View Full Version : Happy Birthday Mrdefender.

1st Aug 2002, 20:04
Come on all you Edeners, lets sing a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to you...

Its Mrdefenders Birthday today.:)

Have a really great day today, my very best wishes I send to you.:)
I have baked you this cake.


Sir Henry Morgan
1st Aug 2002, 22:22
Woo hoo !!
http://www.spacepages.com/members/test/hmorgan//monkey_dance.gif http://www.spacepages.com/members/test/hmorgan//monkey_dance.gif

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrdefender! :D :D :D

2nd Aug 2002, 08:28
thanks :)

im 19 today.. well.. yesterday.. :)

thanks again.

2nd Aug 2002, 20:37
Happy Birthday there young man. Hope you have many more.


3rd Aug 2002, 15:33
Defender walks into a store and buys a lottery ticket.

He scratches all the grey spots and discovers he won 10 000 000 dollars..

He runs outside screaming in joy, turns around and fails to dodge the uncoming trailer truck...

Hey, you just know thats whats gonna happen when u win the lottery!

They say you have a better chance of being hit by lightning 3 times than winning the lottery..