View Full Version : need help for Chapter 2

2nd Aug 2002, 13:16
I can not kill the Vampire Fastest at the end of the Chapter two, he is killing me every time. Need help.

2nd Aug 2002, 13:53
In this battle you will walk through a small passage and into a
room then a event will happen and Faustus will
challenge you to a battle.

Stage 1: Use the Fury Technique about 5 times, do NOT block and attack( Block
and attacking will lead to half dead
vampire being beaten by the traitor vampire.) When 1/5th of his blood is gone
he will jump into a tunnel and tell Kain
that he has a surprise for him.

Stage 2: Turn to your left and go through the open door that is on ground level
and then go into the next room.
This room will have 4 ovens on each side with a switch on the bottom. Hold L2
before entering and select the Mist Dark Gift.

Faustus will jump from oven to oven. There is mist on the sides around the
ovens, there is some mist on one or more
ovens that reaches to the corners. Run at him until he comes to one of these.
Then go on the corner with the mist
and go into mist form. Run to the switch of the oven that he is on top of and
turn it on. This will take 3 times
before he starts to go around and around the room.

Stage 3: In the middle of the room there will be some light patterns shining on
the ground. Stand still till you hear
him fall down then run, it doesn’t matter just away from the place that you
was at. Faustus will drop kick into the
wall and will be stunned. Do this over and over till he finally dies.
Congratulations you have gained the Jump Dark Gift.