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1st Aug 2002, 19:47
This game absolutely ROCKED! I hadn't ever found a multiplayer problem solving game before (that didn't suck), so I was amazed at how much fun this game was. There definately needs to be a sequel, and an editor should be released with it. Today most games have editors with them, and the ones that don't, don't get played as long. EIDOS should make a smart move and get another game like this on the shelf, and provide us gamers with a means of creating more levels and extra worlds to prolong the enjoyment of the game.

I mean, even if they didn't want to release another title, if the tools were released, there are enough people that would build "modules" to play, that the game would get another years worth of play at least. (Assuming some good modules were released)

Anyways, praise for the good game, hope to see another like it.

1st Aug 2002, 20:15
Hi rahota, welcome to the Project Eden forums, Its good to read of yet another satisfied player.:)

I agree with everything you have stated in your post.
It is very sad that a great game has been made, but no sequel forthcoming.
If only Eidos/Core would give us a few more levels, or even better a Level editor..that at least would keep us satisfied..but alas, its not about to happen. :(

Stick around and share your likes/dislikes..thoughts, ideas whatever, on the game. :)

2nd Aug 2002, 08:35
yes! make a sequel!! FOR PC! AND NOT XBOX!!!!!!!!

(buffy the vampire slayer started out as a pc game but now they're going to release it on XBOX only (boooo!!!).. game is still in dev).

16th Aug 2002, 14:59
I too would love to see a sequel, but doubt that it will ever happen :(

We will just have to remember 'Project Eden' as that little diamond in the rough.

Sometimes it is cool to see a classic game (or movie) that companies do not cash in on and subsequently run into the ground.

18th Aug 2002, 07:03
imagine how fun the game would be now, with all the new stuff comming out in games (pc and console)..


19th Aug 2002, 02:17
What new stuff mrdefender?

19th Aug 2002, 06:49
graphics, voice commands, etc..

unreal 2 will have conversations which u can interupt and will change depending on characters mood. (so player could "cut in" the conversation).

Red Faction had you piloting vehicles during the game (miner, sub and fighter).

Most games have a map and modification tools :)

Attack Combos
larger ammount of weapons at disposal.
new weapons.

making sure that control doesnt send you in the wrong direction....

that kind of stuff :)

21st Aug 2002, 02:28
Speaking of "the lift is on the right". A few days ago I ment somene on gamespy that bought Project Eden and got as far as the first lift. First he couldn't find it and he didn't know where the button was to make the lift move. I found it hard to believe that someone bought a game and only got that far and kept the game. Being told the lift was on the right really confused him.

I told him how to join a multiplayer game and I showed him where it was and how to call the lift.
I guess this is a little off topic.... :rolleyes:

4th Sep 2002, 03:43
well. control did send him/her in the wrong direction, so it sorta goes with my last reply (before this one) so it isnt off topic :)

ah god damn it. my status bar keeps disapearing!! I've like told IE to display the status bar 20 times in the last few hours.

heh. sorry. its just annoying.. you cant see how far the page has loaded :(