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2nd Aug 2002, 00:32
Well...there I go again...I was on the very last level and almost finished the game when all of a sudden...those brainless dog mutants pushed Amber into a bottomless abyss (well not really bottomless but here's the catchy part)

I used cheats (the invincible one) and now Amber is stuck in a really deep pit and I can't get her out...oh...the prices you pay for cheating (too bad Amber doesn't have a jetpack...heh heh)

...PLUS...I quicksaved it without knowing she was in there...and I really don't want to start all over because I 'officially' saved the game in the beginning of the level

Better get to the point...

Can someone please kindly send me a savegame/quicksave file that takes place in the room BEFORE you have to cross the platforms that swing back and forth (you have cross it like a bridge...sort of like the giant swinging pipe in level one or something...)?

All help is appreciated...just send it by e-mail...
my address is:


Thanks for your time! :)

2nd Aug 2002, 08:33
i know the feeling..

too bad you cant shoot at a wall, ground or whatever to damage yourself (and eventually kill yourself) like in all other games..