View Full Version : oh i cant wait

2nd Aug 2002, 14:39
i thought core was going to bring lara last year and i got annoyed now its at the end of 2002 i dislike living in australia very much nice country just its imposible to get the latest gadgets people in uk usa can get things so much quicker we are so behind here

LET me know if kurtis is lara's bed buddy or if lara gaming platform has improved

2nd Aug 2002, 22:10
Sory, I don't know much about Kurtis. Only that he is her sidekick and a playable character in the game. I hear the game platform is suppose to be much more improved then the previous games. Lara is suppose to work more smoothly and be better to control.
I am still waiting for the AOD demo to come out. If it really does. ;) ;) ;)

3rd Aug 2002, 08:10
Do you mean AoD won't be released in November in Australia like everywhere else?