View Full Version : Is anyone here interrested in...

1st Aug 2002, 00:52
...Dragonball Z?

I've been adicted to dragonball since only May, but it's a HEAVY addiction, and I've now started to play the card game (I already play Magic the Gathering)
It's a fun game, but very draining on my wallet ($120 for a single Goku the All powerfull :D )

Does anyone here play the game?

1st Aug 2002, 01:05
No, but I play Magic though:)
[yes, I know. The question was "do you play Dragonball Z", and you probably only wanted to hear from people that do]

1st Aug 2002, 11:16
Not exactly, I'm interested in knowing people around here play Magic as well :D
But man DBZ is addictive, and I never thought I would spend $100 on a single card other than a foil Birds of Paradise!

As far as Magic, I'm currently playing a red/blue Seismic Assault deck, and it works pretty well.