View Full Version : Want to be in the next Tomb Raider movie??

2nd Aug 2002, 16:00
I recently read this article about the up and coming Tomb Raider 2 movie.
Head to Santorini and you MIGHT get an extra's part.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - The tomb raider better bring some sunscreen.

Angelina Jolie will film part of the sequel to "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" on the sun-drenched Aegean Sea island of Santorini later this month, Greek reports said Thursday.

The scenes will take place at the northernmost point of the island in the town of Ia. Filming is scheduled to last from Aug. 26-31, newspaper reports said. Producers also are looking for about 100 extras on the island.

Santorini, a popular tourist destination, is known for its black, volcanic-stone beaches and a crescent-shaped bay formed after a huge eruption nearly 3,600 years ago.

2nd Aug 2002, 16:10
I wish I could be in the Tomb Raider movie.

I wish I could sing the theme song for it, too. *sighs*

Dreams. If you happen to be able to grant me one of my wishes, contact me. I'll love you forever. Unless you don't want me to, of course.

2nd Aug 2002, 16:48
The location sounds fantastic, And yeah i'd love to be in the movie but unfortunatly Australia ain't Greece, although the greeks here may dissagree with that:D

2nd Aug 2002, 17:11
I'd love to edit the movie.

Properly, this time.

2nd Aug 2002, 17:29
Nah, I don't wanna be in this movie. I don't wanna jeopardize my possible future career as a moviestar. :D

Lara's Soul
2nd Aug 2002, 18:22
I'll be in the movie you'll just can't see me because I'll play the role of Lara's Soul. :D

2nd Aug 2002, 20:28
Originally posted by DaveJ
I'd love to edit the movie.

Properly, this time.

Now there's an idea.