship of the Targ's went sinking down to a nearby planet as the fire from the quickly escaping oxygen made brillant flashes of light. After a few shots to the Targ's flagship, the ships disappeared far into Hyper-Space.>

Davidg:"What the!?"

Targ Officer:"It appears, that they have produced an anti-gravity field that knocked out our tractor beams and gravity-wells. They are much too far for us to get them now."

<The Masaki, with Dracoraptor at the bridge, exited Hyper-Space near a military Targ planet. All over T.V. screens of Clik, Dracoraptor's face appeared. He cleared his throat and started to speak...>

Dracoraptor:"Greetings to all military Thyorian Grekka-Targs. I am Commander in Chief of the GPF forces, Dracoraptor Shen'Claw. I am here on be-half to show you what will happen to your precious planet of Klik if you refuse to surrender and have an immediate change of leaders. On screen two, please."

<The picture quickly changed to show the Masaki hovering above orbit of the Targ Military Training and Weapons Facility Planet of Beepity-Beepity-Beep III. Than a bright flash of light was followed by a large laser beam from the right side of the Masaki heading straight towards the planet. A small visible part of the planet was covered in red. Then, a huge portion of the planet looked like it was covered in lava. Five minutes after the beggining of the laser shot, the entire planet was covered in hot liquid magma. The tectonic plates had melted, and the entire planet was above ten thousand degrees. After the planet's water had evaporated completely, the atmospheric pressure was so high, that the magma turned solid, despite the new constant tempreture. Dracoraptor's face replaced the terrifying site.>

Dracoraptor:"I wouldn't try to do that to any other planet Targs. Only the GPF has the technology to do this. And don't say we are murderers, we can focus that beam to the size of an atom to destroy individual targets, such as an important structure. If you do not surrender, that is your fate. I'm sure you value your soldier's lives and your experimental technology far more than your foolish war against us, and the alliance with the supreme lord of evil... Goodbye."

<Targs everywhere were in shock. A planet just had its surface roasted in less than six minutes into a barren, hellish terrain...>

10th Aug 2002, 00:22
Mwuhahahaha, the only non-evil member of this RPG is Skrashersmasher, and soon he will be turned to the dark-side to! My plan worked. :D

10th Aug 2002, 00:28
Aboard ITF Dreadnaught, Battle Bridge

Me: All ships target the The Masaki's bridge, it can't evade you. Computer, activate the photonic cannon. Hail them

Comm: Cannel open.

Me: Speciecs 147 you have destoyed 7 billon drones. You willl be terminated. Negotiation is irrelvant. Resistance is futile.

Science: They're within range of the system defense system.

Me: Open fire.

Defense emplacements surge to life, firing massive ammounts of torpedos, and laser beams into The Masaki. The fleet concentrates all of its fire power on The Masaki, begining to weaken its sheilds.

Me: Target their bridge, and fire.

The Dreaduaght locks onto the slighly larger Masaki's bridge. It fires with all of its weapons. A wave of energy is unleashed from the deflector, ingulfing the bridge.

Me: Prepre to ram.

Helm: Course set.

Me: All power to the structural integritty feild, and engage.

The ship slingshots around Clik Minor, and smashes through The Masaki, it then spins into space, firing its engines to stop..

Me: Davidg, to Starbase, cloak.

The starbase, the planet of Clik, and the shipyard vansihes, without a trace. The cloak is so strong, no sensors can cut through it.

10th Aug 2002, 00:47
---Dracoraptor's Mind---

Dark Voice: Call off your ship.

Dracoraptor: What?

Dark Voice: Call off your ship before something bad happen's to it.

Dracoraptor: Are you my conscience?

Dark Voice: N...Yes, yes I'm your conscience. Now call of your ship before something bad happen's to it.

Dracoraptor: I never listen to my conscience

Dark Voice: Maybe that's why you killed about 7billion innocent targs.

Dracoraptor: They weren't innocent they trained millitary soldiers and cbuilt weapons there. They were part of the millitary and deserved to die of their crimes.

Dark Voice: Well then, by your own justice I find you guiltly of genocide and I sentance you to death.

---Bridge, Masaki(You realy should stop watching Tenchi Muyo)---

Dracoraptor standing and looking into the the holographic view screen suddly screems in pain and collapses to the floor. The emergancy medic leaps to his aid and beggins resusetating him, All this broadcasted to the targ. The first attempt fails, the second. Third time lucky and he comes round.

Dracoraptor: What happened?

Medic: I'm not sure one miniute you were fine and suddenly all you organs stopped working.

---Dracoraptor's Mind---

Dark Voice: Call off your ship!

Dracoraptor: Who are you?!

Dark Voice: Ar...Your conscience. Now call of your ship before something happens to it.

Dracoraptor: Never!

Dark Voice: Don't say I didn't warn you.

---Bridge, Masaki---

Science Station: Sir! The dreadn...

Davidg's capital ship that had spun to clik's moon had fired thruster's and pull a sling shot mounouver. It had just fallen behind the planet blocking it from sensor's when Dracoraptor had died. Through all the commotion no one had noticed it zooming toward them at extreamly high speeds until it was to late. It slammed into the Side of the masaki, bursting open its hull and folding in on itself. It span off in the other direction, incredibly damaged. It left the solar system and fell through a Wormhole.

---Dalan System---

Near the end planet in the Dalan Star System a freak worm-hole opened and spewed the severly damaged Maski out before collapsing and reapearing in the Gorutus asteroid feild.

