View Full Version : Lara tricks?

1st Aug 2002, 17:52

I know that youcan make Lara swandive and stand on her hands, but can she do other tricks????

Lil Lara
1st Aug 2002, 19:20
Ummmm... You can make her do a summersault while she's sprinting. Sprint for a little bit and then press "x". Wait, hehe. that's for PS.. umm.. press the action button. I think that's how you do it, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't think that there are any other tricks she can do.

cowboy from hell
1st Aug 2002, 20:23
When running (not sprinting), you can press R1(psx) and action and Lara will do a run with a combo swan dive and roll out of it. :)

Lil Lara
1st Aug 2002, 22:05
Yeah, but I was talking about the little roll thing she does while sprinting.