View Full Version : How do I change the page style that my book shows when I'm reading it?

1st Aug 2002, 22:55
I want a different (i.e., created by me) style of page. I assume I type it in Add>Books>Art, but where do I put the file, and what kind of file?

1st Aug 2002, 23:25
Check out the books.crf in your Thief2/Res directory.

Looks like it's not only the .pcx files but also some bins needed. You could use the overwrite method again with an existing book art, I guess... or make a new .bin and matching .pcxs.

Hm... roaming around in my books.crf, I found this here. What's that?

page_0: "Archmagus Kesthul allows that we should stay on in this ruin to our liking. The molten veins provide energy for enchantments. Our quest, then, was not full a failure, though uncovering the Talisman of Fire could not be. Spells of divination reveal it stolen from the Tower by the city thief known as Garrett, which accounts his access to the Hammer's Cathedral months ago. The fool is dangerous to all around him, believes not in knowledge. We shall track him down to confess how he disposed of the Talisman when use to him expired."

Was that used in Thief2? All that weird stuff in the .crfs...