Masaki: This is the GPF *static*ip to all ships in the area we *static*reamly damaged mul *static* ull breaches, half the crew *static*ed and opera*static* emergancy power only.

Siren Agency Control Tower: This is the Siren Agency, we'll send a lovely ship to come and help you big burly officers. Hang tight now.

10th Aug 2002, 00:52
It seems you posted while I was still writing.

but, again this is not star trek. Their is no such thing as shield freaquency. Also if the shields were up you wouldn't be able to beam in your little probe. So there, :p

And destroying the bridge isn't good Idea since we're not allowed to kill each other, unless its not permanent

10th Aug 2002, 02:44
---Great Rift of Arctanus---

146 large white ships exit hyperspace and assume formation. The ships are torus shaped like the StarTopia class Waystations. Though smaller and they do not have a biodeck or central spinny needle thing. 5/16 of one side is dominated by large engines. On the opposite side is are 3 fighter hangers. The weapons are Ion enhanced Plasma Cannons and H.A.M(Hyper Accelerated Matter) Launchers possitioned in rings along the hull. The bridge of these ships are concealed in pocket dimentions and so cannot be attacked, though if the ship is destoryed these pocket dimentions cease to exist. The insignia placed on their hull's and their registry mark "AOSV" Identifies them as Arctainian Battle Cruisersers.

Lead ship: This is the Arctainian Fleet Reporting to Lord Ghyron. We are in possition.

Ghyron: Very Good. Await further instructions there.

Lead Ship: I'm not sure we should trust you what with your past record and all.

Arctic Wolf: Ghyron has been frogiven of his past crimes remember, I completly trust my brother. As should you.

Lead Ship: Very well sir.

10th Aug 2002, 03:07
<Aboard the new Fallout capital ship Death's Advocate, SkrasherSmasher is going at warp speed to the Rift of Arctanus, followed closly by the fleet of Fallout. Most of which consists of dropship carriers containing the skrashers and fighters.>

SkrasherSmasher: Computer, why are we going to this 'rift' thingy again?

<A holgram projector starts up. The image of Cortana does not come up. Instead, the picture of a cybernetic skrasher comes up.>

AI Skrasher: New AI upload confirmed. Accepting query, contemplating answer. Brzzt.. The reason for our travels is to stop the activities of a large unknown fleet near there we deem hostile.

SkrasherSmasher: Yes, but what are they doing?

AI Skrasher: Accepting query, contemplating answer. Brzzt.. The reasoning behind the unknown fleets traveled to the Rift of Arctanus is unknown.

SkrasherSmasher: So were basically travelling into the dark, right?

<Floodlights at the front of the ship turn on.>

AI Skrasher: We are no longer travelling in the dark. Light efficiency set at 94%.

SkrasherSmasher: What is wrong with you? My father used to tell me stories of his AI, and you suck.

AI Skrasher: Accepting que...

SkrasherSmasher: See, right there! Look, it's going to be a long ride, I'll see if I can't make you to be just like dad's Cortana.

<SkrasherSmasher continues talking to his AI.>

10th Aug 2002, 03:11
Now my post tues in with yours.

Aboard ITS Dreadnaught.[i/]

Me: Daage Report.

Engineer: Minor buckling on the forward hull, shields at 72%.

Science: I'm traking The Masaki in the Dahn System, badly damaged.

Me: Helm, plot a persuit course. Davig to the fleet, Gold, and Blue group folow us. Engage.

[i] Dreadnuaght, along with a group of destoyers jump to hyperspace, comming out The Masaki.

Science: Thier shields, and weapons are offline.

Me: Beam Drarcoraptor directly to the brig, then plot course back to Clik.

On the bridge of The Masaki, Dracoraptor disappears in a column of light, re appering in the Dreadnaughts brig.

Engineer: Transport succesfull.

Me: Helm, engage.

The fleet jumps to hyperspace, as a Siren crusier comes up to The Masaki. The fleet comes back out near the cloaked clik, wherethe rest of the fleet had destroyed the GPF destroyers.

Me: Commander, come with me. Sub commander, you have the bridge.

The commander, and I, step into the lift, and go to the brig, where Dracoraptor is suspended in the air, by energy binders.

Me: You can't escape. Any transmissions you attempt to make will be blocked. You are considered a prisoner of war.

Dracoraptor: Let me go!

Me: I don't think so.

Dracoraptor: You won't get away with this!

Me: Your flag ship is crippled, your fleet destoyed. I already have gottne away for this. The total memau killed by Targ during the Exitium Crisis were 3,457,231. You have ordered the killing of seven billon targ, 3 billon of witch were civillians.

10th Aug 2002, 03:58
Dracoraptor:"Liar! They were also terrorists of your hive! And, I would like to mention, there is a way of leaving if you haven't studied my new ship's plans."

Davidg:"Yeah right! Well, what is it?"

Dracoraptor:"There are two, Demon lasers on it..."

<The Dreadnaught was instantly covered in sparks. The energy cell which Dracoraptor was previously in disappeared, as well as him. Another explosion of sparks came through, although this time, it was from another GPF ship. The Masaki had only been playing dead. Many panels opened up to reveal previously unknown laser-turrets and energy-torpedo tubes. Any of the Targ personel on board quickly met security weaponry, and the Dreadnaught had been shot to the point of zero shields in no time. A large black pod went crashing into the Dreadnaught, deep in a position near Dracoraptor, who had stolen an oxygen tank. He quickly went inside a panel on the pod, which quickly opened up to reveal a large demonic like Mecha with wings. It had a large mini-gun on it, which immediatly let loose its fury on the surface of the ship. It was a well planned trap by the GPF.>

Davidg:"What in heck is going on!"

