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31st Jul 2002, 18:48
After the success of last years TR Site Awards, I decided to have another set this year! Hoorah! lol

Here's how to vote:
Firstly, you must decide which website you will vote for in each of the categories (see next section). Then you need to send an email to this address (leeo@kiopo.com) with the categories copied and pasted into the message. Next to each category, write the name of the website you are voting for and the url. You can vote for any site even if it is your own.

The categories are:

1. Most informative website
2. Best level listing site
3. Best awards on a site (Awards that you can win)
4. Best image site
5. Best speciality site (A site about baddies, etc)
6. Best walkthrough site
7. Best WAD site
8. Best texture or outfit site
9. Best TRLE Site
10. Best TR Series Site
11. Best All-Round Tomb Raider Site

The Rules:
You can only vote for a site that is still active.
Each site needs to be a) a tomb raider site & b) nude raider free
If you vote for your own site, you can only vote for it in one of the categories, but anyone elses site can be voted in as many categories as you wish.
Voting will end on Thursday 29th August 2002 and the winners will be announced on Friday 30th August 2002.

So, please get voting!

2nd Aug 2002, 19:12

5th Aug 2002, 18:39
*bumpety bump bump bump*