View Full Version : wow here's a really sweet code for tomb raider 2

31st Jul 2002, 16:41
omg you guys this is sooooooo kewl!!!! or at least i think it is..anyways in tomb raider 2 on the assault course at lara's house in the practisemode thing.....you can climb on the walls and stuff....to do this you must.....you know that thingy that when u press action by it u hold its handles and swing across it....well go up to that platform thing.....BUT DO NOT SWING ON IT! instead WALK to the edge and turn right.....see that wall with the green moss? well we're going 2 be running across it, just jump back and do a running jump onto it grab the edge and pull up onto it.....you should make it by at least your second try. its a prety neat trick....oh and just to let u no u cant jump off into all the black nothingness area to te left wen ur on the wall....i already tried.....lol......

i'm sure some of u guys probably discovered this already but it goes with my trick above...it happened while i was on the wall....i looked down at the maze and i saw these 2 statues and stuff so i jumped onto the walls of the maze and saw flares and a button...i went into the little area picked up the flares and pressed the button and it opened a door inside lara's house, its hard but try to get into that door.....it took me about 3 or so tries...inside are the croft family's treasure....i think theres all gold and stuff and treasure chests and jewl incrested dogs an cats its pretty neat

storm shadow
31st Jul 2002, 20:38
Thnx man....I think I did that a long long time ago though but can't remember.....
But thanx any ways!!:D