Targ Officer:"It's a trap! The Masaki had most of its weapons concealed, and we didn't know it had two of those bloody lasers!"

<Dracoraptor's face appeared on the screem.>

Dracoraptor:"That's right, a well planned trap. Never under-estimate the power of a new ship, especially when your the bad-guy. The planet was an illegal biological weapons facility, and we know for a fact those civilians were petty crime lords funding your evil projects, Targs. You care nothing for your empire, only your own self centered thoughts. We have no time for you, tah-tah."

<The Masaki had left, so had all the other GPF ships. Although it was not without a bomb left on the Dreadnaught. The lights on the Dreadnaught dimmed till they turned off and turned on back, except they were dark-red this time.. Now it was crippled. Dracoraptor's face also appeared again.>

Dracoraptor:"We disarmed those bombs of yours and did teleport them onto your ship, if you just noticed. And I do hope you remembered that the GPF knows your every action, and how it will turn out. And by the way, you left your plasma on. Guess what, too late."

10th Aug 2002, 04:47
---Encrypted Communication to the Targ Fleet---

Ghyron: This is Lord Ghyron to Davidg. You are to cease all hostilities against enemy vessels and report immediatly to the Taurus Orbital Station. No attacks are to be made against enemy vessels unless authorized by me. These petty skirmishes achieve nothing. Lord Ghyron out.

10th Aug 2002, 05:09
Aboard ITS Dreadnuaght

Computer: Contingincy protocols online, bomb dis amed. Plasma contained. Main power online.

Me: Plot course to Taurus Station, 0.75, Engage.

Th ship jumps to hyperspace, and comes out near Tarus Station

10th Aug 2002, 16:01
---Encrypted Communications to the Central Galactic Alliance Fleet---

Ghyron: This is Lord Ghyron. All fleets report in and prepare to begin Wing Attack - Plan R. We will commence with the attack on the Orion system as soon as all ships are accounted for.

-Wing Attack Plan R-

Arctanian, 'Gor, and Grey ships fleets will provide a distraction, charging in first and attempting to draw fire from the Dragonian Fleet while the Amjorans and Targ assist the Thyorian Salt-Hogs in dismantling the Anti-Grav bouys. Primary objective of the Arctanian, 'Gor and Grey Fleets will be to engage the Dragonians for as long as possible. This is of utmost importance.

11th Aug 2002, 01:50
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught, Orbiting Tarus Station

Me: All craft assume attack position. Red alert, prepare to engage the enemy.

Science: Admiral, thier is another craf entering the system, it's the Excalibur!

Me: Hail them!

Comm: Channel open.

Me: Captian you said it whould take another year to finish construction.

Captian: We were able to finish early, by not installing the science, fighter, or recreational facilities. Our weapons, shields, and engines are working perfecly, though.

Me: Very good, assume position.

The obsidian craft assumes position next to Dreadnaught, amidst the fleet of silver Targ battleships, crusiers, and Destroyers.

Me: Computer, tactical display, orion system.

The view screen changes to a tactical map of the orion system.

Me: While the Arcticanian, Grey, and Kasvagorian fleets are taking on the Dragonians, we will slip in, and cloak. The Groulien Salthogs, and the Amjorans will make an attack on the bouys. The defense ships will come in behind them, and we will come behind them. We will then de cloak, and destroy the defenders, giving the rest of the fleet enough time to disable the bouys. The white whole will then dissipate. We leave when Ghyron says.

11th Aug 2002, 02:37
---Encyrpted Communications Channel---

Amjoran Chancellor: Attention all ships of the Central Galactic Alliance Space Navy! Prepare to engage Hyperspace drives and engage Wing Attack Plan R. Arctanian, 'Gor, and Grey ships will arrive at the Orion system at T-10m 34s and engage the defensive fleet. At T-23m 45s the Targ will arrive in position for the flanking attack. At T-29m 12s the Amjoran, and Groulien fleets will arrive at the anti-gravity bouys and attempt to disable them. Please commence with attack.

*The Arctanian, Kasvagorian and Grey fleets all engage Hyperdrives and leave the system*

---Orion System---

*All seems peaceful. Various cargo ships come to and fro servicing the Dyson's Sphere. Without warning 3 immense fleets leave hyperspace and begin engaging all ships in the area.*

Your move, Dracoraptor.

(Let both Dracoraptor and Arctic Wolf post a few times before you move in Davidg)

11th Aug 2002, 04:01
Terran Officer:"Attention Rebel Navy, retreat or surrender now, or we will be forced to fire upon you! Now awenser sir!"

Dracoraptor:"Move the Masaki onto the north polar region of Orion. Now, activate line one of defense!"

<Millions, upon millions of mines go flying towards the enemy fleet at high velocities. Many of the smaller ships were destroyed, a few larger ones were damaged, and the largest ones were able to activate their anti-magnetic shields before facing a terrible fate. The fleet continued to charge onwards.>

Terran Officer:"They have breached line one!"

Dracoraptor:"Activate line two and steady line three!"

<Now various missle turret sattelite defense systems opened fired on the encroaching enemy fleet. Although many missles were shot down, almost all of the smaller enemy ships stood no chance as their shields were breached by the high speed explosive projectiles. The larger ones were now ready for anything, but everything was just about to come at them.>

Dracoraptor:"Now! Decloak Asteroid Battle-Stations Seventy-Five through one hundreed and eighty!"

