View Full Version : What is the Lucky Lights code in the 'Curse of the Carnival?"

Keeper Collins
1st Aug 2002, 01:20
I' have returted all the other artafacts but two. They are Flute
and the Vase. I'm in the puzzle room and coan't figre out what the Lucy Lights code is. I did this before at first bank and trust but that only took 5 mins. This is taking over an hour to crak this code! So,what is it? And another thing,what is wrong with this Carnvial? Is it huanted or something? Either no body likes the food here or the place is possed! SO,What is wrong with the Carnival?

1st Aug 2002, 10:39
Alex included a walkthrough in the mission zip, and that has the solution for the light puzzle. :)