View Full Version : Hey Cristene! Great job on "Revege"!

Keeper Collins
1st Aug 2002, 15:42
Cristene,you did a very good job on your new FM "Revange!" I loved it just as I loved the other three FM's you made! Now I will say there were some things that I would have done differntly but the Fm was still amazing! Are you and your genuies mind planing on making another wonderful FM? If you are may I make a suggjestion? You try and do something with Leon like having Garrett help him! There I three things I would suggjest doing with Leon. One,steal some artafacts from a Museume for Leon. Second,rob a bank and get some money for Leon's new home. Or third,you can have Garrett break Leon out of jial!. And if ya whant you could do all three. But these are just suggjestions so you can do what ever you whant. ;)

1st Aug 2002, 16:19
Thank you, Keeper Collins, I'm glad that you like it. :)
Hm... I have some ideas for Leon and part 5, but I don't know if I will continue making fanmissions, maybe next year. But I just don't know it by now :)

4th Aug 2002, 11:05
I've almost finished Escape! (I can't find the way into the city yet) and the three I've played are just so impressive. I'm tempted to give up on that so I can start Revenge, but I won't (no I won't. Say this a hundred times. No I won't.)

Congratulations Christine. They are exciting, challenging and absolutely gorgeous to look at.

(No I won't give up. There has to be an entrance somewhere. Try the sewer again.)

Thank you so much for these.

4th Aug 2002, 11:17
@ Lyril

I'm glad that you like it :)
Read the letter from Leon again: The way back to the city is the ship of Lord Ashton....;)

4th Aug 2002, 11:21
Thanks so much. When in doubt, read everything again. Of course I'd forgotten to do just that.

5th Aug 2002, 21:52
In accordance to the New ‘Nightwalker’ legislation, I too wish to convey my appreciation and congratulations to you on your latest FM for T2 Christine :D

I tried to Ghost the mission at first, but upon failing the ghost I brought ‘olde painless’ out of hiding and proceeded on a blackjack rampage :D I believe this is the first mission I’ve played of yours, and it was a very enjoyable FM too…well done and thanks once again. I’m now looking forward to playing the remaining ones soon :)

I’ve also just had a quick blast on ‘Run Thief Run’ form Gumdrop! I just had to switch it off!! I just couldn’t stop laughing at the crazy music :D And was in no fit state to try and actually play the FM :) Gummie u’s a crazy m8 LOL! I think I’m going to have to play this one with the sound turned down :D

6th Aug 2002, 08:43
Hello RiCh, thank you, I'm glad that you like it :)

6th Aug 2002, 13:52
I just finished the whole series. I was very impressed. I loved the fish! How many bathrooms were there?:p The gardens were outstanding. Kitchens were good and restful with lots of detail. Lots of objectives to keep Garrett on his toes. A few tough spots but nothing that will cause hair loss. Plently of opportunities to have fun embarasing the unconscious. An execution.:eek: Marble...I even started to bust out some moss! Lots of fun stuff.

I recommed that you begin at the begining and continue until you come to the end and then stop. Highly recommended.

7th Aug 2002, 23:19
Thank you SlyFoxx, I'm glad that you like the missions. :) I love the fishes too. They are made by Schwaa, he did a great job. And fishing is allways funny...;)

Master Garett
8th Aug 2002, 14:41
I agree with all: again a wonderful mission Christine...

the moment I saw it I knew I wouldn't be dissappointed! :D

9th Aug 2002, 11:04
Thank you, Master Garett. I'm glad that you like Revenge, too. :)

Shadow Creeper
15th Aug 2002, 22:53
Christine, I just got finished with Revenge. I really enjoyed this and the other 3 FMs you did. I love all the loot you leave around! Great job!

19th Aug 2002, 16:27
Thank you, I'm glad that you like it :)

BTW: I have made an update for Lord Ashton and A night's stroll. The new version is available on Epithumia's Site (http://thief1.math.uh.edu/thief/missions) :)

Old Man
10th Sep 2002, 17:54
Let me add my thanks, ChristineS. Terrific job! I've spent the last three nights wrapped up in "Revenge."

For the most part I found it Ghostable. Except the loot behind glass and the Lord's key. The portcullis gate can be opened with a Moss arrow so as to not alert the nearby guard. I also Snudged one of the front door sentries in order to sneak by. It may be possible to sneak right up between the two of them but I didn't try that.

Thanks again.

11th Sep 2002, 11:13
@ Old Man :)

Thank you, I'm glad that you like Revenge.
Is the loot and the lords key the only ghost busts? Isn't the objective to kill Lady Helena also a ghost bust? I'm sorry, I didn't know the exact terms for ghosting, I have try to translate it, but my english is not so good. :rolleyes:

Old Man
11th Sep 2002, 12:16
From the Ghost Rules Amendment #1:

As long as you do this without alerting other AI or breaking any other rule, it's OK, have some fun...live a little.

As long as she's killed and the Fire Elemental is not alerted it's okay when a mission objective requires the killing.

11th Sep 2002, 20:26
Thank you, Old Man, I will take notice of it, when I will make an update. :)

Old Man
2nd Oct 2002, 00:34
Now here's proof I really, really, enjoy your missions, ChristineS! Even though I'd just recently finished Revenge, when I downloaded Revenge V2 I had to play that too.

I like the changes you've made. The one's I've noticed anyway. The light switch in the games room in the hotel, and moving the front door guards a few feet to allow sneaking up between them and into Lady Helena's.

I haven't finished yet but I've met all the objectives except meeting Leon and don't anticipate any difficulties there. Ghost still good.

There is something I'd like to point out.

Even while Ghosting I've been able to frob all of the loot behind the glass in the dining room and almost all the loot behind the glass in the sitting room (with the piano) without breaking the glass! Just in case you didn't want it to happen this way. I suspect the bureau objects would have to be modified to prevent this. Simple technique of bumping up against the cabinet surface and then leaning forward. Plus some jiggling hear and there. A technique we developed during our Banner Transmigration marathon.

Thanks again.

2nd Oct 2002, 10:19
Thank you, Old Man, for your answer. I'm really glad that you like the changes and that the mission now can be ghost. :)

I don't make any changes at the loot behind the glass or the glass, I didn't know, that it is possible to frob it. I'll try your technique, when I'm playing it again (while testing the mission-pack). I have only change the loot objective, to make sure, that the loot behind the glass isn't nessesary. Thanks again. :)

Old Man
2nd Oct 2002, 20:27
Just so you know, ChristineS, the loot behind the glass is not required to satisfy the objective. On Expert anyway. For me, the loot objective checked off when I was in the room with Lady Helena before I got the loot behind the glass.