<The most unexpected of surprises, a whole barrage of missles, lasers, and energy torpedos from large hollowed asteroid battle-stations. Many of the large ships did not make it this time, and only a few of the Asteroid-Stations even took hits as they occasionally recloaked to confuse the enemy. And they were not making thruster signals.>

Dracoraptor:"Fire Demon Cannon number one!"

<Out of the left side of the Masaki came a huge dazzaling display of a giant laser that cut directly through a few enemy battleships with ease, including the front half of the new Targ Dreadnaught, which had stopped dead in its tracks.>

Dracoraptor:"Activate line four!"

<To make matters worse, millions of fighters and new flying Mecha quickly buzzed by the enemy fleet making hit and run attacks. Than the speedy GPF ship came flying towards the enemy at a merciless charge. Althoug the enemy fleet had been cut in two thirds in less than thirty minutes, there were still the larger and much slower ships. The Masaki started to slowly come up behind the GPF Police Force Interceptors. The Masaki quickly fired another beam from the right side, peircing most of the Targ ships and crippling the Flag-Ship to a hault as plasma started leaking, and internal fires started to go out of control. The Exalibur wasn't doing to well either. The Asteroid Battle-Stations had permanently crippled it for the remainder of the battle. It was too damaged to even scuttle itself or use its reactors as last minute kamikaze devices. The now patched up Fallen Star, the last Dragonian Flag-Ship, had just exited Hyper-Space behind the Targ Flag-Ship and let loose a beam similar but partially weaker to that of the Masaki, the Targ Flag-Ship could only fight one ship, and it was already severly damaged. The Masaki continued to speed up in the midst of the chaos right next to the Vallient II. Two of the galaxy's most powerful ships were about to duke it out till one was utterly annhilated. Already, Mecha were actually boarding onto the surface of the Vallient II, slashing at it with close combat weapons of quickly flying about while firing at the turrets and external sensor arrays. This tactic would someday be known as the infamed Leech Tactic. But for now, it was simply Manuver #1085. It was a win-win situation right now. The huge Rebel fleet against the GPF forces and the SPHERE defense system that had held a incomplete Dyson Sphere protected for ninety years.>

Dracoraptor:"Well well, Arctic. The traitor who wants to destroy an almost endangered race, and the maniac who tried to help Exitium. I never knew such a good person could become such scum. You will die like the criminals before, and I hope it is a most painful one..."

<Dracoraptor had personally flown his custom Mecha onto the surface of the Vallient II, and began making his way to the interior via his Katana...>

11th Aug 2002, 04:26
---The Big Battle---

---'Gor Flagship---

'Gor Head Cheese: RAAAAAAAUGH! We crush puny lizard men with our big guns. Make attack against the flying bugs, NOW!

*The massive 'Gor weapon platforms begin to pick off the numerous mecha that are flying around and attached to the Valient II and other ships.*


---Near the White Hole---

*While the chaos ensues near the sphere. The Amjoran and Groulien fleets sit motionless near the Anti-Gravity bouys.*

Groulien Admiral: Eh, me techies say that we only gotta de-commission one of teh bouys. Teh loss of one will cause an imbalance in the anti-grav field, pulling down teh others... so, we just gotta take out one, then we can easily pick off teh rest of 'em.

Amjoran Chancellor: Good, then this shall be that much easier.

Groulien: Nah, teh bouys have a bunch of back up systems, that'll kick in if we try and tamper. We're gonna have teh overheat the whole system.

A few minutes later...

Groulien: Eh, we be about seventy percent done. As soon as teh bouy comes down, you can get back to teh battle. Yeh.

11th Aug 2002, 04:40
I would like to add that all the material in the White Hole has JUST been used for the Dyson Sphere.

<The unknowing ones who wanted to shut down the White-Hole did not check the increasing amount of debris. A huge derelict spacecraft went flying out of the White-Hole and rammed into a Salt-Hog craft. A nearby missle sattelite noticed and opened fire on all of the slow craft, who had no chance of escape when a few Asteroid Battle-Stations also noticed.>

Amjoran Officer:"What the!?"

<Meanwhile, as the Amjorans and Grouelians faced a almost uncertain but terrible fate, Dracoraptor stopped his slicing and flew up towards the Gor Battleship. He raised his Katana up for attack.>

Dracoraptor:"So, you like weapons, eh? Too bad your shields aren't worth it all!"

<He tore off the bridge section, which was actually a large spire. The head vulcan cannons on the Mecha fired at a few important plasma tanks, causing the entire ship to explode. Dracoraptor safetly got out of the Explosion and armed his Mini-Gun before firing at the bridge of another Gor ship. It suffered a much faster fate, and debris went spiraling towards the Vallient II. Dracoraptor immediatly took on the Targ Flag-Ship instead. This time, he entered the unguarded hanger and began slicing through the decks. The Masaki was almost ready to fire Demon Laser #1, but the Vallient II looked ready to fire its main weapon. The two previous transforming Mecha left the Fallen Star and started using their previous tactics against a few Amjoran ships.>

11th Aug 2002, 06:05
Computer: Intruder Alert, internal defense systems engaged.

Dracoraptor broke throughy into a large cargo bay. He tried to break through the far wall, but was stopped by a forcefield. The power started to fluctuate on his mech, as a red eye appeared in his view screen

Dreadnaught: I can't let you proceed.

Dracoraptor: Who are you?

Dreadnaught: I am Dreadnaught.

Dracoraptor: Dreadnaught is the ship I'm on, you can't be it.

Dreadnaught: I am the ship. You will be terminated.

A large laser cannon drops down from the ceiling of the cargo bay, and it fires at the mech. Dracoraptor fire back, but Dreadnaught projects a micro forcefeild to intercept his fire, he tries again but it is intercepted. The turret blasts off his katana. Another panel opens in the ceiling to reveal a micro tractorbeam emitter, it locks a blue beam onto the mech holding it in place. The mech contiues to fire, but each time its fire is deflected by a micro forcefield.


Dreadnaught: Admiral, I have contained the one known as Dracoraptor.

Me; Lock a tractor on Excalibur, and have Gold group follow us to Sector 134.

Helm: Course set.

Me: Enagage.

The massive dreadnuaght locked onto its cripled companian, and jumped to hyperspace, with a small continginet of ships. I comes out near a red dwarf.

Me: Dreadnuaght, beam the pilot into the brig, and transport any transmitters, or bombs in his body into space.

In his mech, Dracoraptor is transported into the brig, all of the hidden transmitters, suicide deviecs, and bombs beamed out of his body. The mech is destroyed by a final volley, the resultin explosion contained by the reinforced bulkheads of the cargobay.

Me: Davidg, to brig 1. Dracoraptor, you have no hope of escape. We are 5 lightyears from your fleet, your mecha has been destoyed, and any hidden tranmitters, bombs, or suicide devieces have been tranported out of your body. Comm open a channel to everyone in the Orion System.

Comm: Channel open.

Me: This is Admiral Davidg of the Targ, to GPF forces. If you haven't already figured it out, we have captured Dracoraptor in his attempt to destroy Dreadnaught. You will surrendur your ships, the Dyson Sphere, and your weapon platforms to CGA fores, or Dracoraptor will be terrminated. If any of your ships enter Sector 135, he will also be terrminated. You have 1 hour to respond.

11th Aug 2002, 06:37
And five light years is not that far, Galaxy Wise.

Dracoraptor:"Heh, you really think your God, right?"


Dracoraptor:"I would also like to mention that right before I got to your cargo room, I also let the plasma leak when I slice through it."


Dracoraptor:"So, your ship should be stopping right about, now."

<The power turned off, and Dracoraptor escaped...>

A.I.:"Are you sure you are doing the right thing? My mind, I can feel it, my mind, it's going! Daisy, Daisy-..."

Dracoraptor:"That shut you up. Now, for a little well planned espionaige."

<Five minutes later...>

Targ Officer:"Um, sir, there appears to be signals from the A.I.'s control room going to a Dragonian owned sector."


Targ Officer:"Wait, they just stopped. Strange, it seems the A.I. is-"

<There were several explosions followed by a thud. The Dreadnaught was falling towards a planet slowley but surely, and to make matters worse for the Evil Grekka-Targs, the A.I.'s control room had been blown to itty bitty sub-atomic particles. Dracoraptor, in a hero's true fashion and style, grabbed a spare Mecha that had been captured by the Grekka Targs some time ago.>

Dracoraptor:"And here's my good-bye present!"

<He fired the head mounted vulcan cannons while in the hanger of the ship, the fighters and such were destroyed before he exited the ship with the Mecha's boosters. And flying off to a nearby GPF shuttle.>

Davidg, I would like to tell you the meaning of "Fairness". If you get to do something evil and God-like to me, well same to you.

Treat people how you want to be treated. And right now, you don't want to be treated well, do you? No more of this God-Like crap. You must abide by the rules like everyone else. No Cloaking in hyper-space, no more invinicible shields, and no more last minute super-ships. I had planned this out so everyone would get their fair-share of fund, and not have to bow down to someone who thinks they can kill everyone and have the best ships. The Masaki is not the best ship. The Dragonian Empire is not the biggest empire. And don't I hope the Targ empire is not a race of evil selfish gods. So no more of this, "Hey, I killed your Army Man!", "No, he's God! And I have Phoenix Downs too idiot!".

11th Aug 2002, 07:50
Aboard ITS Dreadnaught

Computer (not Dreadnuaght AI): Back up computer system intiated. Warning, main power failure. Switching to auxiliary power. Thrusters online.

The back up computer is able to stop the ship before it enters the planet's atmosphere.

Me: Engineer, get main power back online.

11th Aug 2002, 14:24
---The big battle type thing---

The grey battle saucers re-group into an Arrow-Head formation and head in toward the Dyson's Sphere at high speed, Weapons blazing randomly at the enemy, taking out many mecha, an asteroid defence platform and 3 GPF ships. They breach the first second line and dispearse. Each selects a remaining asteroid and land on one. Their plan is to head in and capture them. With in an hour 29 of the 40 asteroids are under Central Galactic Allience control.

Admiral Medd'ling: Lord Ghyron, we have good news. We now control 29 of the Dragonian Defence Asteroid thingies. Should we use them against the enemy or blow them up?

Lord Ghyron: Set aself distrcut countdown of 30mins, if there are no servivors deactivate and then use the asteroids against the enemy. Make sure the code has over a million different characters in it.

Admiral Medd'ling: Very good sir.

30 miniutes later the Arctainian fleet had been reduced to 43 and was retreating for repairs. The Gor Weapon Platforms had taken out the majority of the enemy fleet but were still plagued by the Fighter-Mechas. 300 Mecha Squadrans unaware of the grey's doings had returned to one of the asteroids returned to re-fuel and reload. Unfortunatly a group of Dragonians had tried to recapture the asteroid and had failed to guess the code. The asteroid blew up in a wonderful display of light and spark. Taking out another 200 more mecha and 2 GPF ships. The Vallinet II meanwhile had exited its phased state and fired the Phase Cannon at the Masaki, upon tthe strike the ship was pushed from all dimentions into limbo, the big white emptyness. Although it wasn't quite so empty 15 Star Systems that Ghyron had reportadly blew up were there and hundreds of derelict test vessels aswell as ghyron's second attempt to rule the galaxy, they were there to.

---Dracoraptor's Mind---

Dark Voice: Terrorist? They are terrorists becuase they build weapons

Dracoraptor: So you destroyed all life on that planet because the targs built their weapons there?

Dark Voice: What about dragonia? The Dragnoians build weapons there.

Dracoraptor: But the targs made chemical weapons there.

Dark Voice: You mean the Speedy Plant Growth formula Beepity-Beepity Beep is famous for, and have been trying to sell to the Karmarma for the past 50 years

Dracoraptor: What?!

Dark Voice: Well of course if a being like you drank it them you would get sick and die, but thats what the warning lables are for.

Dark Voice: So by your own justice anyone who makes weapons are terrorists. There fore I sentance 7Billion of the population of Dragonia to death by hot magma.

---Dragonia Prime---

A beam of light just like that of the Masaki's Demon Laser planet melty thingie strikes the planet. 2/3s of the planet's population suddenly appeared on the Equator Station while the rest of the population was boilded to death on the planet's melting crust. Dragonia Prime was dead.

11th Aug 2002, 14:35
<The Fallout Fleet finally arrives at the white hole. Looking around, the hectic warfare is all too apparant.>

SkrasherSmasher: Looks like we got here just in time. Let's get in on it.

AI: Deploying fighters.

<The AI issues the order, and all of the fighterbays on all of Fallout's ships open. The fighters begin pouring out and begin engaging other ships.>

SkrasherSmasher: Computer, issue the order through the Skrashers neural lace, tell thm all to attack and infiltrate the ValientII.

<Skrashers, equipped with Jetpacks, float through space and begin to tear at the ValientII's hull. Making a small hole, they all begin to crawl in.>

AI: The Skrashers are fully inside of the ValientII now, minimum of casualties on the break in reported.

SkrasherSmasher: Good good, now I see why my father trusted those things.

<The skrashers begin their assault on the control room of ValientII.>

11th Aug 2002, 15:01
---Corridor B227, Vallient II---

The air began billowing out of the breach in the hull. The computer automaticly retracted the blast doors cealing the corridor and containing the breach. The skrasher quickly began tearing at the meter think doors as they had the 5meter hull. Sensing the intruder klaxons go off and security personal armed with the latest hand held Nutrino Cannon technology take up possition on the other side of the doors. While inside the corridor Security Turrets drop from the cealing and begin pounding round after round into the skrashers. Until one breaks the door into corridor B228. The security personel open fire and the second set of security turrets drop down. 3 of security personel make it out in Corridor B229 before the another blastdoor shuts. The 4 security turrrets continue delivering rounds into the remaining skrashers until their life signs drop to 0. After another sweep they return to their secret possition in the cealing.

11th Aug 2002, 16:12
---The Orion System---

---The Othorian - Amjoran Flagship---

Amjoran Chancellor: Tell Lord Ghyron that we have sealed the multiversal hole, and that the entity no longer poses a threat to this universe. However, we were unable to tap the white hole, and we will be unable to power the device he most graciously gave us.

Amjoran Lackie: Yes, Chancellor.

Amjoran Chancellor: We now have a return to 100% power reserves. We can activate the ISS-A12.13 safely. Do so, and then take us into the battle.

*The massive Amjoran hemispheres move into the battle. Various Dragonian and GPF ships begin firing on the behemoths, but the laser bolts are merely absorbed into what appears to be a shimmering nothingness surrounded all the Amjoran ships. Mecha attempt to latch onto the ships, but their katanas and latching equipment are repulsed by the invisible armor.*

Amjoran Chancellor: How long can we withstand this sort of bombardment?

Amjoran Scientist: If we do not engage weapons systems, we can last longer than this battle was projected to take place. However, if we were to begin firing upon our enemies, we would risk a terrible feedback loop that would ultimatly destroy the entire ship, an the ships in our immediate vicinity. Our plan to tap into the massive energy reserves of the White Hole failed.

Amjoran Chancellor: So, the only way we can fire is to deactivate the ISS-A12.13, hrmmmm. Our weaponry is not powerful enough to make a difference in this massive battle. We shall sit here, and wait.

---Unknown Location---

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Those foolish Amjorans. Unable to tap the White hole. Bah. Why do they not merely tap into that big massive sphere thingy?

*Ghyron strokes his all white snarg*

Ghyron: No matter. They have acheived what I sent them to do. The Multiversal hole that the Dragonians were blindly using has been closed. A mere rotation longer and it would have emerged. Tell me, how do you think the battle will win?

Mechanical Voice hidden in shadows behind Ghyron: Under normal circumstances the Dragonians would have already won. However... something is strange. The entity known as Arctic Wolf will have a larger role to play in this battle that I earlier anticipated. There is insuficient information to compute a reasonable answer.

(for now, please ignore the Amjoran ships.)

11th Aug 2002, 16:46
Colonel Starwind:"What!? We had spys on that planet for a hundred years, we know they weapons war! How dare they destroy Dragonia! The Dragonians didn't even have a part in this at all! These lying sons of-of. What the hell!?"

<As soon as the GPF attack fleet exited Hyper-Space, they saw a graveyard of ships floating about, but a still operational and new looking one was seen. It was the Masaki! Dracoraptor was making a huge Galactic confrence call. Meanwhile, a small cloaked shuttle made its way silently through the Vallient II's hanger, before mysteriously leaving.>

Arctannian Officer:"Sir, there's a new lifeform aboard the ship, it is a Terran. Quite young too. We can't tell where though because we have damage to some of the internal sensors. And don't you thing blowing up a planet like Dragonia Prime was, kind of extreme? And we all know that Targ planet was a weapons facilities plant. They also produce fine perfume and such, but they have used those weapons to kill Memau, and Dragonians for-"


<The Terran girl that had previously been with Dracoraptor slowly made her way through the Vallient II all the way up to the bridge. She quickly hid underneath a desk before anybody could see her before something out of the ordinary happened. The Vallient II fired upon Ghyron's ship! It ended up right near the Masaki...>

Dracoraptor:"Ghyron! You better give me a good reason not to kill you in less than a minute! You terrorists are all scum, saying your civilians, well I'm going to change that!"

<The Masaki fired a beam, piercing Ghyron's ship's hull, making an incredible fireworks show.>

Dracoraptor:"Kill you? No, better than that, spend an entire eternity in hell!"

<The ship was ready to fire again. Meanwhile, the Vallient II was going corrupt, with lasers firing everywhere.>

Arctic_Wolf:"Someone here is in this room doing this!"

Arctannian Officer:"Sir, the Targ fleet has been destroyed by, US!"

<Arctic_Wolf looked under a desk to find the Terran. She had been controlling the ship's systems. He attempted to grab her, but than he just went into a mad frenzy and collapsed on the floor. She quickly retreated to a Arctannin shuttle, before Arctic did something he did not want to do.>

Arctic_Wolf:"Stop the attack on the ARGH! On the, the Sphere. They were right, they were right. Retreat before it is too ARGH! Too late. I am under some kind of-{Static}..."

<The shuttle was caught in a tractor beam and flown back into the hanger. But it was too late, many of the enemy ships ceased attack on the Sphere. And the Grey fleet commander came up on a screen.>

Grey Admiral:"Arctic_Wolf! We have declared your actions against Dragonia Prime very illegal, and furthermore, terrorist like. We have looked up on that Targ planet, and it is weapons facility planet. You are liars, we are leaving towards home!"

<The Grey ships left, and left a Grey battle-field.>

11th Aug 2002, 17:05
My ship was nowhere near the Valient II or the battle field, I thought I stated that.

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Foolish Dragonian, you cannot destroy me! I have no wish to quarrel with your petty species. Minotaur, let us leave this place.

*Ghyron's engiamatic black ship disapears suddenly.*

---Onboard the Masaki---

Dragonian: Sir, it was only a... phantom.

11th Aug 2002, 19:51
It seems a bit much, your internal security and all, going to have to cheat a bit also...

SkrasherSmasher: And you got them all to pass out?

AI: Yep, Arctic thinks they are all dead. Quite a nifty program I can run through their neural lace. Some did die though, but I'll reboot the robotic part of the living ones, now.

<{Most} of the Skrashers stand back up, now knowing of the ferocious internal security of the ValientII, they all pull out their Browning M2 Miniguns. As the various turrets begin retracting again, they immediatly open fire on them. As the blast doors have all be put down, the skrashers are free from security personell for the time being. They begin to burrow through the floor, towards the control room of the ValientII.>

11th Aug 2002, 21:30
This is just ridiculous... One person posts something about how he destroyed the other guys entire army/ship/whatever, then the other person posts something about how the other guy didnt really kill the entire ship/army/whatever. Then the other person kills the entire army/ship/whatever of the other guy and the whole cycle repeats again, the victor being he who can most viciously deny any posts relating to the destruction of his ship/army/fleet/whatever. Ugh.

I am tired of this foolishness.

----Amjoran Flagship---

Amjoran Chancellor: This is utter foolishness. We will leave this petty battle and remuster our forces back on Amjora Prime.

*All the Amjoran ships, including Ghyron's docked inside the Amjoran flagship, leave for Amjora Prime.*

11th Aug 2002, 21:47
Davidg has been the cause of most of this, I have to make posts just to set things right. You see, if Davidg thinks he's God and must have the ability to break the rules, I can't let him role play anymore or we'll break the rules anymore. You see, he instantly repairs his ships and such, and even created two super ships in less than a day. I thought we would all start out equal, but if Davidg cannot make posts that make even the littlest of sense and abide by the rules, I think we should just ignore his simply for the sake they are invalid. When my ship gets damaged, it stays damaged. His, oh, no, they instantly repair themselves and create fail-safe God like devices.

Davidg, this RPG is no more fun if your going to whine about not being God. The "g" in Davidg is not for God. Not only did you sway MoS into not playing RPGs because of this, but you are also swaying all of us into quitting. I think this is mere child's play, and if you cannot play nice, than we will all be forced to quit and/or ignore your foolish posts. No more saying, "Well, you killed good-guys by accident", or "The Dreadnaught quickly fired a beam and destroyed and/or heavily damaged all the other guys because it's cooler and mine."

I hope that at least some of you agree with me, because I am fed up with Davidg breaking these rules! If he breaks them, we all have to.

11th Aug 2002, 22:02
I'm sorry about m post, but I am puzzled as to how a ship with such external power as the ValientII can also have the power in the interior where it can completly ahhnihalate my entire army in one post. Thousands of super skrashers don't just die in one post unless nukes or superweapons are involved....

11th Aug 2002, 22:12
Originally posted by SkrasherSmasher
Thousands of super skrashers don't just die in one post unless nukes or superweapons are involved....

Unless its the Startopia Post. :D

11th Aug 2002, 22:55
You didn't say an army. All you said was skrashers with jet-packs. Though I agree this RPG is not functioning as it should, but dracoraptor should not pile this on Davidg. As ghyron said, Dracoraptor has broken his own rules several times. I sugest we all compile a series of clear rules that we all agree on or I will ask AlphaOmega to close this and every other RPG Thread on the grounds of no one can play nice.

11th Aug 2002, 23:22
These invariable become flame wars.

12th Aug 2002, 02:42
That's it, I'm leaving, forever. It Davidg is going to ruin everything that I try to make entertaining, it is not worthwhile staying here just to be backed into an invisible corner by someone that is like a lesser-Greyzy who thinks he can bend the rules and play God with me. If you've not noticed, he has been to invincible, and I will not stand it from some kid who thinks he can be God. The only reasaon I break the rules is because I have to to get even with "God" here.

First it's the Convoy RPG, he breaks ALL the damn cloaking rules, we warn him, he ignores it because he "Thinks" he is God. Then he thinks his ship is too good to even get scratched. Well I'll have you know Davidg, I had to give up one of My ships to show you the meaning of sacrifice. Pity your spoiled, Greyzy Jr. I will not stand a silent insult and silent unfairness like I have previously tolerated. First I let you get away with a few things, but now. If you can't loose a game sometime, Davidg, than don't play it.


(And I prefer to call it "Constructive Critisicm", Ghyron. And yes, that Goodbye is forever because I'm trying to make things fair, but than I have someone who thinks he's God.)

12th Aug 2002, 03:59
Uh oooh, did we just loose a forum member? That sounded pretty gosh darn serious.:(

12th Aug 2002, 04:10
The forum is doomed because of the mods. Argh. Someone should write to the ADMINS to get us another mod, one who participates in the community more than anyone else. But Who?

12th Aug 2002, 22:47
Well, erm did Davidg reply and suddenly delete his post? Anyway I have talked to RedLegg but he/she hasn't replyed yet. If I do become a Mod then I guess I'll be reinforcing the RPG rules. Then maybe Dracoraptor will come back.

14th Aug 2002, 08:05
ALRIGHT, i'll try to keep this RPG alive,

<On the other side of the galaxy, the Karmaramans have been on their planet of Karmatakia thinking, and watching the war wage on, wondering when they should intervine, waiting, and waiting for the precise moment to strike! That moment has now arrived.>

--In the main city of Mantakuru--

Me : Have we ralied all the troops yet?

Karmat : We are still in the process of doing that sir.

Me : Well we need all the troops now before the moment passes and we have to wait for the exact, PRECISE moment appear again.

Karmat : We'll try to hurry them up than, sir.

<Karmat starts rushing radio messages to all the outposts, accidently saying "We need the troops in the city of Fantakuru NOW" Which than, the process of ralying the troops takes several more days.>

<Bomber777 starts thinking to himself>

Now how are we going to get them off this planet, we have no ships nor any spaceports.

14th Aug 2002, 14:27
Erm, it's dead. Start a new one if you want.

14th Aug 2002, 15:08
Very dead in fact. And I thought the karmaramas were a peacful people. How do they have troops???

14th Aug 2002, 16:34
I guess it's the 'peace corps'. :D

14th Aug 2002, 17:36
They sleep to much to fight a war with an other species. They'd probably fall asleep durring battle.

16th Aug 2002, 00:53
Takes the script of the RPG and puts into a computer database, also printing a copy of it to hang above a calender in the Hall of RPG stuff(soon to be open)

18th Aug 2002, 13:08
You know, this is why I hardly ever bother with RPGs... They are too easily ruined by a small few... Though I'm actually considering jumping in on the next RPG that comes along.

Ghyron, at first I disagreed with your need to have new mods, but after reading this thread for the first time just now... I see that you are completely right. We not only need a new mod, but we need one who will be active in the RPGs...

and one who wants html enabled...

18th Aug 2002, 13:17
Yes, it would be nice to have any mod that would regulate these.

18th Aug 2002, 19:34
On my board I have designated on of my Administrators a "Game Master". He will make sure people follow the rules, and I have already started an rpg: http://pub69.ezboard.com/fwaystationgammahydra87435frm5.showMessage?topicID=1.topic Rpg's even have their own forum...

19th Aug 2002, 23:55
Originally posted by Davidg
On my board I have designated on of my Administrators a "Game Master". He will make sure people follow the rules, and I have already started an rpg: http://pub69.ezboard.com/fwaystationgammahydra87435frm5.showMessage?topicID=1.topic Rpg's even have their own forum...

Arctic started his own board with a proper type RPG, I don't know if it still exists, I'll be Mod, I started RPG: Station Life, and kept it together (With the help of Ghyron, Arctic and Dracoraptor) for 500+ posts. I think i'm perfectly capible of doing it, I'm not going on holiday to Australia anytime soon so i'll be here more often :)

20th Aug 2002, 00:01
I guess that could be aranged. Register, and I'll make you Gamemaster, a specialized form of Moderator.

20th Aug 2002, 00:54
Alright, I'll take a look, I was actually talking about this board :)